350 000 BSW Jackpot Release in the Squid NFT World GameFi!

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The Squid NFT World Game was such journey for every player of the Biswap community. Our users had a unique GameFi experience with NFT Buses & NFT Players in 7 lucrative Games.

The users had a chance not only to play but also:

⚡️Get prizes in BSW, BNB & other tokens
⚡️Earn 3% BSW reward via the Multi-type Referral Program
⚡️Play various missions with low entry barriers and up to 10 000% APR
⚡Easily and profitably trade Squid NFTs on the Biswap Marketplace

Catch the 350 000 BSW Jackpot!

Biswap decided to make the final of the game epic. And the moment has finally come! Grand 350 000 BSW Jackpot distribution for 1 000 lucky owners of Squid NFT Players is to happen in hours counted!

Witness the grand finale of the game and win worthy BSW tokens!

🔥https://squid-nft.io/jackpot 🔥

In this article, you’ll find out how the drawing will happen.

How to Participate?

Are you an owner of the Squid NFT Player? Then you are a potential winner! All users’ NFT Players participate in the Jackpot distribution. It means that the several NFTs of one user can be selected as winners. Thus, the more NFT Players you have, the higher your chances of winning!

There are several conditions that need to be followed to participate in Jackpot distribution:

👉Have Squid NFT Players from the Biswap Squid Players Collection
👉Squid NFT Players have to be played at the V1 or V2, or both of the SNW Game
👉Squid NFT Players are not burned

If all of these points are completed, then Biswap welcomes you to the Jackpot Distribution!

Selection of the 1st Lucky Winner via Chainlink VRF!

The Jackpot drawing is powered by the trust-worthy Chainlink Verifiable Random Function to make the selection process fair and clear. Chainlink VRF brings secure random number generation to the blockchain.

Chainlink is based on cutting-edge academic research, supported by a time-tested oracle network, and secures each random number by generating and verifying cryptographic proofs.

Find out detailed information here:
➡️ https://bit.ly/3zewEo9

The Process of the 350 000 BSW Jackpot Distribution

There are no actions needed from users at the moment of distribution. The winners will be selected automatically and randomly.

Let’s look through the details of the distribution process!

The Start of the Jackpot Distribution

The clock is ticking! So follow it up!

There is a countdown set on the Jackpot landing page. You will be able to see the exact time left until the drawing begins by clicking on the number of blocks.

Jackpot Distribution Fairness

The distribution will occur in such a way:

🔹With the Chainlink VRF random number generator, we will get the ID of the first winner.

🔹Taking the hash of the first winner through the keccak 256 algorithm, we will find the second winner.

🔹Taking the hash of the second winner through the keccak 256 algorithm, we will find the third winner. The team will repeat this 999 times until we find 1000 winners.

🔹When the ID of the winning NFT is known, our contract will make two checks:

  • Is the NFT burned?
  • Has this NFT been played in a game (V1 or V2) or both?

📍If the NFT Player is burned and/or hasn’t played the game, then the team skips this ID and proceeds to the next one from this hash until our conditions for participation in the Jackpot are met.

📍 If the Squid NFT Player is in the Auction, then after this Auction is cancelled or completed, the owner of the winning NFT will be able to collect the reward. If the NFT had been put up for a sale at Fixed Price by user “A” and was bought by user “B” before the Jackpot distribution — the user “B” would be the one eligible for the Jackpot drawing participation.

Take a look at the 350 000 BSW distribution in percentages 🔽
The 350 000 BSW for the Jackpot have been allocated from 2% of each sale of Squid NFT Players, Squid NFT Buses, and Game Contracts. Now it is time to see how the pool will be distributed:

You Won the Jackpot! | See Where the Winning NFTs are Displayed

If your NFT Players were randomly chosen to be the winners of the Jackpot Distribution, you can easily find your BSW reward and see which NFTs got selected by looking at certain blocks of the landing page. Follow along to know where to look👇

Winning Pop-up

Provided that you’re one of the Jackpot winners, you will see a pop-up with information about your winnings. The pop-up will have 2 buttons — ‘Harvest’ and ‘Details’:

💰 ‘Harvest’ will withdraw the entire reward to your wallet
💰 ‘Details’ will take you to the jackpot page

‘My Players’ block

As a logged-in user, you will see the block ‘My Players’, where NFT Players on your wallet balance will be displayed after the end of the distribution.

The winning NFTs will be highlighted additionally:

🟩Green Frame shows the winning NFT Players which you own
🟧Gold Frame shows the winning NFTs that you purchased from another player on the Marketplace

Next to the ‘My Players’ block, a ‘Ranking List’ tab will appear. By clicking on it, you can see the full list of winners.

Harvest Balance

In the Header, under the description, the ‘Your Stats’ block will appear. The number of your winning Squid NFT Players with the BSW rewards will be displayed.

There you can see two types of rewards:

💎Total Reward
Shows the BSW rewards for the NFT Players in green frames.

💎Unclaimed Reward
Shows the BSW rewards for the NFT Players in gold frames. It means that the seller of this NFT didn’t claim the reward. Now you, as a new owner, can claim it by yourself.

When you click on ‘Harvest’, the full sum of both types of rewards will be withdrawn to your wallet.

💡There’s no need to be online during the distribution. You can withdraw your rewards at any moment!

To Conclude

The Squid NFT World Game Jackpot distribution is a grandiose finale of the game. This chapter will be completed to open the way to new and exciting releases.

Looking ahead, the Biswap team is very thankful for your participation in the SNW Game and the life of the project in general! We hope you had a wonderful experience playing & earning via Biswap GameFi.

We wish you good luck at the Jackpot Distribution!

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