Atomic Biswap x Carbon Collaboration!

3 min readMar 27


Biswap constantly expands its partner circle to provide users with quality earning opportunities. That is why Biswap is pleased to announce a new official cooperation. Meet our new friend — Carbon Browser!

Why Carbon?

Carbon is a fast privacy web 3.0 browser which automatically blocks online ads and website trackers by default. The project is rapidly gaining popularity, with over 5.7M downloads and more than 1.5M MAUs. The browser is available for download on Android. However, the IOS app and macOS/Windows versions will be soon!

Explore the usability of the Carbon website:

💥 Collect and analyze browser stats
💥 Use fav web 3.0 DApps (Wallet, Staking, Swap, Bridge and more)
💥 Customize bookmarks
💥 Get rewards via #BrowseToEarn feature

Diversify your experience with the progressive browser!

CSIX is Officially Listed on Biswap DEX!

CSIX is a Carbon native token built on BNB Smart Chain. Its leading utility is to serve as discounted payment currency for the Carbon AdX Marketplace.

Swap and trade a growing token with a low fee of 0.2%:

Explore more CSIX utilities for competent trading on Carbon Browser:

💰Up to 12% return for in-app staking
💰NFT minting and commission serving
💰Lower fees when using CSIX
💰Rewards in CSIX

Earn on Farms with an Initial Multiplier 0.01X!

Carbon introduces the button for quickly switching to the Biswap Farms on its website. Move with one click and stake CSIX-USDT with an initial Multiplier 0.01X!


Try out the integrated function for a better experience!

Grab Benefits on Biswap Farms!

💫Get 75% LP rewards
💫Earn passively via high APRs
💫Gain leading crypto

Biswap Joined Features on Carbon Browser!

To provide users with the best crypto trading, Carbon implemented convenient ways for trading on Biswap:

  1. Push the “Biswap” icon for swapping tokens on the Home and Staking pages, and trade crypto quickly and easily.

2. Buy CSIX via the button redirecting you to the Biswap DEX website and explore the token’s utilities!

Download the app and trade via new offers!

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