Biswap 6th Month Anniversary | Incredible November Achievements

Today Biswap is ripe to share his 6-month achievements! Wow! We have been providing our users with exclusive conditions and lucrative offers for 6 months! We have already reached prominent positions in the crypto industry. But we aim to keep growing progressively and reach more and more! The support of our powerful investor — Binance Labs, is constantly assisting us in our movement.

The half year anniversary of Biswap platform has come imperceptibly! Because time flies when you earn mighty!

Sincere Appreciation to the Solid Biswap Community!

But before the commemorative November Report starts, the Biswap team wants to express its gratitude to our dearest community! Our greatest achievements would never have happened without your trust and support! Let’s empower our synergy that reflects in mighty Biswap development and your income growth!

Therefore, November has been a fruitful month.

Biswap platform has stepped over several vital milestones in its development!
Let’s take a look at the amazing success this month has brought us!

Biswap GameFi Upcoming | Squid NFT World on December 22–29!

The ecosystem of Biswap is expanding so rapidly and becoming so huge that it is approaching the Metaverse. The Biswap team decided to expand the project’s ecosystem further via the popular GameFi direction due to a thorough analysis of this industry and the feedback received from the dynamic Biswap Community. Thus, we are pleased to announce the Squid NFT World- revolutionary GameFi project on BSC which will be released on December 22–29! BSW holders will enjoy the ability to earn mighty while playing the game with interesting tasks and creative design! It will positively impact the project and the BSW value in DeFi.

Biswap GameFi will have potent benefits:

  • Multiple opportunities for users to make a profit
  • Biswap DEX ecosystem expansion
  • New utilities for BSW token
  • Giant flow of new active users to Biswap
  • New levels and vivid stats in DeFi
  • New potent GameFi partnerships
  • Additional Burning mechanisms

Stay tuned for the much-awaited release!

A Letter From Robi: Celebrating 6 Months Anniversary & Reflecting on the Progress and the Plans for the Future

Dear Biswap family,

Yesterday was a special day for every member of our international family as we celebrated our 6th month anniversary. During these six months, we enjoyed every moment, learned from each mistake, supported each other during hard times and pressed the accelerator pedal. Biswap has evolved into a global player, transforming its mission into value. Today is the day when I would like to express the words of gratitude to our users for choosing Biswap. I can’t even describe how much your support means to the whole team.

I am extremely proud to be marking Biswap’s 6 month anniversary!

Read the full version of the letter here:


Grandiose Release of Unique Biswap NFT Marketplace Has Come!

Grand Biswap NFT Marketplace with the lowest commission 0.1% came here on 6-month of Biswap! The Marketplace is filled with brilliant offers and conditions and it keeps upgrading! Because we tried our best to present exclusive features. You can purchase your unique NFTs from different NFT collections in different lucrative ways!

  • NFT Launchpad
  • Offer to buy
  • Auction
  • Additional Deflationary Mechanism
  • New Opportunities for Partners and Partnerships
  • Striking Utility For BSW token
  • Creative Design
  • Soon — NFT Marketplace Staking Pool

For today, authentic Biswap Robbies Earn NFTs and Polychain Monsters NFTs are available on Biswap Marketplace! But we won’t stop here. Wait for more collections!

Explosive Appearance of Robbies Earn NFT Collection & NFT Earn!

Exclusive Biswap Robbies Earn NFT Collection

One of the powerful milestones is the release of Robbie Earn’s NFTs! They immediately made a splash in the NFT world. The first drop was sold out in a few minutes. The reason is that Robbies are truly exclusive and profitable:

  • 2 811 Robbies NFTs were sold for 225 000 USDT
  • 55 555 Robbies NFTs were sold for 1 248 000 BSW

Let’s review breaking records of Biswap NFTs:

⚡️ 6 808+ NFT Holders
⚡️ 1 232 842+ Total Staked Robi Boost
⚡️ 570 000+ Robi Boost users got for swaps
⚡️ 135 803+ NFT Transactions

Biswap always aims to provide its users with the best conditions on the market. Thus you have an excellent chance to earn with Biswap NFTs via staking.

Lucrative Biswap NFT Staking Pool | Up to 500% APR

NFT Staking Pool is a prominent release of the Biswap platform that is full of lucrative features and bonuses:

  • Stake Biswap NFT & Earn Tokens (BSW, BNB, BUSD, and partners’ tokens)
  • Upgrade NFT with Robi Boosts and earn more

The Daily Distribution of potent tokens in the pool:

✔️15 000 BSW per day
✔️2 000 USDT per day
✔️3 WBNB per day
✔️55 555 BFG per day

Enjoy up to 500% APR by staking your Robbies NFTs in the pool:

Honorable Biswap Membership of the BSC #MVB Voting Committee!

