Biswap Analytics Page is Live! | Track the Precise Stats!

The exact graphs with color indicators, plain navigation between info tabs, along with the top tokens and pools — all of that is right in front of your eyes on Biswap!


In the crypto world, everything changes quickly and it is important to be attentive and track every swing in order to be in the subject. Therefore, Biswap has structured its analytics page in a way that is convenient for users.

📍The Analytics Page is released as a Beta version on the Biswap platform.

Want to see the information delivery flow on the Analytics Page of Biswap? Here you GO!

Analytics Page Sections | Switch in a wink!

The Biswap Analytics page is divided into three sections:

☑️Overview — Biswap Info & Analytics
☑️Top Tokens
☑️Top Pools

Plus, you can use the search bar to find pools or tokens you are looking for in a wink!

You are able to easily go from one section to another with a click!
Let’s see what info each section represents!

Biswap Info & Analytics | Monitor Biswap Volumes!

Wow! These demonstrative graphs of Biswap Liquidity and Volume are brights and accurate! You can easily point to any part of the green or blue graphs and find out the progress depending on a certain date.

Besides, above the two starlight graphs, you can check the specific data of the platform such as:

📍BNB price
📍Transactions (24H)
📍Number of pairs
📍Fees (24H)

We think DYOR is a good idea when it comes to evaluating the DeFi industry or the exact project. But your research on Biswap will take a minimum of time and provide you with the max informativeness!

The TOP Tokens & Your Watchlist on Biswap!

There are over 55 tokens on Biswap DEX! You might say this is not easy to see their price changes, volume 24h, and liquidity, at the same time, but that’s possible on the Analytics page on Biswap!

Stay up to date by monitoring the Top Movers block of the leading tokens with notable improvement:

Simply check the development of your favorable token by clicking on it:

Click on the star button to add the token to your watchlist:

After the detailed evaluation, you can experience beneficial swaps with the tokens on Biswap Exchange section and up to 100% Fee Return:

TOP Biswap Pools are Ready for Monitoring!

See high APR on the liquidity pools along with LP reward fees 24H, Volume 24H, 7D, and general liquidity!

Moreover, it is awesome to not only acquire qualified skills in liquidity analysis but become a Liquidity Provider who gets a 50% reward of a 0.1% exchange fee from each swap made on the platform on Biswap.

Start your LP journey here:

We hope you find this page useful for your crypto research!
Rush to analyze and stay updated with the new Biswap Analytics!

Become a part of the mighty Biswap Community:

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Feel free to ask any questions and share your ideas!

24/7 ⏱ The list of OFFICIAL admins appointed by Biswap:








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