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What Is Biswap?

Biswap is the first decentralized exchange platform on the BNB chain with a unique three-type referral program and the lowest trade fee, accounting for only 0.1% per swap, its own NFT Marketplace and NFT game called Squid NFT World. It is a DEX for swapping on the BNB chain — a network that guarantees superior speed and much lower network transaction costs. Biswap works as a decentralized (DEX) that utilizes an automated market maker model (AMM) and offers promising crypto rewards.

Biswap gives its users a chance to exchange tokens issued on the BNB chain with the lowest trade fee, earn referral rewards with a 3-type referral program, provide liquidity and earn passive income in return, stake tokens in Farms & Launchpools, buy NFTs on Biswap’s NFT Marketplace and stake them in the NFT Staking Pool.

Biswap’s User Interface

If you’re already familiar with other DEXs then you will not have any issues browsing through Biswap.

The core products of Biswap are:

  • Exchange with lowest trade fee (0.1%)
  • Farms
  • Launchpools
  • Referral Program
  • Fee Reward
  • NFT Marketplace
  • NFT Staking
  • Lottery
  • Trading Competitions
  • NFT Game

We will dive into all of those features later in this article.

What Is a BSW token?

BSW is a popular utility token with a huge user base that supports the Biswap ecosystem. Its current emission rate is 16 BSW per block. Apart from being able to trade , you can also make use of a wide variety of additional benefits that come along with it.

It is a major asset of Biswap and its powerful crypto energy! The main function of the token is to incentivize the liquidity provision to the Biswap platform. BSW token plays a huge role on the Biswap platform to saturate 5% in BSW Referral Rewards from friends’ yields, profitable BSW Farming, beneficial BSW earnings in Launchpools, transaction fee mining.

BSW token distribution

Biswap Exchange

utilizes an automated market maker (AMM) model to allow users trade tokens issued on BNB chain with the lowest trade fee, which accounts for only 0.1% per swap. Just like other platforms using an AMM model, there is no order book to match sellers and buyers. Instead, users trade against liquidity pools. The liquidity provided to the exchange comes from the users and supporters of Biswap or so called liquidity providers.

Fee Reward

Have you ever dreamed of making swaps at almost no cost? Unlike other exchange platforms, Biswap returns the transaction fees to its users in the form of its native token — BSW. In simple terms, when you make a swap on Biswap, and pay a trading fee of 0.1%, up to 70% of the trading fee will be immediately returned to your “Fee Return” balance in BSW tokens.

So let’s say you decided to exchange 1 BNB for BUSD and the fee return for that pair is 100%. During this exchange, a transaction fee of 0.1% (0.001 BNB) will be charged. Once the transaction is complete, the system will immediately return the fee you paid in the form of BSW tokens. The number of BSW tokens sent to your “Fee Return” balance will be equivalent to the percentage of fee return established for that pair.

Unique Referral Program

Biswap gives its users an opportunity to maximize users’ rewards. Every user of the platform can invite friends to register via a referral link and receive rewards from a 3-type referral program.

Biswap referral program works in the following way:

  • Exchange. You can expect up to 20% referral reward every time your invited friend makes a swap. Referral rewards from exchanges will be credited to your balance immediately after a swap. Referral rewards from exchange transactions will be active for certain pairs.
  • Farms & Launchpools. You can expect a 5% return from your friends’ earnings. Your referral rewards will be visible and ready for withdrawal from your referral accounts when your invited friends will withdraw BSW tokens to the wallet.

Let’s say, you invited a friend and he/she earned 5 BSW from either “Farms” or “Launchpools”. As a result, you will receive 5% from 5 BSW, which accounts for 0.25 BSW.


There is a lot more that you can do with BSW tokens. Biswap has prepared a lottery. It is a game of chance in which winners are selected randomly. allows every user who purchased at least one ticket to get rewarded with huge BSW prizes.

Each lottery session takes 12 hours and one ticket costs 1 BSW. The process is pretty straightforward, buy a ticket, choose the random digits or enter your lucky numbers and wait for the draw. In order to win, the digits on your ticket must match in the correct order.

Your referral friends can also bring you more profit. When a referral buys a lottery ticket, the referee gets 2% in BSW as a referral reward. This amount gets deposited to your lottery referral balance.