Biswap is widely acknowledged in the DeFi. Thus Binance Smart Chain earmarked Biswap for its outstanding progress once again and invited it to be the part of the Voting Committee in Most Valuable Builder program!

We are grateful for this invitation and honored to make important decisions! It is a shining example of how prominent positions reached Biswap in the crypto industry!

🔥1 009 860 BSW Tokens Burned for $1.2M

In the last month, 1 009 860 BSW tokens were burned. Biswap made a total 21 scintillating Burns of 10 469 181 BSW tokens!

Check all the Burns stats on the Biswap page:

Let’s keep the firing numbers up on Biswap!

The Total Trading Volume is more than $20 000 000 000+!

As the Biswap ecosystem expands, more and more users discover its benefits.

And Biswap stats reflect the potential of a constantly growing platform!

  • $20 000 000 000+ Total Trading Volume was gained by Biswap!
  • $117 300 000 Earned by Liquidity Providers via Biswap Farms and Fee rewards!

These tremendous numbers clearly show how popular and trustable the Biswap project is!

Biswap Ecosystem Expansion!

⭐️ CryptoMines Collab Boost — Biswap made the alliance with CryptoMines strategic! Together we opened up an exclusive and extremely lucrative ETERNAL Launchpool for $7 500 000 and established the Biggest Collaboration on BSC!

⭐️ Faraland Collab Boost — partnership with Faraland becomes more profound via Biswap integration in Faraland Text Game!

⭐️ TEN Yieldex CollabBoost — powerful BSW token is one of 6 LP pairs on TEN Yieldex with Biswap Liquidity. You can earn rewards from LPs along with rewards in TENFI.

⭐️ Liquidus — is a practical tool that allows you to easily stake your crypto assets on the leading DeFi platforms. This fruitful collaboration brought listing, farming pairs and farms!

⭐️ ACryptoS — is a yield farming optimizer designed for long-term investors. This effective collaboration brought auspicious Vaults with Biswap Liquidity on ACryptoS!

⭐️Magic Beasties — is a blockchain game about cute Beasties running on BSC. Where you can collect Ultra-Rare digital monsters, play with them, experience an adventure, trade and earn.

Giant ETERNAL Launchpool for $7 500 000+

Biswap created a strategic alliance with CryptoMines! As the main part of our biggest BSC partnership, we established a fantastic Launchpool with an EPIC Rewards Pool!

  • $7 500 000+ sponsored CryptoMines in ETERNAL to the Launchpool.
  • $100 000 in BSW was added by Biswap as an additional reward.

Rush to feel the benefits of a limited first-ever Launchpool with rewards in 2 tokens:

  • Stake ETERNAL
  • Earn ETERNAL and BSW
  • Cosmic APR
  • Unlimited max stake

More Extra-profitable Launchpools on Biswap | Stake & Get Worthy Tokens!

The Launchpools section on have broadened and now users earn more mighty tokens with lucrative APRs!

💥 Lucid ALU Launchpool — Stake BSW with no limits and gain ALU with high APR

💥 Glorious ETH Launchpool — is back on Biswap! Use your BSW for mighty passive income.

💥 Impressive LIQ Launchpool — stake BSW with no limits and gain LIQ in Biswap Launchpools!

All of 14 Launchpools on Biswap are ready to push your passive income significantly! Experience them all — both already known and the new ones!

BSW, PEARL, WBNB, PCT, KALA, ETERNAL, ZOO, BTCB, AIRT, ZOON — all the Launchpools are ready to boost your assets:

Beneficial Altcoins Season Started on Biswap | Multiplied Farms for Big Profits!

Biswap constantly adds tokens that are gaining popularity and have a high potential. In such a way Biswap creates new lucrative opportunities for the users.

Check out newly listed tokens on our DEX:

  • SOL — powerful token of the Solana network
  • AVAX — strong token of the Avalanche network
  • BNX — popular token with great trading volume, which got listed on Binance
  • NEAR — progressive token which ranks TOP 50 on CoinMarketCap
  • BCOIN, BMON, THG & WANA are earmarked in MVB III Monthly Stars
  • CEEK is innovating token by VR direction which has prospective future
  • ELMON is working toward reaching eminent goals in GameFi
  • BSTS & COOKIES potent GameFi tokens of Magic Beasts project

Providing Liquidity is beneficial — get BSW in return from Farms, as also a 50% Fee Reward of 0.1% exchange fee from each swap!

NEW Lucrative Farms with top Multipliers which November brought us:

💰0.15X BNX-BNB
💰0.1X BMON — BNB
💰0.1X THG — BNB
💰0.1X WANA — BNB
💰0.1X CEEK — BNB

APR can be boosted mighty on the popular Farms!

Vivid Community Growth! | Biswap Expanding the Globe!

November brought us 210K+ members of the global!

