Biswap DEX x Radio Caca | Time for the New Cosmic Collaboration!

4 min readOct 3, 2022


Biswap ecosystem expands with superior speed. This time we’re welcoming our new advantageous partner — Radio Caca.

Let’s see where this collaboration will lead Biswap and what benefits you’ll get from it.

Get to Know Radio Caca

🌟RACA (Radio Caca) is backed by OKX Blockdream Ventures & Tachyon accelerator of Consensys Mesh. Boasting a large and experienced development team, hundreds of community volunteers, and a vast fanbase, RACA has become a leading Web 3.0 solutions provider.

Radio Caca is home to the:

  • United States of Mars 3D Metaverse
  • Popular blockchain game Metamon World
  • NFT Marketplaces

The project also has its potent native token RACA, which is listed and can be traded on Biswap and also has utilities on other leading DApps.

The Key Aspects of Biswap x RACA Collaboration

We’re sure that this partnership is one-of-a-kind. It brings exceptional opportunities for both: Biswappers and RACA’s users. Dive deep into the details with us.

Welcome to the Biswap Headquarters! | A Part of the RACA Metaverse!

The USM Metaverse is rapidly enlarging. It contains certain states with limited parcels for free purchase and ownership. Each state is rich in characteristics to be explored, where you may take a trip, make friends, create value, and build a real metaverse.

We’re happy to welcome you to the Biswap branded Headquarters, which is located in Harvard State. There are plenty of things to enjoy while visiting our HQ:

⚡️Pleasant and stylish interior
⚡️Stands and screens where our profitable features are shown
⚡️Communication with other visitors of the USM Metaverse

Moreover, we’re the neighbours of the BNB Chain HQ! Close friends and partners have to stay together, right?

Step-by-step instructions on how to find Biswap HQ in the USM Metaverse:

1️⃣ Go to the Radio Caca official website.
2️⃣ In the header, find and press the “Launch” tab and click on the “USM Metaverse” button.

3️⃣Choose the option to enter the game.

4️⃣Click on the Nhar (Harvard State) and press “Enter”.

5️⃣Read and follow the instructions to interact in the USM Metaverse.

6️⃣To quickly go directly to Biswap HQ, click on the map in the upper right corner, and enter the Land ID number — 493170.

🎉Voila! You’re very welcome to the Biswap DEX Headquarters. Have a good time walking around there and exploring the new world.

Buttons to Biswap DEX | Click & Earn Easily

Another aspect of the partnership is the Biswap buttons on the RACA website. Two new buttons will open you to the profitable opportunities of gaining RACA tokens.

💸Buy RACA on Biswap

Go to the “RACA” tab in the header of the Radio Caca home page. There you’ll see the “Biswap” button, which will lead you to the Biswap Exchange page.

Enjoy the fruitful offer to buy RACA tokens on Biswap with the lowest 0.2% trading fee on the BNB Chain.

💸RACA-BNB Farm with Biswap Liquidity

Go to the “Earn” tab in the header of the Radio Caca home page and press the LP Farm button to start earning a mighty BSW token.

To Sum Up

Radio Caca is one of the most developed metaverses on the BNB Chain and a high-quality project with a large active community. This collaboration brings lots of gainful opportunities.

Trade RACA with the lowest 0.2% trading fee on, stake and earn BSW LPs via the RACA-BNB Farm and explore all the USM Metaverse features with the Biswap-styled Headquarters.

The future starts now!

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