Amazing 20th Month of Biswap | January Report!

The first month of 2023 is coming to an end! There is no time to relax because we are a result-driven team. Here is the report of the brightest events and announcements of January.

Biswap DEX Statistics:
$52 015 981 935 Total Trading Volume
$281 762 107 Total Value Locked
512 654 Unique Traders
29 236 772 Total Trades
2 056 619 Total Users
620 071 Biswap Community

BSW Token Statistics:
42 114 754 BSW Total Burn
147 080 BSW Holders
13 707 977 BSW staked in BSW Holder Pool
23 924 069 BSW Transfers

📍The data as of January 24, 2023.

Biswap Updates | Check out Important Announcements!

Biswap is moving forward! You should be aware of this latest news.

Ready for the spicy numbers? Check them out!

🔥 1 995 432 BSW (~ $374 057.70) Burned.

🏴‍Sending BSW tokens to the “dead address”.

What could be better than a NEW Roadmap for the new year? Don`t stand still and go through it:

💎 New features
💎 More user-oriented approach
💎 Comprehensive improvement

Open up the future & strategic goals of Biswap!

We are so stunned to announce that Biswap Instagram awaits you & prepared something for you intriguingly!

Follow Biswap to keep up to date!

Biswappers made their choice!

Reduction of the stablecoin pairs trade fee to 0.1% is implemented!

Biswap is partnering on the Fixed Staking feature with Binance, where the interest conditions for Biswap on BNB and ADA tokens have been changed. Due to it, all existing WBNB and ADA pools were stopped on January 24, 1:00 PM UTC.

New Pools will be added!

The new 30-day WBNB and ADA pools, along with old pools with DOT, have easier entry conditions:

✔️No BSW in Holder Pool needed
✔️No minimum stake per wallet — only max

Fresh Earning Opportunities | Take Advantage of New Offers!

Do you want to earn more? Go to Biswap and enjoy lucrative opportunities. Here are the latest offers.

Meet Biswap`s first collaboration in 2023! Catch extended and unique offers from Biswap x OKX Wallet!

Now you can:
💎 Stake Biswap LPs to the farm directly in the OKX App
💎 Connect OKX Wallet to Biswap

Find the guide & details in the article:

Enjoy Biswap x OKX Wallet high-level service!

During 30 days, you can stake BSW and earn TOP tokens in return:

Grab your rewards:

👉Max stake per wallet: 1500 BSW
👉Stake 500+ BSW in Holder Pool to join

Biswap Reports | Be Aware of Results!

Biswap highly appreciates our community! Therefore we aim to keep you informed all the time.

2022 was full of exciting moments! Let’s recap the biggest of them:

✔️Great product releases
✔️45 progressive collaborations
✔️Mind-blowing Biswap events

We entered a new year! Read the CEO’s parting words:

Let’s get to the Moon together!

Thanks for all your questions! If you missed the January AMA session in the TG Chat, find out what Biswap CEO was talking about:

Become closer to Biswap!

Biswap x BSC News Event is over! It’s time to check out the champions:

Follow Biswap socials to participate in future activities!

One more month brought cool results and opportunities for the Biswap platform and users. Stick with us to meet more excellent offers, gain profit and experience bright emotions!

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Trade, Earn, Refer on the most progressive DEX on BNB Chain. Enjoy the lowest exchange fee, profitable features & Multi-type Referral program.