Biswap DEX x Ankr Collaboration | Listing of TOP Trading Tokens

2 min readMar 29, 2023

Our ecosystem extends with TOP projects and offers only the best utilities for our users. Biswap is happy to announce a new collaboration with Ankr! Let’s learn more about our new partner.

Why Ankr?

Ankr is a decentralized WEB3 infrastructure company that offers various on-blockchain products for building, earning, playing, and more to help drive the growth of the crypto economy while providing a full suite of multi-chain tools for users:

  • Ankr Build provides comprehensive blockchain developer solutions, like APIs, a decentralized multi-chain network of public RPC nodes to access data and execute code, and tools like Ankr Scan to view on-chain information.
  • Ankr Earn makes staking and other yield-earning opportunities easy and accessible to any crypto investor, by infrastructure solution that aims to solve the capital inefficiency of Proof-of-Stake networks.
  • Ankr Learn offers tools and informative docs so anyone can improve their user experience or development skills of blockchain-based systems.

ANKR & ankrBNB Listing | Trade TOP Pair on Biswap

Robust tokens are officially listed on Biswap DEX under the ANKR — ankrBNB trading pair. Buy and sell top crypto with a 0.2% trading fee and up to 50% Fee Return:

Explore more about partner’s tokens:

💸ANKR is the native utility token used for transactions and payments for many of Ankr’s services and governance.

💸AnkrBNB is a liquid staking token that accumulates rewards not by rising in number but by growing in value in relation to BNB.

Biswap DEX x Ankr encourages you to earn from cryptocurrency on the leading platforms. Enjoy collaboration perks and explore the extended Biswap ecosystem.

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