Auto Compound BSW — Up to 3000% APY in BSW Launchpool!

4 min readJul 8, 2021

From here on, Auto-compounding with BSW tokens can be used on Biswap Launchpools!

The newest lucrative utility is already available to bring you great BSW returns!

Now, staking tokens become much easier than it used to be. Forget about the BNB commission fee for compounding and let the Biswap platform enlarge your crypto funds automatically!

Ready to find out how it works? Let’s start passive BSW income now!

Auto-compounding & Manual compounding - What’s the Difference?

Both of the suggested features enable you to stake BSW tokens and multiply them. But you need to differentiate Auto-compounding & Manual compounding and select the option which will be the most suitable for you.

Auto Compound BSW on Biswap Launchpool!

✔️ Your earned tokens will be compounded automatically every 5 minutes, without any additional actions from your side.

✔️ No fee in BNB for Auto-compounding, unlike the commission fee of 0.001 BNB, which is charged by the Manual Compound.

✔️Up to 3000% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) — takes compounding into account, but APR — does not in its turn. So, more frequent compounding will earn you higher BSW profit because of its regular increase of the initially invested sum of BSW tokens for staking.

✔️If you want to transfer all your BSW funds or only part of them from the existing Manual Compound (Earn BSW) to Auto Compound Launchpool— you need to Harvest them from the Earn BSW Launchpool and add them to Auto Compound BSW Launchpool. So, you may have several active Launchpools at the same time!

❗️Referral program is not active for BSW Launchpool with Auto-compounding.

Do not wait any longer to start enlarging BSW automatically!

📍Pay Performance Fee

The great benefit of Auto-compounding on Biswap is the complete absence of network fee!

You will have to pay performance fee which is 2.99 % in BSW from your auto compounded BSW earnings. That means that you do not need to pay the commission fee in BNB to compound earned tokens.

The Pay performance fee is subtracted automatically from each BSW yield harvest and will be sent to a special wallet to be burned once a week by Biswap.

📍Unstaking Fee

Unstaking Fee is a kind of fee which charges if you withdraw (Harvest) your funds earlier than 72 hours have passed.

Biswap Unstaking Fee is 0.1%. After 72 hours, you can withdraw your incomings with no fee. The unstaking fee timer resets back to 72 hours every time you add more BSW for staking.

Compound Manually on Biswap

✔️ You need to harvest or compound earned tokens by yourself.

✔️That means that you should return to the Biswap webpage and click the buttons Harvest or Compound in the Launchpool section every time you want to do one of these actions with the BSW tokens you’ve earned.

✔️APR (Annual Percentage Rate) — represents the annual rate charged for earning money. So, the sum which can be potentially earned from APR will grow only after Manual Compound, because of the increase of the staking tokens balance.

❗️Pay attention that you should have BNB tokens on your balance to cover the network fee.

Let’s look at the example:

You want to Compound 1 BSW, so your fee will consist of 0,0299 BSW, but if you want to Harvest 1 BSW earlier than 72 hours later — your fee will be 0,0299 BSW + 0,001 BSW, which means that you will have to pay 0,0309 BSW.

❗️Note: Both Manual and Auto-compoundings are available only for BSW Launchpool. That means that you may Compound your earnings in case you stake BSW to earn BSW.

Maximize your BSW yields on Launchpools and be in daily profit with Biswap!

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