Looking for even more profit? Take part in the lottery competition where 100 participants with the highest lottery volume (the highest amount of purchased tickets) share the prize pool.

NFT Marketplace

Are you into NFT? Here comes another use-case for a BSW token. offers the lowest commission fee of 1% on the BNB chain! It brings new opportunities of NFT trade for users from all over the globe. NFT is not just digital art, it is the way to level up crypto assets, show talent, and explore DeFi.

Some of the major competitive advantages of the NFT Marketplace are:

  • Lowest commission fee of 0.1% on the BNB chain
  • Commission return in Robi Boosts

50% to buyer and 50% to seller in Robi Boost which can be used for powering your Robbies NFTs and earning more crypto.

  • Exclusive NFT Auction

Each participant earns 5% from the price difference gap of his and next bid.

  • Unique Biswap NFT Collection

You can stake purchased NFTs from Biswap NFT Collection in NFT Staking Pool on Biswap and get up to 700% APR.

NFT Marketplace is a significant part of the Biswap ecosystem and a place where you can buy/sell exclusive NFTs!

NFT Launchpad

You can also buy the cutest robots on the web on . Limited Biswap Robbies Earn NFT Collection offers users to purchase Robbies NFTs with exclusive characteristics reflecting its bright vibe and level.

Each Robbies NFT has a specific amount of Robi Boosts that represent the power of a purchased NFT. The higher the amount of Robi Boosts your NFT possesses, the higher its price and the rewards it can earn in the NFT Staking Pool. If you want to boost your NFT, you can earn Robi Boost while making trading volume on Biswap.

NFT Staking Pool

Biswap has come up with another beneficial opportunity for its users to maximize their crypto rewards. Instead of just purchasing and reselling NFTs for higher price, users can stake Robbies NFTs via . Once you’ve purchased Robbies NFT, you can head over to the NFT Staking page, and stake it. When staked, a user starts earning multiple tokens as a reward.

Your rewards in the NFT Staking Pool greatly depend on the amount of Robi Boosts your NFT has. The higher the amount of Robi Boosts your NFT has, the more rewards you can expect.

Squid NFT World

As you know, GameFi is among the hottest topics among the blockchain community now. The Biswap team decided to expand the project’s ecosystem further via the popular GameFi direction due to a thorough analysis of this industry and the feedback received from the dynamic Biswap Community.

Squid NFT World is among the most popular Play-to-Earn projects on the BNB chain and provides Biswappers with new opportunities to earn crypto. This NFT game will lead Biswap to the Metaverse and open new horizons for the project’s spread.

As a result of the Squid NFT World release, users are offered a huge number of exclusive GameFi benefits and the Biswap platform will experience a spectacular evolution:

  • Amplification of Biswap DEX ecosystem
  • New Utilities for BSW Token
  • Innovational Opportunities to Earn crypto
  • Biswap Expansion on the BNB chain
  • Unique Opportunities for BSW Holders
  • Hundreds of Thousands of New Users

Squid NFT World is the first NFT game on the market with a multi-reward pool where users can get rewards not only in BSW tokens but also in tokens of other projects.

Biswap Squid NFT World brings overwhelming admiration and opportunity to gain huge crypto yields for each player! Let’s shed more light on the new world!

Progressive BSW tokens are required to begin your participation in the profitable Squid NFT World. If you don’t have esteemed BSW tokens — head to Biswap Exchange and get them with the lowest 0.1% Fee on the BNB chain: . Being a BSW holder will open all the possibilities for you in Squid NFT World. Also, to experience the gameplay to the fullest you will need to have a minimum amount of BSW staked in Biswap holder pool.

More information about Squid NFT World from Biswap can be found on .

Customer Live Support

In case you have any questions, Biswap has got you covered. Biswap is the first DEX on the market to introduce live support on the website. Now there is not need to leave a website and search for help in Telegram chats or Discord channels. Simply click on the button on the right bottom corner of the website and one of the support agents from Biswap will take care of you. No need to worry about scammers anymore. Get help in a matter of minutes within the same website.

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Trade, Earn, Refer on the most progressive DEX on BNB Chain. Enjoy the lowest exchange fee, profitable features & Multi-type Referral program.

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Trade, Earn, Refer on the most progressive DEX on BNB Chain. Enjoy the lowest exchange fee, profitable features & Multi-type Referral program.