Biswap DEX 2nd Anniversary | Year Recap

7 min readMay 24, 2023

Biswap DEX turned 2 years old! We can’t hold our excitement and pride for the results Biswap has achieved over this time. Let’s make a recap always to remember what we went through and get inspiration to move further!

Biswap DEX’s journey in the DeFi world started on May 24, 2021. From the beginning, Biswap presented itself as an ambitious project with firm potential. During the first year of existing on the crypto market, Biswap became one of the 20 winners of the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) II program and received a strategic investment from Binance Labs.

Thanks to its powerful start, Biswap DEX continued strategic development forward to technical innovations and market tendencies. This year Biswap and its community took several important decisions, such as decreasing BSW emission and trading fee for stablecoins. Our team made a lot of effort to present new products, collaborations, and events.

In this report, we will present to you the latest updates, spectacular events, product releases, and other noteworthy announcements of May and the whole year.

Let’s look closer at the most recent offers.

Last Month Report | Productive May

Biswap DEX Statistics

$53 624 153 024 Total Trading Volume
$212 723 948 Total Value Locked
14 387 925 BSW staked in BSW Holder Pool

📍The data as of May 24, 2023.

During the last month, a number of important announcements took place! Take a glance at them to be aware of fresh offers.

​​Binance Added BSW to the Loanable Assets

BSW utility has increased! Now you can use it on Binance loan services:

💵 VIP Loan
Users may unlock greater liquidity for long-term investment funds, leveraged trading, and hedging strategies.

💵 Flexible Loan
Users may keep their positions open as long as this product supports the loaned and collateral digital assets and the relevant Loan-to-Value ratios are not exceeded.

​​Biswap x ChainGPT Innovative Collaboration

ChainGPT is an AI model for blockchain technology on the BNB Smart Chain.

  • Swap on Biswap officially listed ChainGPT token with lucrative conditions.
  • Enjoy the CGPT-BUSD Farm with an initial 0.05X Multiplier.
  • Get relative answers about Biswap by using the ChainGPT AI bot.

All the details about collaboration are in the article. Take advantage of AI & blockchain technologies!

Fresh Portion of Double Launchpools

Hurry up to enjoy passive income on Biswap! New Double Launchpools have arrived:

  • Stake BSW — Earn ADA and BSW
  • Stake BSW — Earn DOT and BSW

Max stake per wallet: 1500 BSW
Stake 500+ BSW in Holder Pool to join

Join B-Day Party | The Grand Celebration is in Full Swing!

Biswap celebration is gaining momentum, so you still have a chance to jump into profitable and festive events! We hope you will remember this bright celebration and gain valuable prizes!

  • $5K in BSW B-day Trading Competition
    Join a competition and share a prize pool with 100 winners. Trade eligible tokens to be a participant: BSW, BNB, ETH, BTCB, BFG, CGPT, CSIX.
  • Exclusive Biswap B-day Farms with High APY
    Rush to profit from a limited offer on festive Farms till May 25.
    USDT-BUSD +25% multiplier increase
    LTC-USDT +100% multiplier increase
  • 280 BSW Colibri Pace B-Day Edition
    Answer questions about accomplishments and events that have happened with Biswap over the past year in TG Chat every Mon, Wed, and Fri at 01:00 PM UTC.
  • $300 in BSW New YouTube Event
    Share your ideas under the video and get a chance to split a prize pool:
  • $500 in BSW Catch Event
    Use a game mask on Biswap DEX Instagram to get the highest score and be among 10 winners.

Glorious Moments | All Eyes on Biswap

The 2nd year of Biswap on the BNB Chain was full of spectacular events that strengthened the project’s reputation and brought new users to the platform.

Binance Blockchain Week in Paris

Biswap was a Binance partner exhibitor! Look at the stunning numbers and results of Biswap’s participation in the conference.

  • 3 000+ Biswap Merch items given
  • 5 000+ Spin & Win participants
  • 4 000+ Conference Guests

BSW Listing Anniversary

On March 21, BSW was officially listed on Binance for a year! It is a historic event for our project that we are proud of.

Biswap in the DeFi League

Biswap has joined the DeFi League by BNB Chain. Prominent leaders have gathered together to support upcoming innovations in the crypto space. It is an honor for us and a chance to manifest the project’s high-level service.

Biswap Media Branding | Building Up Reputation

Biswap DEX cares about its reputation and strives to be on the agenda of news platforms and crypto communities. During the year, Biswap was highlighted by many leading crypto media and projects. Check out some of the publications by side platforms about Biswap.

Coinbrain: Chat with the CEO of Biswap about Development Area in 2023
DappRadar: Biswap DEX Progress & Beneficial Offers
Binance Academy: Video explained BSW token

Roadmap Implementation | Movement Ahead with Strategy

Biswap is moving forward according to its plans implementing our strategy step by step to create favorable user conditions on our platform due to their needs and market conditions. Our team is proud of our current products and can’t wait to announce new ones.

  • Perpetual Trading
    Biswap DEX integrated the ApolloX solution, so now you can swap perpetual contracts with a 10% BSW trading fee discount and no KYC directly on the DEX.
  • Multilingual Website
    Biswap website is available in 11 languages to ensure convenient usage and quality user experience for the international community.
  • Biswap Blog
    Biswap offers special content for beginners and advanced users. Enjoy regular article replenishment.

Product Releases | New Features for Biswappers

Biswap is constantly improving and strives to diversify its offers for users. Let us remind you of a few important releases.

TOP Collaborations | Stronger Together!

Biswap DEX is open for collaboration, as our team believes that we can achieve more by uniting! We make joint efforts to surprise our users with new offers and extend their opportunities across DeFi. Currently, Biswap has 60+ active collaborations. Let’s recap the projects we established partnerships with this year.

Carbon Browser
OKX Wallet
Space ID
Radio Caca
WOO Network
Math Wallet
Red Kite

We deeply respect each of our partners and hope for a long and profitable relationship!

What’s Next?

This question sounds in our heads and motivates us to move further. As previously announced, Biswap is headed for innovative technologies and AMM implementation that will benefit Liquidity providers and traders.

Biswap has a clear vision of its future, represented by its roadmap. Of course, we should consider market vulnerability and other unpredictable factors. Anyway, Biswap is a project that can adjust to different market conditions and overcome challenges.

Closing Words

During these two years, Biswap proved its reputation and professionalism. Despite market instability, Biswap managed to maintain its position among TOP DEXs on BNB Chain and continue to offer exchange and revenue tools for its users. Further will be more!

Let us express gratitude to our international community. Biswap highly evaluates your choice to use our platform and aims to provide you with the best experience. Thank you for your support, activity, and belief in Biswap.

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