B-DAY AMA with CEO | Recap

5 min readMay 30, 2024


To celebrate Biswap’s birthday, we held an AMA session with the CEO! Let’s see what we discussed!

  1. What are the main features of Biswap’s V3 Farms compared to V2 Farms, and why is Biswap shifting its strategy to support V3 Farms exclusively?

As we turned off V2 Farms it’s a great question I’ll be happy to answer!

Biswap’s V3 Farms offer 80% rewards to LP providers, compared to 75% on V2 & 68% with competitors. You join V3 Farms automatically once you added the liquidity, without extra network fees & actions from your side.

V3 Farms have higher capital efficiency through concentrated liquidity, & higher APRs on certain pairs due to the exclusive focus on V3.

Additionally, we support some token pairs that competitors don’t!

2. When multichain?

We’re planning to launch Multichain in the hottest season ☀️🔥

Our team started working on this before announcing the Roadmap. Given our platform’s growth over the past 3 years, this important update requires patience. We aim to launch it safely & effectively

Multichain will increase collaboration opportunities, liquidity, & our user base. So, I believe this is the best start of the new Roadmap, even if we need to wait a bit for a high-quality implementation.

3. What are the benefits of zero trading fees for limit orders on Biswap’s V3, and how does this compare to the fee structures of other decentralized exchanges on the BNB Chain?

I think that this is cool if you can make swaps with 0% fees without any expenses from your side. Isn’t this the main benefit?

Zero trading fees for limit orders, allows you to set your desired price to buy crypto in the nearest future or buy immediately at the market price with 0 expenses.

Unlike CEXs, Biswap ensures decentralization & anonymity, with no hidden orders from market makers. Try & compare it with general swaps to feel this difference 😉

4. What strategies would you consider to increase the value of $BSW?

Our strategy focuses on reducing the pressure on the token through minimizing distributions & increasing deflationary mechanisms. We’re shifting from distributing BSW to sharing revenue with LP providers, which will increase the token’s value.

BSW will gain additional utilities through new features that require holding the token. We also don’t reject the burn mechanism as a deflationary tool & we will continue using it in the future.

Our main goal is to create added value for BSW holders through various mechanisms, new features & minimisation of selling pressure.

5. Good day Dear EK! Happy to see you back. ☺️ May I ask you why Biswap slowed down and was in passive mode past 6 months ? Is there any reason behind it ? Thank you!

Great question to answer!🔥

We recognized the need to thoroughly reassess Biswap’s strategy, conduct an in-depth market analysis, & evaluate future releases. We had lots of meetings & discussions with the team.

As a result we have identified Biswap’s strengths & weaknesses, planned strategic steps, & explored optimal integration options. Now we are developing cool new features.

Biswap’s team has now set a clear course for the project’s development and we are committed to moving forward without pause 💪

6. What happens after the maximum supply of 700 million is reached and how effective will the burning system be?

Many cryptocurrencies have already been fully minted & continue to exist. Our plan is to adopt a deflationary model in the future, reducing the selling pressure on the token & combating inflation for now.

This is a multi-step process that requires time, the implementation of new product features, & long-term analysis.

Once the emission pressure is gone, the token’s price will be determined solely by the market, our holders, new features, & product development. We will continue to use token burns as a deflationary tool, ensuring a positive impact on the token’s value.

7. Will there be new partnerships with other projects (the last one was in October)

Of course! With the expansion of our supported networks, we will actively attract new projects & protocols to add liquidity to Biswap & join our ecosystem.

Multi-chain support opens up incredible opportunities for various collaborations, integrations, & marketing campaigns 🔥

8. How do the high APRs in V3 Farming on Biswap compare to other DeFi platforms, and what advantages does Biswap offer to liquidity providers?

Let’s do a brief comparison of some popular V3 Farms on Biswap & on a competitor:

1. ETH-BTCB on Biswap

- APR: ~56.28%
- Fee tier: 0.28%
- APR: ~21.2%
- Fee tier: 0.25%

2. USDT-BNB on Biswap

- APR: ~36.53%
- Fee tier: 0.08%
- APR: ~10.57%
- Fee tier: 0.05%

3. ETH-BNB on Biswap

- APR: ~22.15%
- Fee tier: 0.28%
- APR: ~10%
- Fee tier: 0.25%

💰Among other benefits: Biswap gives 80% to LP providers, compared to 68% from our competitor. Additionally, we offer some farming options that competitors don’t have.

Please note that APRs are volatile & subject to change. Always DYOR.

9. How does Biswap aim to become the industry standard for DEX platforms, and what innovations and features can we expect from the platform in the future?

The answer lies in your question. We have released a complex product roadmap, featuring both unique(!) elements & improvements of the current market solutions. We are entering new markets on other networks & also enhancing user experience for crypto holders, LP providers & traders.

Due to our unique solutions we cannot disclose lots of info on the upcoming features. The market is highly competitive. We will use our strengths to be ahead of the DEX niche💪

Moreover, by providing improved DeFi features that previously were available mainly on CEXs, we’ll be able to expand DeFi users base by CEXs users.

10. What’s your main focus right now, are you focused on the community or market/exchange or the products of BISWAP? Thank you 💖

Our team works symbiotically across all areas. You need to balance & develop each of them simultaneously. A quick glance at our roadmap reveals our priorities:

- rolling out innovative features

- expanding our partnership opportunities & user-base by integrating new blockchains

- empowering our users with enhanced DeFi features that previously were available mainly through CEXs

All these initiatives will grow our community & user base, foster new partnerships, attract liquidity providers, & expand networking opportunities.

As we move forward, we’re more energized and inspired than to push boundaries, collaborate with more projects, and chart a course towards even greater success. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities as we embark on this journey together!




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