Biswap Ecosystem Expansion | NFT Marketplace is Open!

The tremendous moment of Biswap ecosystem expansion has come….

Meet the grand, lucrative, and remarkable launch of Biswap NFT Marketplace with the lowest commission fee of 1% on BSC! Lots of innovations, ideas, and hard work have been dedicated to make such a distinctive product that will become the leading NFT space in the immense crypto industry.

You have just witnessed the significant release in Biswap history which will bring new opportunities of NFT trade for users from all over the globe. NFT is not just digital art, it is the way to level up crypto assets, show talent, and explore DeFi which expands with furious speed just like global DEX — Biswap!

We invite you to discover what Biswap NFT Marketplace is about and what remunerative possibilities are there created for you.

💥Biswap NFT Marketplace:

Competitive Advantages of Biswap NFT Marketplace
As you know Biswap persistently aims to provide powerful products which will profitably increase users’ crypto earnings. This release is not an exception but an astounding chance to maximize incomings with worthy benefits:

🔥Lowest commission fee of 1% on BSC

🔥Commission Return in Robi Boost
50% to buyer and 50% to seller in Robi Boost which can be used for powering your Robbies NFTs and earning more crypto.

🔥Exclusive NFT Auction
Each participant earns 5% from price difference gap of his and next bid.

🔥Unique Biswap NFT Collection
You can stake purchased NFTs from Biswap NFT Collection in NFT Staking Pool on Biswap and get up to 700% APR.

Biswap NFT Marketplace will be the constantly growing world. The spectrum of advantages will enlarge with new offers to gain mighty yields. The Biswap team is going to start working on the feature that implies the allowance of NFT owners to earn crypto for placing NFTs on the Marketplace soon.

Biswap NFT Marketplace Opportunities

NFT Marketplace is a significant part of the Biswap ecosystem and a place where you can buy/sell exclusive NFTs! Let’s begin with an exploration of what kinds of NFTs are available on the market.

Verified NFT (Whitelisted)
These NFTs are officially verified by the Biswap team and have certain privileges on the marketplace:

  • Users can put verified NFT up for sale at their own price
  • Verified NFTs are visible in the Explore tab for hundreds of thousands of users
  • Whitelisted NFTs can be put up for sale via Biswap NFT Auction
  • Buyer and seller gain Robi Boost once verified NFT is sold

To get NFT whitelisted you need to fill out the application form:

Unverified NFT
This kind of NFT is listed manually by users. There are also a bunch of lucrative actions which can be made with these NFTs on Biswap NFT Marketplace:

  • Users can send non verified NFTs to another wallet
  • Unverified NFTs can be put up for sale on the marketplace at a fixed price only. Seller needs to send a link to this particular NFT which is on sale to be purchased
  • Users with Unverified NFTs can launch an auction and send a link to this particular NFT auction for other users to participate
  • Unverified NFTs are not visible in the Explore tab of the Marketplace
  • Commission Return in Robi Boosts is not credited neither to buyer or seller when unverified NFT gets sold

Unverified NFTs can be listed by entering the following data via Add my NFTs button in the top right corner of the My NFTs section:

  • NFT contract address
  • NFT ID

As easy as that! Choose your way of listing NFTs on the market.

How to Purchase Unique NFTs?

There are a variety of options to get special NFTs and make a great crypto profit. On Biswap NFT Marketplace you can purchase NFT for 4 cryptos: BSW, WBNB, USDT, BUSD.

Time to figure out how to buy favorable NFTs via simple and interesting ways:

NFT Marketplace
Surely, you can purchase NFT right on the Biswap Marketplace at a fixed price only, set by the seller of that NFT.

For instance:
Seller puts his NFT up for sale for 1BNB and the buyer wants to purchase that NFT. So the buyer purchases that NFT for 1 BNB without any price changes, meaning at the fixed price.

Offer to Buy NFT
On Biswap NFT Marketplace you can make an offer to a seller and get a fascinating NFT at your own price! It works quite easily: buyers can offer an individual price proposal via the option Offer to Buy and sellers can accept or ignore the offer.

For example:
Seller put his NFT up for sale for 10 BNB, but you really want to purchase that NFT for 0.1 BNB. In this case, you can create an Offer to Buy with the price you are willing to pay for that NFT. The seller can review your offer and accept if the price suits him, and sell it to you for 0.1 BNB, or ignore it.

