Biswap 3rd Anniversary | Achievements Recap

2 min readMay 22, 2024


Hey, Biswappers!

Upcoming May 24th marks a special milestone for Biswap DEX as we celebrate our 3rd anniversary with you! πŸŽ‰

Over the past year, we’ve achieved remarkable growth and introduced many game-changing features. Let’s take a moment to reflect on our major accomplishments:

AMM V3 Release

The much-anticipated AMM V3 is here! Now you can benefit from the following:

- πŸ’΅ 80% LP rewards from trading fees
- πŸ’΅ Up to 4000X higher capital efficiency
- πŸ’΅ Limit orders with 0% trading fee and no slippage
- πŸ’΅ Regular swaps through a new Auto Router

Explore more about AMM V3 here:

Biswap x Venus Protocol: BSW on Isolated Markets

Venus Protocol, a decentralized lending & borrowing platform on the BNB Chain, has introduced isolated markets. Add BSW as collateral and enjoy:

- πŸ’« Decent APY
- πŸ’« Extra income
- πŸ’« Enhanced liquidity

Biswap has provided $5K in BSW incentive rewards on Venus Isolated Markets. Learn more:

Biswap x Binance Earn: ETH Liquid Staking

Activate liquid earning with Ethereum on Biswap:

- πŸ’΅ ETH staking rewards
- πŸ’΅ WBETH liquid derivative
- πŸ’΅ Unlocked liquidity for free use in DeFi

Discover more:

V3 Limit Orders: Take Control of Your Prices

Get your hands on crypto at your desired prices and enjoy:

- πŸ’Έ Zero trading fees
- πŸ’Έ No slippage
- πŸ’Έ Your custom price

Experience favorable conditions:

BSW Investment Pool: Meet the 1st Model on DEX!

We are thrilled to introduce the first investment pool model among DEX:

- πŸš€ Hold BSW with superior APR
- πŸš€ Receive oBSW to enter the Real Yield Pool
- πŸš€ Earn USDT for oBSW staking
- πŸš€ Exchange oBSW for BSW with a discount
- πŸš€ Get vBSW as your voting power

Learn more about our new staking pool:

Biswap DEX Statistics Overall

- πŸ“ˆ 166 000+ BSW Holders
- πŸ“ˆ 610 000+ Biswap community members
- πŸ“ˆ $24.90M LP earned by Biswap users

We are incredibly grateful for your continued support and trust. As we move forward, we remain committed to delivering top-notch DeFi solutions and growing our vibrant community.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here’s to many more successful years together! πŸŽ‰




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