Biswap DEX Globalization | Powerful Expansion!

Biswap DEX globalizes in DeFi with every new day!🦾

Time to see the huge field of Biswap expansion that was established in just several months!

This is the result of the tireless work, tons of events, massive collaborations, important negotiations and difficult decisions, serious changes and bright updates, immense efforts that were done to achieve such a colossal spread!

Biswap is not a general DEX, it’s a huge system with the top-notch opportunities that are revealed for Biswappers:

🌟High-security level

🌟Biswap DEX integrations on the prosperous platforms

🌟Vaults & Margin Trading with Biswap Liquidity

🌟Detailed Bisawap stats on analytics charts

🌟Strong partnerships

🌟174 000+ Community

In just several months of unstoppable Biswap development, we achieved many goals and set even more for the future. These mind-blowing results we gained together with our faith community and thoroughly selected progressive BSC projects!

Many Thanks to each member of this big and friendly crypto family of Biswappers! Your support is an endless engine of motivation that helps to develop and expand the high-quality product!🙏

Biswap has already cooperated with a lot of potent projects that continue to grow rapidly in the crypto-industry. Ready to see your amazing project on the partners’ list?

Become a Part of the Worldwide Development with Biswap!

The big partnerships start here! Choose your way and start the lightning-speed growth!

🚀Global Incentive Program for $10 000 000:

Biswap has launched Global Incentive Program with a $10 000 000 Fund to provide effective partnership and development support for prospective projects on the Binance Smart Chain network. This is a vivid chance to start potent integration of your project on Biswap platform and get up to 100% Refund Commission.

How Global the Incentive Program is?

⭐️Farming pair on Biswap with rewards in BSW token
⭐️Launchpool for token distribution amidst 45K+ BSW Holders
⭐️Reversed Launchpool: stake your token — earn BSW
⭐️Trading Tournament to maximize Trading Volume with your token
⭐️Marketing Promotion among 174K+ users on Biswap social media
⭐️Continuous direct contact and support from the Biswap team
⭐️Token listing and marketing boost from our partners — №1 I-Gaming platform BetFury
⭐️$10 000 — $30 000 for project development & up to $10 000 funding for Security Audit

Check the details and join Global Incentive Program via Biswap Incentive Program page:

💼Biswap Business Partnership:

Launch your project on Biswap! One more powerful opportunity to level up your flourishing project with Biswap!

Experience all the benefits of collaborations with Biswap:

Liquidity — projects launched on Biswap Launchpool will be listed and have high trading liquidity.
️⭐️Marketing Boost among 174K+ users on Biswap social media
⭐️Token Distribution — your token will be instantly distributed to a large user base that holds your token
⭐️New Opportunities—your token might also be added to Biswap Farms with high APR.

Get to know how to build up a striking collaboration with Biswap and apply the form:

Biswap — your place of innovative progress!

Be in the middle of the news & follow the platform expansion with Biswappers!

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