Biswap DEX Action Plan & Results | Glimpse of Upcoming Releases!

  • GameFi Squid NFT World
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Exclusive Robbies NFT Collection & NFT Earn
  • Multi-type Referral Program
  • Fee Return
  • Marketplace V2.0
  • 100 000 BSW Biswap B-Day Presents
  • The Jackpot for SNW players
  • Multi-Reward Pool
  • Updated Global Incentive Program
  • Updated Menu & Launchpools, Farms, Exchange pages
  • Voting page
  • Wallet Popup Improvement
  • Widget — Buy Crypto with Fiat (Binance Connect, Mercuryo)
  • Biswap was a Partner exhibitor at the Binance Blockchain Week 2022
  • The Swap Fee Return contract was upgraded, and now this contract accrues Robi Boosts. There is a separate contract for Squid Energy which exchanges Robi Boosts to Squid Energy.
  • A new backend on the NFT Marketplace was implemented. Simplified the collection’s listing and filter creation
  • New filters to the SNW collection were added.
  • Spending on the price oracle decreased by 50 times.
  • A new front-end engine was implemented to speed up and optimize website functionality.
  • The blockchain scanner was rewritten to ensure stable work of Biswap DEX, Marketplace and NFT collections.
  • Pool contract helper and New Pool architecture are implemented.
  • Own BSC Blockchain Node was established.
  • Master Chef admin panel with telegram bot was released.
  • Pair commissions admin panel launched.



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