The number of users on Biswap is impressive!

Your activity is vivid and takes global DEX to new peaks:

💪200 000+ of active users on the Biswap platform

Check this new ATH on DeBank:

This bright metric motivates the Biswap team to establish new milestones in DeFi. Hundreds of new users join Biswap every day and it is our pleasure to welcome newcomers!

Community Voting for New Biswap Directions

We listen to our users and give them an opportunity to influence Biswap development.
So we have conducted two important votings during the last 30 days:

  • Voting for New Biswap Directions! — (NFT Earn, GameFi, Strategic Partnerships)
  • Vote for Biswap Liquidity on DeBank!​​

Thanks for participating in Biswap development! You are our main guideline!

Extra-lucrative Biswap Events — Twitter Events, Art Contest, Trading Competitions, and more!

Biswap & CryptoMines Art Contest! | $4 000 in BSW & ETERNAL

Since Biswap & CryproMines Alliance became strategic partners, users have been having much more immense opportunities! These two world’s leading projects established the Biggest Strategic Collaboration on the Binance Smart Chain. Now, Biswap x CryptoMines launched a rewarding Art Contest with $4 000 in BSW and ETERNAL for 20 talented winners! New lucrative chance arose for you to showcase your talents! It is your time to shine and take part in the lucrative event and gain more crypto in two mighty tokens, BSW and ETERNAL.

📆Start: 24/11/2021
📆End: 04/12/2021

🧑‍🎨Art Task: Depict Biswap & Cryptomines Strategic Collaboration via artwork! Embrace your art potential in any materials, colors, or tactics and create a masterpiece!

Find more details about the stellar contest here:

$10 000 First-ever BSW Trading Competition!

This was the first competition launched with our fast-growing token!
BSW trading volume reached a stunning $84 627 285 due to 4 054 competitors!

ALU Trading Competition for $16 000

Alluring $6 091 971 ALU trading volume was gained by passionate traders! More than $90 719 256 Trading Volume was gained in these 2 Trading Competitions on Biswap!

$4 700 in Biswap x Altura NFT KEY Twitter Event!

Since Biswap collaboration with Altura NFT gained momentum and we launched an additional startling event!

  • 100 random winners got 1 Key each to Altura’s NFT Loot Box
  • 75 of 100 winners got an extra $10 in ALU & $10 in BSW each.

Biswap & AlturaNFTs are grateful for such an active participation!

5 Biswap Sharing Seasons Were Held during this Month!

More than 42 600+ Biswappers shared their Biswap experience via Twitter with everybody using #biswap_earn, and #biswap_exchange hashtags.

Significant 42 649 tweets were sent during the 6th month of the platform!

📨 24 697 tweets — #biswap_earn

📨 17 952 tweets — #biswap_exchange

👥 42 600+ participants

Don’t miss the chance to get crypto in such easy & profitable events!

BetFury Birthday Party Events Upshots!

In November, our strategic partner — BetFury had a 2nd Year Anniversary which was celebrated in a big way. There was a $500 000 prize pool for the participants of the lavish party. To support our potent partner Biswap sponsors $50 000 for the celebration and our users were also able to have fun and earn extra money!

Let’s review the results shortly:

  • 61 000+ users took part in the Birthday Party!
  • $50 000 in BSW were gifted by Biswap.

BetFury Birthday Events were full of BSW and BFG winnings!

Live AMA Session with Robi

Biswap appreciates its users and wants to provide them with the best information. We want to highlight the process of our pursuit to become the best! Thus we are open and transparent to Biswappers. Therefore, we answer popular questions and try to make the platform more understandable and profitable at the same time.

You can find AMA Session record on Official Biswap Youtube:

The Updated Biswap Checklist! | Steep Progress & Grandiose Plans!

Biswap is constantly evolving and expanding its boundaries. Our team is working hard every day to fulfill the platform with the best features. Also we update our checklist regularly to keep moving in the right direction.

In the checklist you can see our progress and that we are keeping our promises and moving up by leaps and bounds.

Closing Thoughts

Summing up the results of the past 6 months, we can proudly say that they were very productive and successful!

Together with you, we have gone from the very beginning and have come where we are. Biswap took top and prominent positions in the DeFi world! We are constantly introducing new features and products, improving them, making deep and fruitful collaborations. And above all, Biswap keeps being a unique DEX with the most favorable conditions on the BSC!

We thank our dear Biswappers for this journey. Stay with us because further is more! We will try our best for you!

Faster, Higher, Stronger with Biswap!

Become a part of the Solid Biswap Family!

📢 Telegram Channel:

💬 Telegram Chat:

🕊 Twitter:

💻 YouTube:

📃 Medium:

Feel free to ask any questions and share your ideas!

🤖 Find the Community Drivers of Biswap here:

💬 Telegram Chat:




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