$7 500 in BSW for the Biswap Comic Tourney | Create Art & Win BSW!

Biswap Twitter | $3 500 in BSW Rewards for Winners!

Biswap Telegram Chat | $2 000 in BSW Rewards to Share!

Special Rewards | $2 000 in BSW for Comics’ Heroes Awards for Twitter & Telegram Participants!

  • $500 in BSW — KA-BOOM Comic of DEX!
  • $500 in BSW — FANTASTIC NFT Journey!
  • $500 in BSW- WOW GameFi Creation!
  • $500 in BSW — Robi’s Adventure in Crypto World!

Comic Topics

  • Biswap DEX
  • Biswap NFT Direction
  • Squid NFT World
  • Robi’s Adventure in the crypto world
  • Choose your topic and get creative!

Comic Requirements

  • Please fill out the form right after your artwork is created; otherwise, it will not be evaluated.
  • The comic is not required to be a long graphic novel.
  • The comic must be positive, creative, and unique.
  • The comic must depict the Biswap brand, main features or one of the 3 products: Biswap DEX, Biswap NFT Direction, Squid NFT World or Robi’s adventures in the crypto world. You are free to use Biswap brand visuals: Biswap Promo.
  • When using text and dialogue icons, like in regular comics, make sure your copywriting/spelling in your comic is grammatically correct.
  • Include logos or icons related to Biswap. Do not use the images and logos of other projects.
  • To get more ideas and find out more about Biswap, head to Biswap Zendesk.

Terms & Conditions

  • Make sure you put the same BEP-20 wallet in the form and in the tweet/post you make.
  • Only applications registered via the form will be counted during the winners’ selection process by the Biswap team.
  • If two forms with the same art are filled in, the owner will be recognized as the participant who posted this art earlier in the social network.
  • Please, be honest and respect each other by providing ONLY individual work. Any plagiarism will be detected, and such artwork won’t be evaluated.
  • Do not use any offensive language and negative content that may promote illegal actions, racism, hateful practices or may cause damage to the Biswap brand.
  • Fit in the deadlines of the comic tournament; the works sent after the deadline won’t be evaluated.



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