AI Technologies in Crypto | Biswap x ChainGPT Collaboration

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Biswap is proud to announce a new partnership with ChainGPT, a leading AI platform for the blockchain and crypto space!

As part of this collaboration, Biswap has implemented lots of special offers. In this article, you will take an overview of these exciting developments and explore their potential impact on the crypto industry.

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AI Technologies in Crypto World

AI technologies have already significantly impacted various industries, and the crypto world is no exception. With the help of AI, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology can be made more efficient, secure, and user-friendly.

The integration of AI in the crypto space has made it possible to predict the value of cryptocurrencies with greater accuracy, detect fraudulent activities, and enhance the user experience. One example is using AI-based trading bots that analyze market trends and make trades based on algorithms, thereby providing users with higher investment returns.

Furthermore, AI has also been utilized to develop decentralized applications (DApps) that are more intelligent and efficient than traditional applications. With AI-powered DApps, blockchain-based systems can be more scalable, secure, and faster.

One of the latest developments in AI and crypto is the emergence of ChainGPT, the collaboration with whom we will talk further.

What is ChainGPT?

ChainGPT is a sophisticated AI model developed explicitly for blockchain technology and crypto. It harnesses the power of the latest algorithms and high-speed computing capabilities to tackle complex challenges in this rapidly-evolving industry.

By bringing together two groundbreaking technologies — blockchain and AI — ChainGPT offers a unique and powerful solution with tremendous growth potential. It integrates both technologies into a cohesive utility that delivers superior performance and user experience.

ChainGPT uses the $CGPT token to power its ecosystem, which provides exchange and access to the platform’s advanced features and functionalities. With the $CGPT token, users can access personalized investment recommendations, trading insights, and other value-added services powered by the platform’s advanced AI algorithms.

Benefits of Chain GPT

ChainGPT represents a major advancement in integrating AI and blockchain technology, offering a powerful and user-friendly solution poised to drive innovation and growth in the crypto industry. Discover its unique features!

📌 ChainGPT AI Chatbot Assistant
📌 AI Smart Contracts Generator
📌 AI Smart Contracts Auditor
📌 AI Trading Assistant (TA & chart analysis)
📌 AI Trading Bot (automated)
📌 AI NFT Generator
📌 Blockchain Analytics & AML Solutions

Biswap x Chain GPT Collaboration | Discover the Offers!

Biswap DEX x ChainGPT partnership provides users with various powerful features and functionalities.

Swap CGPT on Biswap

📍Biswap has officially listed the $CGPT token, the native token of ChainGPT!

Swap with a low trading fee of 0.2%:

Stake into CGPT-BUSD with 0.05x Multiplier

📍Biswap has also launched a new farm for the CGPT-BUSD trading pair with an initial multiplier of 0.05x!

Earn rewards in CGPT by providing liquidity to the CGPT-BUSD pool on the Biswap DEX and get a 75% LP reward:

Buy CGPT via the Button

📍To further enhance the user experience, Biswap has added a new button to buy CGPT tokens directly on the exchange with just a few clicks. Access the benefits of the ChainGPT ecosystem and participate in its growth and development:

Try ChainGPT Chatbot Out

📍In addition, ChainGPT has also introduced a new chatbot feature with up-to-date information about Biswap and its offerings. This chatbot is designed to answer user questions and provide guidance on how to make the most of the Biswap DEX and the CGPT token.

Give it a shot!


The official cooperation between ChainGPT and Biswap represents a primary step forward for both platforms, offering you a range of powerful features and functionalities to enhance your experience and performance in the crypto industry. Join the ChainGPT ecosystem and access its cutting-edge AI-powered capabilities!

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