Active vs Passive Income | Variety Earning Options on Biswap!

Biswap DEX is a progressive platform with a range of possibilities for users. A variety of products, lucrative conditions, regular bonuses and exclusive offers enrich you with crypto! Let me present to you the core products of Biswap, dividing them into two groups: Passive and Active income. But first, let’s start with definitions.

Active income:
Active income requires regular actions and high involvement to multiply crypto assets. Consequently, if you stop interacting with earning instruments, your active income will be on pause.

Passive income:
The concept of passive income is earning crypto assets effortlessly and regularly. You can increase the funds with minimal effort, often automatically. So, buying and selling crypto frequently is unnecessary to receive profit.

A brief overview of the differences:

😉For better understanding, I would like to provide examples of earning tools for each type of income you can use on Biswap!

Active Income Options on Biswap | Trading as a Key to Profit!

Biswap DEX is not limited to one earning offer. You may have a dynamic experience of profit. Increase trading volumes and enrich yourself with exclusive rewards!

Lucrative Trading on Biswap | Sell & Buy with Profit!

Experience freedom of exchange on the Biswap platform! Make swaps with the most lucrative conditions, such as:

💸 The lowest 0.2 trade fee on BNB Chain (0.1% for stable pairs)
💸 Up to 50% Fee Return from the commission
💸 Low slippage exchange

Swap here:
Learn how to become a crypto trader:

Multi-Reward Pool | Stake -Trade and Earn on Biswap!

Multi-Reward Pool — an additional earning option for Biswap traders and BSW Holders. To receive exclusive rewards, you have to stake BSW and activate them by trading volumes! The more you trade, the more you get!

💰 BSW, WBNB and BUSD in return
💰 High APY
💰 Low entry barriers
💰 Extra income for tradings

Earn here:

Take Part in Biswap Activities | Have Fun & Make Profit

The Biswap team entertains our community with different activities and competitions. Biswap is happy to share lucrative prizes with users, and your activity might also be rewarded with crypto!

Become a Member of Biswap Global Chat in Telegram | Join Regular Activities!

You won’t get bored on Biswap Telegram Chat! Moreover, you will earn crypto there. Take part in regular activities and win BSW:

✨ $150 in BSW Interstellar Expedition | Complete the tasks & win BSW!
Every Tuesday, you will find the list of tasks

🕊 30 BSW for Colibri Pace Quiz | Answer questions fast & correctly!
Winners are selected randomly, three times a week

👑 $120 in BSW for Biswap Walk of Fame | Follow the terms to win a nomination!
Winners are selected monthly

🚀 1 000 BSW for Active Users | Send at least 1 message every day!
Winners are selected monthly

Eager to participate! Come here👉

Sharing Season on Twitter | Make a Tweet to Win BSW!

The Biswap Sharing Season is a chance to tell friends about your Biswap experience using special hashtags on Twitter and win BSW rewards!

🕊 $260 in BSW for Twitter Share — #biswap_exchange for 50 winners (the 1st one — $15 & 49 others $5 each)

🕊 $260 in BSW for Twitter Share — #biswap_earn for 50 crypto birds (the 1st one — $15 & 49 others $5 each)

Learn how to participate:

Passive Income Options on Biswap | Gain Crypto Effortlessly

You can find many ways to earn with no effort on Biswap. Choose your perfect variant or mix them to maximize your passive income!

Farms with High APY | Grand BSW Harvest!

Biswap Farms is an excellent opportunity to multiply robust BSW! You are welcome to enjoy profitable yields and sky-high APY for over 60 Farm pairs.

Follow these easy steps & expect a plentiful crypto harvest:

1️⃣ Provide liquidity get LP tokens and 75% of the trading fee
2️⃣ Stake LP tokens
3️⃣ Earn TOP BSW

Get LP tokens here:
Farm here:

Mind-Blowing Biswap Launchpools | Rise Your Assets to the Moon!

Launch a passive income via Biswap Launchpools! To earn crypto rewards easily, stake BSW and potent tokens with high APY.

Don’t pass by Biswap Double Launchpools. It’s your chance to receive two different tokens at the same time as a reward.

Try an exclusive BSW Holder Pool. Stake for a long-term perspective and earn passively with a bunch of privileges!

💸 Stake BSW here:

Multi-type Referral Program | Earn With Your Friends on Biswap!

Biswap Multi-type Referral program allows you to receive extra profit! I Just invite your friends via the referral link and get crypto bonuses from your friends’ actions on Biswap:

🌟 Up to 20% from Swaps’ commission
🌟 Gain 5% from earnings on Farms
🌟 Gain 5% from earnings on Launchpools

Multi-type Referral program:

Up to 20% APYs for Fixed Staking | Stable Rewards!

Experience a unique opportunity on BNB Chain! On Biswap DEX, you can stake with such benefits:

💎 Fixed APR
💎 No impermanent loss
💎 Lucrative rewards daily

Stake here:

Closing Words
Biswap DEX creates a favorable environment for investors and traders. You can find the perfect match for your earning strategy and preferences here. Moreover, we have so many things to do and improve! So follow our announcement, so you don’t miss new offers.

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Trade, Earn, Refer on the most progressive DEX on BNB Chain. Enjoy the lowest exchange fee, profitable features & Multi-type Referral program.

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Trade, Earn, Refer on the most progressive DEX on BNB Chain. Enjoy the lowest exchange fee, profitable features & Multi-type Referral program.