Biswap DEX Action Plan & Results | Glimpse of Upcoming Releases!

4 min readNov 11, 2022


Over a year, the Biswap team has created a favorable platform for the crypto community based on market trends and user needs. Biswap’s development had different dynamics, but more importantly, a stable character.

Currently, our steps are more measured and directed in the DEX improvement and BSW enhancement. We aim to build and follow long-term planning, which will be implemented with a focus on business needs and will be stable to the market’s volatility. Today we present to you 3 features that are in progress and will be released before December 31st. But first, let’s review the Biswap team’s work process within half a year.

Biswap DEX Potent Exposure | Ambitious & Obvius Results!

Biswap entered the market during the bull run with a corresponding strategy and roadmap. It was a favorable period for our growth and expansion. So we have released a few mighty products according to that time trends and users’ requests, such as:

  • GameFi Squid NFT World
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Exclusive Robbies NFT Collection & NFT Earn
  • Multi-type Referral Program
  • Fee Return

These features showcased their power and resulted in a mighty boost for Biswap DEX, which led the project to the TOP 2 stage on BNB Chain at that time. Biswap’s early but fast development attracted 2M+ users, 100+ partners and investors, including Binance Labs, that believe in our project’s potential.

Biswap Internal Process | Updates & Backlog

Biswap DEX pays special attention to the crypto volatility and possible shifts. Therefore due to the rapid market changes in May 2022 Biswap team has revised and replanned the project’s strategy according to the new challenges and tendencies. Therefore some long-awaited and already-developed products have not been released. This decision is made in order to maintain token value and DEX sustainability amidst market instability.

Transition to Multichain

It is a crucial step, and Biswap DEX was completely ready for it. Moreover, we prepared a Multichanin bridge. But because of market shifts, we temporarily refused to issue BSW to other networks. Also, the transition to the new chain requires an increase in token emission, which will cause additional pressure on it.

Fixed Staking Bonus pool & Fixed staking with Compound Interest

These features are fully modeled and ready for release. According to current market trends, we have decided to hold these products for a better time.

Despite the bear market, the Biswap team continues to work on the project’s improvement. Our recent releases enhance users’ comfort and earning possibilities:

  • Marketplace V2.0
  • 100 000 BSW Biswap B-Day Presents
  • The Jackpot for SNW players
  • Multi-Reward Pool
  • Updated Global Incentive Program
  • Updated Menu & Launchpools, Farms, Exchange pages
  • Voting page
  • Wallet Popup Improvement
  • Widget — Buy Crypto with Fiat (Binance Connect, Mercuryo)
  • Biswap was a Partner exhibitor at the Binance Blockchain Week 2022

Not all developments might be noticed by users. But let us show you what goes behind the scenes and assure you that Biswap does everything possible to provide users with quality, relevant products that will have a long-term impact on the project’s progress.

Some updates were released without marketing support but greatly impacted the user experience:

  • The Swap Fee Return contract was upgraded, and now this contract accrues Robi Boosts. There is a separate contract for Squid Energy which exchanges Robi Boosts to Squid Energy.
  • A new backend on the NFT Marketplace was implemented. Simplified the collection’s listing and filter creation
  • New filters to the SNW collection were added.
  • Spending on the price oracle decreased by 50 times.
  • A new front-end engine was implemented to speed up and optimize website functionality.
  • The blockchain scanner was rewritten to ensure stable work of Biswap DEX, Marketplace and NFT collections.
  • Pool contract helper and New Pool architecture are implemented.
  • Own BSC Blockchain Node was established.
  • Master Chef admin panel with telegram bot was released.
  • Pair commissions admin panel launched.

Along with all these releases, we have been working on the strategic plan which will direct our project to a new exclusive level and bring our users highly competitive tools for trading and investing. We are conducting deep research of the DeFi industry to produce an outstanding roadmap with release dates.

Releases Await | Upcoming Opportunities!

You may wonder what you can expect in the near future. The Biswap team is tirelessly working on the 3 releases that meet users’ needs and will be implemented by the end of 2022. The new roadmap is already in progress, so you will reveal more details by 31.12!

NFT Collectibles:

A limited edition of NFTs will refresh your crypto art collection and bring you up to 15% Cashback, Bonus Double Launchpool with High APR, and up to 1% Referral Rewards Increase.

Expert mode on the Exchange page

Users will get access to information about the liquidity of the specified pair and the latest trades made on our platform and will receive additional trading tools for working with the platform.

New Year Event

The Biswap team is preparing a memorable and bright celebration. This complex of festive activities and worthy rewards will bring a lot of benefits for Biswappers.

Appeal to the Biswappers | We are on the Verge of Great Achievements!

Biswap is proud to have such a wise and open-minded community! We realize that you observe each Biswap step, and we are highly responsible for our actions and results. Therefore we are aiming at long-run and productive releases. Biswap is at a new stage of development, so we need your support more than ever.

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