Biswap DEX Metaverse | Incredible Expansion of Global Project!

Experience Squid NFT World | 1st NFT Game on BSC with Multi-Crypto Rewards!
  • Multi-Crypto Reward Pool: users earn rewards in multiple tokens: BSW, BNB, and other tokens in the future.
  • High APRs: up to 10 000% APR in the upcoming Staff game
  • Jackpot Pool (starting from $100000): all the details regarding the Jackpot will be disclosed later.
  • Referral Program: earn 3% from invited friends’ winnings
  • Staff Game: get a chance to play various games with low entry barriers and high returns.
  • New Users
  • Utility for BSW token
  • More BSW Holders
  • New Burning Mechanisms
  • Increased Traffic & Trading Volume on Biswap NFT Marketplace

Biswap NFT Marketplace | Trade NFTs with Low Fee
  • Lowest commission fee of 1% on BSC
  • Commission Return in Robi Boost — 50% to buyer and 50% to a seller in Robi Boost, which can be used to charge your Robbies NFTs and get more crypto.
  • Unique Biswap NFT Collection — you can stake purchased NFTs from Biswap NFT Collection in NFT Staking Pool on Biswap and get up to 700% APR.
  • Exclusive NFT Auction — each partaker earns 5% from the price difference gap of their and next bid.
  • Multiple Collections — an opportunity to purchase/sell multiple NFT collections.

Biswap NFT Earn | Gain 4 Mighty Tokens in NFT Staking Pool
  • Earn 4 potent tokens simultaneously: BSW, BNB,USDT & BFG
  • The NFTs are unlimited and easy to stake
  • Ultra-high APR to boost your assets considerably
  • There are 3 900 000+ Robi Boosts in the NFT Staking Pool!

Biswap IDO Launchpad | Introduce your Token to the most Active Community on BSC
  • Voluminous Biswap Ecosystem expansion and upgrade to Metaverse
  • Implementation of highly required on BSC IDO process
  • Strengthening of the BSW token, increase of volume and price
  • IDO tokens are bought with BSW
  • A massive influx of new active users and investors to Biswap DEX
  • Establishment of potent IDO partnerships
  • Additional lucrative opportunities for Biswappers
  • Official listings, Launchpools, Farming pairs, and collaborative events
  • The new burning mechanism for the BSW token
  • Global expansion of the Biswap community
  • Biswap is a TOP-2 DEX on BSC with the most profitable utilities
  • The open and secure fundraising process
  • A large number of fundraising participants
  • $ 1 120 000 000+ Total Value Locked
  • $32 000 000 000 Total Trading Volume
  • IDO is met by 350 000+ Biswap DEX Active Users

Biswap Exchange | Trade with the Lowest Fee of 0.1%
  • 0.05% is returned to liquidity providers in the form of a fee reward
  • 0.05% is used for BSW token burning

Biswap Liquidity Provision | Earn 50% Reward as Liquidity Provider to Reveal More Possibilities

Biswap Farms | Start Passive BSW Income
  • 80+ farms on Biswap to multiply your assets
  • 50% from the Trading Fee returned to liquidity providers

Biswap Launchpools | Grow Crypto with High APRs
  • Auto-compounding
  • Manual-compounding

Biswap Lottery | Buy Tickets for 1$ & Establish Grand Wins

  • Valid lottery token: BSW
  • Lottery ticket cost: $1 in BSW (equals $1 at the BSW exchange rate at the time of purchase)
  • User entry limit: only 500 tickets can be bought in one go
  • Max number of tickets to be purchased per round: unlimited
  • Duration: 12 hours for 1 lottery round
  • One lottery ticket gives a user a random 6-digit combination, with each digit being between 0–9

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