Biswap Collectibles Release | The Long Awaited Limited NFT Collection!

9 min readNov 22, 2022

The glorious day has come! Biswap NFT Collectibles are released and bring you fresh utilities and earning opportunities. Let’s explore all the details and enjoy a bunch of exclusive benefits!

What are Biswap NFT Collectibles?

Biswap NFT Collectibles — a limited edition of NFTs that can only be acquired through burning Biswap Robbies Earn NFTs or Biswap Squid Players and Biswap Squid Buses NFTs. There are a total of 300 unique NFTs of 5 levels. These NFTs are one of a kind, you’ll not find anything like them. They are your pass to special earning offers and are released with dynamic motion designs.

Benefits for Holders of NFT Collectibles | Discover Exclusive Offers!

Unique NFTs bring exclusive opportunities:

  • Up to 15% Cashback
  • Up to 1% Referral Rewards Increase
  • Bonus Double Launchpool with High APR (will be available later)

Let’s take a closer look at each benefit!

💸 Cashback — Enjoy More Crypto!

This feature is available for NFT Collectibles holders. Cashback is similar to Fee Return, with the difference that for NFT Collectibles, the percentage of Cashback is tied to the level of the NFT. Cashback is accrued from the trading fee to the ‘Cashback’ balance from swapping whitelisted tokens.

Review the tables below for details:

1. Cashback percentage depending on the NFT level for the first 6 months:

2. Cashback percentage depending on the NFT level after 6 months:

❗Please note the following:

  • Owners of the NFT Collectibles receive both Fee Return and Cashback.
  • Rewards are accrued to the Cashback Balance. A user will be able to view and withdraw Cashback on the Exchange tab.
  • The max rewards limit resets on the 1st day of the month.
  • Rewards are tied to the NFT Collectible, not to the user’s wallet.


You have an NFT Collectible of the 1st level with 10 000 BSW Cashback max limit per month. You’ve already received 5 000 BSW Cashback and then decided to sell your NFT or send it to another wallet. This NFT will still have only 5 000 BSW Cashback available until the end of the month.

The same thing happens if you decide to buy an NFT Collectible. If there’s only a certain reward amount left available or none at all, they will reset only on the 1st day of the following month.

💎 Bonus Double Launchpool — Special Offer!

New Double Launchpool will be released a month after the NFT Collectibles launch. This bonus feature is exclusively for NFT Collectibles owners. They will be able to stake a certain amount of BSW in the pool regarding the level of their NFT Collectibles:

Important Aspects to Keep in Mind:

❗If a user has several NFTs, their max BSW stake will be added up and displayed as the total max stake for that user.

Example: A user has 7 NFTs of the 1st level. Therefore, the max stake for this user is 700 BSW.

❗However, keep in mind that if the user has staked 700 BSW and then decides to do one of these actions: Sell NFT, Auction NFT or Transfer NFT to a different wallet, the max stake amount will be changed.

Example: A user staked a max of 700 BSW into the pool and then decided to transfer 1 NFT to another wallet. At the moment of the transaction, the max stake will be changed to 600 BSW; the extra 100 BSW will be unstaked from the pool.

📍More information about the Bonus Double Launchpool will be revealed soon. Stay tuned!

💰Increased Referral Rewards — Immense Crypto Boost!

Another great advantage is only for the NFT Collectibles owners. Users are able to enjoy the boost in their referral rewards! Depending on the level of the NFT on the user’s balance, the appropriate percentage of referral bonuses will be accrued to their current rewards percentage. Take a look at the table:

❗Be aware of the following:

  • The first minted NFT is considered “active”, but the user can change it in case he has more than 1 NFT.
  • Bonus rewards are accrued for active NFT.
  • The amount of the NFTs does not affect the percentages. For example, if you have 2 NFTs of the 1st level, you will still receive a 0.4% increase for swaps, not 0.8%.

How to Get an Exclusive NFT Collectible?

In simple terms, you will need to exchange your old NFTs to receive NFTs from Collectibles. The NFT exchange is available on a separate tab in the NFT Earn section. NFT Collectibles are also of 5 different levels, so to get NFT of a certain level, there are some specific conditions:

1. Stake minimum 500 BSW in the Holder Pool to get the exchange opportunity.

2. Exchanging Biswap Robbies Earn is based on the number of RB in the sum of all the NFTs you want to burn. If the amount of RB required for a particular level is met, all NFTs and RB are burned, and the Biswap NFT Collectible of the appropriate level is minted.

