Biswap $10M Global Incentive Program Relaunch! | Boost Your Project to the Next Level!

Biswap presents its updated Global Incentive Program with a grand $10 000 000 fund for projects on the BNB Chain. Biswap team improved and adapted it, so now every project can effectively experience this opportunity.

You can confidently count on the strong support from the Biswap team and get all the needed assistance to boost further. The tandem of two companies working together leads to new high-quality services, technology enhancement, and worldwide expansion.

Let us explain how this program works, what benefits you’ll get and how to join it.

Choose Your Level of the Global Incentive Program

The Global Incentive Program proposes 3 levels of cooperation:

💎Basic. Add liquidity and start growing with us.
💎Expanded. Establish the official collaboration.
💎Advanced. Become a strategic partner and experience various integrations.

Each level is unique and has offerings that suit different kinds of projects. So you can easily choose the one you need to start effective cooperation with a future development perspective.

The level can be changed depending on the project’s goals and development phase.

Now, let’s go into each levels’ details.

1️⃣Basic Level
The goal of the Basic Level is to provide BNB Chain projects with help and an additional source of income. It’s created as a starting point for all projects on the BNB chain.

You can count on a solid connection with the Biswap team and up to 100% Fee Reimbursement, which is essential for the project’s future expansion and development.

Requirements for participation:

📍Please, keep in mind that level 1 of the Global Incentive Program doesn’t include any marketing and public activities.

Add liquidity to Biswap and start your growth with us!

2️⃣Expanded Level
The second level will be an excellent boost for the projects that want to discover new possibilities of strong cooperation with the leading DEX and are looking for opportunities for further development.

The Expanded Level reveals all the advantages of the official collaboration that will bring you new users, extend your token’s utilities, and assist with fast growth on the BNB chain.

Requirements for participation:

Here is the list of recommended audit companies for the Expanded Level:


Join the growing Biswap ecosystem and make history with us!

3️⃣Advanced Level
The Advanced Level guarantees long-run cooperation, which includes up to 100% Fee Reimbursement prolongation, various integrations and the opportunity to expand your project with Biswap’s TOP partners.

Requirements for participation:

Become a strategic partner of Biswap and build powerful products on the BNB chain together with us!

Additional Points for analysis for the Expanded & Advanced Levels

⭐️Quality of your website and/or project’s design, UX/UI
⭐️The purpose and motivation of your project, competitiveness, advantages
⭐️Mechanics of your platform
⭐️Community and social networks|
⭐️Tokenomics and token utilities (research of real-use cases and security)
⭐️Roadmap following
⭐️Previous collaborations & partnerships

📍Some requirements can be revised during the negotiations.

Explore The Unique Opportunities of the $10M Global Incentive Program

This program will bring you everything to take your project to a higher level. Check out the guaranteed benefits you’ll get by participating in GIP 👇

🔥Up to 100% Fee Reimbursement distribution options

Get up to 100% Fee Reimbursement and use it for the project development, burn/buyback, promo, liquidity supply or at your discretion. The minimum amount to be paid is $500 (in total). The Fee Reimbursement is sent monthly by Biswap.

Example: If the monthly trading volume with your token reaches $300 000 000, you may get up to $150 000 fee reimbursement.

🔥75% of Fees as a Liquidity Provider

As a liquidity provider and GIP participant at the same time, you can earn up to 100% of the trading fee.

🔥Direct contact with the Biswap team

Keep in touch with the professional Biswap team. They will help you implement your ideas and turn them into reality.

Experience the Extra Boost of the Project

You can get even additional benefits from participating in the $10M Global Incentive Program. Have a look at them.

🔥The Official Listing on the Leading DEX

Get listed on the 1st DEX on the BNB Chain with a Multi-type Referral Program and the lowest transaction fee.

🔥Up to 20% for Referrers

A Multi-type Referral Program allows users and projects to make extra profit by inviting people to register via the referral link:

🔥Launchpools & Double Launchpools

Biswap Launchpools allow users to earn crypto for holding BSW.

🔥Farming Pair Creation

Biswap Farms allow users to stake their LP tokens and get BSW rewards for staking. It will increase the number of long-term token holders and the liquidity to provide a lower price impact.

🔥Marketing Promotion

Enhance the project’s recognition across the Biswap social media with a 500 000+ audience. Take part in collaborative events for a better promotion.

🔥Partnership Opportunities with TOP Projects

Expand your ecosystem with the representatives of the strong projects on the BNB Chain.

🔥Up to 100% Fee Reimbursement Prolongation

If the project agrees to provide unique liquidity to Biswap and add the special button for the token purchase that leads only to Biswap, up to 100% Fee Reimbursement can be extended.

🔥Trading Competition

Conducting Trading Competitions for the project’s token may significantly boost trading volumes.

🔥Potential IDO on Biswap

In case the project is launching its second token, there might be an IDO for this token.

Can’t wait to join the $10 000 000 Global Incentive Program already? Then hurry to see how to make it!

Steps to Join the $10M Partnership Program

Let us provide you with a guide on how to become a part of the program and start cooperation with Biswap.

Step 1: Provide the Initial Liquidity on Biswap ⬇️

Become a liquidity provider to get 75% of the trading fee and up to 20% in BSW via the Multi-type Referral Program!

Adding most of your liquidity to the Biswap will potentially increase your volumes and accelerate your earnings with the Global Incentive Program.

Learn how to provide liquidity:

Step 2: Add the “Buy Token” button that will lead to Biswap ⬇️

Make swaps with your token easy with a Biswap button on your website & get the Fee Reimbursement.

There are several options of getting the fee reimbursement:

▶️1. Place a unique button for token purchases that leads only to Biswap (among DEXs on BNB Chain).

In this case, the fee reimbursement from trading pair swaps is calculated in the following way:

Button Structure 👇 of the token you will exchange&outputCurrency=address of the token you will exchange the previous token to

▶️2. Place two buttons on your website to purchase the token: one leading to Biswap and another to one more DEX on the BNB Chain. There are no limits for CEXs and DEXs on other networks.

In this case, the fee reimbursement from trading pair swaps is calculated in the following way:

Button Structure 👇 of the token you will exchange&outputCurrency=address of the token you will exchange the previous token to

Step 3: Fill out the Application Form ⬇️

Fill out the Application Form to take part in the $10 000 000 Global Incentive Program.

Once you’re all set, Biswap will proceed with the project assessment. If you pass our initial review, the Biswap team will contact you. The initial review includes a general analysis of the project and a check of meeting the conditions from the previous steps.

📌In case you have any additional questions, please, reach out to


Get the best collaboration experience with Biswap via the $10 000 000 Global Incentive Program! It is the perfect opportunity for all kinds of projects to boost even further. You can expect all the needed tools from Biswap to help you reach your goals.

Join the GIP! It’s your moment to build up!

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Trade, Earn, Refer on the most progressive DEX on BNB Chain. Enjoy the lowest exchange fee, profitable features & Multi-type Referral program.

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Trade, Earn, Refer on the most progressive DEX on BNB Chain. Enjoy the lowest exchange fee, profitable features & Multi-type Referral program.