Biswap Checklist Updates | New Targets are set!

Biswap Checklist Updates | New Targets are set!

Updated: 25 March, 2022

It’s hard to underestimate Biswap achievements this month! We have gained a lot, but Biswap’s ambitions are still growing!

Let us share our plans for the future, current work, and tasks which were done.

Take a look at the completed goals:

✅BSW Listing on Binance
✅NFT Marketplace
✅Launchpad: Buy new tokens directly on Biswap
✅GameFi integration (Play to Earn)
✅BSW Holder Pool
✅Swap Referral Program activation
✅Squid NFT World V2.0

Powerful listing on Binance made a significant impact on BSW popularity and attracted a lot of new users!

That is why the Biswap team will do everything to exceed the expectations of its audience!

Just take a glance at what`s in progress:

🌀Multi-chain (connecting new network)
Expansion of Biswap’s influence in DeFi is a crucial part of developing strategy. That’s why we plan to expand on one more network to build new products in a new crypto environment.

🌀Listing on the main crypto exchanges
Biswap is working on new cooperations with a variety of projects and platforms. Our goal is to provide a scale of opportunities for BSW holders outside the Biswap DEX and make BSW tokens recognizable beyond the bound of the BNB Chain.

🌀Marketing promotion (media & bloggers)
Due to the growth of Biswap popularity, it is essential to work on brand positioning. Biswap team analyze the best strategies for attracting media and bloggers to strengthen and enhance the prestige of the platform.

🌀New Strategic partnerships
Strategic partnerships are among the most productive ways to create new opportunities for users and establish high resulting cooperations with prospective Dapps. Collaborations with potent and multifunctional projects are the Biswap checklist’s permanent point.

🌀Fixed staking
Long term staking means fixed income, withdrawal without fee and TOP tokens in return. This feature will upgrade your earning strategy as you stake a token and receive this token back in a greater sum.

🌀Biswap Marketplace V2.0
Biswap team constantly tracks the market to provide relevant updates on the NFT Marketplace. Be sure that the new version will become more user-friendly and visually fresh!

🌀Staff game in SNW
Staff Game is one more opportunity to win substantial crypto rewards! Entry will be low, but an APR definitely will be high like your expectations! More details soon.

There are no limits to Biswap progress. Various initiatives, upgrades, discoveries — that`s all about Biswap movement ahead! The hard-working Biswap team put a lot of effort to accomplish further tasks with high quality and as soon as possible.

Plans in Advance:

🔘Multi-reward pool for BSW holders
🔘New innovative Launchpad system
🔘NFT Staking V2.0
🔘Personal user’s dashboard
🔘Daily tasks for users
🔘Limit orders
🔘Lending & Borrowing

Stay with Biswap to experience all lucrative upcoming innovations!

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Feel free to share your ideas and ask any questions!

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