3. When exchanging Biswap Squid Buses / Players NFTs, the number of SE in the sum of all NFTs you would like to burn and the capacity of the buses in total is considered. If the number of SE and Capacity required for a particular level are met, all NFTs and SE are burned, and the Biswap NFT Collectible of the appropriate level is minted.

❗️If the user does not have enough RB/SE/Capacity — the “Mint” button remains inactive and the user cannot exchange his NFTs for a new collection.

It is important to note:

  • The NFTs you want to burn must be in your wallet and not staked, on the auction or up for sale.
  • You can buy an NFT with RB only or SE + Bus.
  • You can’t combine RB + SE in one transaction to mint NFT. You either burn Biswap Robbies Earn NFTs, or SE NFTs.
  • For SE + Bus, you can store as many buses and players as you want.

NFT Collectibles Requirements

Review the requirements for NFT Collectibles of different levels in the table via this link: 👉

❗Here are some crucial points regarding the table:

Count NFTs represents the number of NFTs that can be obtained for fulfilling specific criteria.

For example: the 1st requirement for 30 NFTs of the 1st level is 500 RB or 50 000 SE + 10 BUS (capacity) per NFT. Let’s say you want to get the 1st Level NFT Collectible; to be able to do so with the lower requirements, you need to be among the first 30 users to acquire the NFT of this level. If there are no more NFTs for this rate, the 2nd requirement is available next.

Therefore, the earlier you exchange for NFT Collectible, the cheaper it will cost you.

Get NFT Collectibles in Simple Steps | Detailed Guide for YOU!

Before you start NFT Collectibles minting, make sure that:

  • 500+ BSW is staked into the BSW Holder Pool.
  • The NFTs you want to burn must be in your wallet and not staked, on the auction or up for sale.
  • Your wallet with NFTs is connected to the Biswap DEX.

If all the requirements are met, you can begin.

1. Click on the ‘NFT’ section.

2. Choose the ‘Exchange NFT’ option.

Exchange Biswap Robbies NFTs to NFT Collectibles!

1. To burn the Biswap Robbies NFT click on the ‘Biswap Robbies’ button.

2. In the lower block, you will see Robbies NFTs that you have on the wallet.

3. You can manually select a certain number of NFTs or all of them via the button ‘Select All’ in the upper corner.

4. After selection, you will see the sum of Robbies NFTs that are ready for burn.

5. According to the sum of selected NFTs, corresponding NFT collectibles will be available for mint.

6. Click the ‘Get NFT ’ to burn Robbies NFTs and receive Collectible NFT in return.

7. Your NFT Collectibles will be visible in the ‘My Collectibles’ section.

Exchange Biswap Game NFTs to NFT Collectibles!

In order to exchange your Game NFTs, switch to the ‘SNW and Buses’ section.

To complete the burn of NFT Players and Buses, you have to make the same actions that are applicable for Robbies NFT Exchange. All the necessary steps are described in the previous block.

How to Swap NFTs Directly via Contract?

Note that if you have many NFTs, the exchange page might not load. In this case, you can exchange NFTs directly via the contract.

To succeed in the NFT swap, note that:

  • Choose only your NFTs.
  • Make sure that you have enough RB, SNW and Buses to exchange.
  • Write the correct NFT level.

Complete the following steps to exchange NFTs:

1. Move to the Collectibles Changer Contract

2. Click on the ‘Write as Proxy’.

3. Click on ‘Connect to the Web3’ and allow the wallet connection with the NFTs you want to exchange.

4. If you want to exchange the Robbies NFTs, click on the ‘changeToCollectiblesRB’.

5. Write the NFT token’s Id you want to burn in the square brackets by commas into the ‘tokenId’ line.

6. Write the level of the NFT Collectible you want to get into the ‘level’ line.

7. Click the ‘Write’ to complete the swap.

8. If you want to exchange the Game NFTs, click on the ‘changeToCollectiblesSE’.

9. Write the NFT token’s Id into the corresponding lines: ‘palyersTokenId’ and ‘bussesTokenId’.

10. Write the level of the NFT Collectible you want to get into the ‘level’ line.

You nailed it! Now you can experience the power of Biswap NFT Collectibles.

Closing Thoughts

We hope that this fantastic release will bring you profit and happy emotions! Remember, there is a limited number of NFT Collectibles, so rush to be one of the lucky holders and grab a bunch of benefits!

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