Biswap Business Partnership — Bring Your Project To a New Level!

4 min readJun 17, 2021

Ready to promote your project in the DeFi world with the Biswap platform? Then you are on the right path!

Biswap team is allocating $100 000 in BSW Competition Fund for the partners. Only 10 best projects which add their token to Biswap Launchpools will get $10 000 in BSW each for Trading Competition.

We are looking for prospective projects with an innovative vision that strive for distinctive development and growth. If you are one of them, do not wait any longer and apply for Biswap Business Partnership now!

Why Biswap?

Becoming partners with Biswap gives you a wide range of incredible opportunities!

Let’s take a look at them:

⚡️Global Exposure
Get access to over 100 000 Biswap users who already enjoy all of its features. The Biswap platform expands rapidly each day, uniting people all around the world.

⚡️High Trading Liquidity
Projects on Biswap Launchpools will be listed with high trading liquidity. It will substantially increase the popularity of your token and its trading volume.

⚡️Token Distribution
Distribute your token to a large Biswap user base to popularize it further. Biswap token distribution is the key to the rapid and successful growth of your projects’ infrastructure.

⚡️Trading Competition
Biswap will organize a tournament dedicated to your project to maximize trading volume with your token. Users will compete in crypto trading by selling and purchasing your token, which will effectively increase its trading volume.

⚡️Marketing Boost
Your project will be promoted across all Biswap social media platforms with more than 50 000 active Biswap users. Increase outreach of your target audience all over the OFFICIAL Biswap social networks.

⚡️New Utility Opportunities
New pair with your token will be added to Biswap Farms where your users will get high APR and profitable rewards in BSW tokens.

Biswap Key Metrics

Check out the dynamic Biswap statistics and see the growth of its crypto community:

📍$327 360 958+ — total value locked
📍$585 800 000+ — total trading volume
📍9 000+ — active users daily
📍65 000+ — regular active users on our social media platforms

Join Biswap now and use its beneficial opportunities to become one of the best-in-class fast-growing companies!

Launch Your Project on Biswap Now!

Biswap Launchpools and Farms give a chance to purposeful projects to promote and expand the influence of their tokens and obtain exposure to millions Biswap users.

☑️Biswap Farms provide great trading liquidity to the pair with your token by supplying users with the passive income opportunity and high APR earnings on Biswap.

☑️Biswap Launchpools allow the owner of the project to distribute tokens to BSC users who stake BSW tokens in a pool. The conditions of creating a new farming pair can be created only after applying your project on Biswap.

Fill in the application form below to start a forward-looking partnership with Biswap:

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Share your innovative projects with Biswap to build up a powerful and lucrative collaboration!

Successful Biswap Partnerships

Biswap has already cooperated with many strong projects that continue to expand rapidly in many different areas of the crypto-industry.

Observe the prosperity of our collaborations right now!

Certik — the top-notch blockchain security company provides best-in-class protection from hacks and malfunctions. Certik has verified the smart contracts of Biswap to provide its users with fundamental security!

BetFury — the leading I-gaming project with the fastest growth rate.
BSW-BFG farming pair was recently added to Biswap Farms! — the highly-trusted analytics platform. From now on Biswap is listed on for you to check its precise statistics.

See the details: — the reliable analytics platform. Moreover, Biswap is among the TOP substantial positions in DappRadar Chart:

#TOP 3 DEX project on the BSC network
#TOP 3 DEX project in the DeFi industry

Check info:

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Please, do not chase us for a response via our social media profiles or TG chat. We respond to applications sent via the application form only.

❗️ Beware of scammers! The Biswap platform will never text you first and ask for private keys or individual information!

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