So this is an awesome opportunity to communicate with a seller and make a price proposal that might result in a beneficial outcome for both sides!

NFT Auction
Wow! Real Auction is available on Biswap NFT Marketplace right now!

NFT Auction will give you an opportunity to:

  • Sell at the best price
  • Get precious NFT you wanted
  • Receive crypto profit just by participating

How Biswap NFT Auction works?
Each participant of Biswap NFT Auction earns 5% from the price difference gap of his and next bid! So you gain crypto simply by participating in the auction. Sellers can put the NFT for competitive bidding and get the NFT sold at the best price. Buyers can place the bids they want or at least at 10% higher than a proposal or last bid.

Let’s see the example:
Seller put his NFT up for Auction sale for 10 BNB. Buyer 1 placed a bid with a minimum price difference gap of 10% and now the NFT price is 11 BNB. Buyer 2 also placed a bid with a minimum difference gap of 10% after Buyer 1 and followingly that NFT now costs 12.1 BNB. In the case Buyer 1 got outbid will get the crypto he used to place a bid back, plus 5% (0.055 BNB) from 1.1 BNB (the amount by which the NTF price was increased from the previous price).

Important Rules of NFT Auction:

1. Creator can cancel the auction only in case no auction bids have been made yet.

2. When less than 6 hours are left in the countdown, each new bet will extend the countdown by 10 minutes.

3. Each bid will be increased by at least 10% or by any amount that the auction participant wishes to bid. Once the countdown is over, the NFT will be received by the last bidder with the highest bid.

4. Most important rule: 5% of the price increase for each bid will go to the previous bidder, and the remaining 90% will be the income of the auction creator if it was the last bid.

5. After the end of the auction, the last bidder or seller must manually collect the NFT to complete the trade. The seller will receive his profit once the NFT is received by the buyer. If there were no bids during the auction, the seller will be able to withdraw his NFT from the auction.

As a result, everybody is in profit! Rush to join the auction and place the best and highest bid.

Use BSW, WBNB, USDT, BUSD and trade NFTs on the market!

❗️ Note: You will be able to make a transaction on Biswap Marketplace with WBNB only. If you hold BNB you need to swap them to WBNB on the Exchange section on The transaction of wrapping BNB into WBNB is free on Biswap DEX.

More Possibilities are Coming

Biswap NFT Marketplace will continue to flourish with mighty innovations and new opportunities full of crypto. The hardworking and purposeful Biswap team is currently working on the following features which will come live on Biswap NFT Marketplace in the nearest future.

In progress:

  • Marketplace NFT Staking Pool
  • Marketplace Launchpad with Exclusive Biswap NFTs to purchase
  • Upgrade of Biswap Marketplace Interface
  • Individual Brand Page for each NFT Collection
  • Expansion of Verified NFTs Spectrum on Biswap Marketplace
  • Ability to place NFT on the market and earn crypto

The Biswap team will notify you ahead of time once these products are finalized and ready for launch.

Benefits of NFT Marketplace for Biswap DEX

Marketplace is a giant release and an extensive part of Biswap universe. This is a huge step for further development of the global DEX and innovative space to earn crypto via NFTs. Let’s see in detail how this stellar release will contribute to the improvement of Biswap:

⭐ Powerful, safe, and greater Biswap ecosystem
⭐ New levels and records in DeFi
⭐ Strengthening of the BSW token
⭐ Involvement hundreds of thousands of new active users to Biswap DEX
⭐ Lucrative and beneficial opportunities for community
⭐ Huge NFT partnerships
⭐ Greater volumes and positive statistics

Impressive, the Biswap was launched several months ago and now it has widened its horizons through another robust release, which will provide users of DeFi with new products!

How will Biswap NFT Marketplace impact the BSW tokenomics?

  • Additional Burning Mechanism (50% of 1% marketplace commission fee will be used for the purchase of BSW and burning them )
  • New utility for BSW token (users will buy/sell NFTs for BSW)
  • More BSW Holders (global exposure to hundreds of thousands of new users which will find out about BSW)
  • Strengthening of BSW tokens via potent NFT collaborations

Additional Burning Mechanism

BSW token burning will get even bigger on Biswap! Get ready to see those flames as we about to discover how the burning mechanism of Biswap is going to gain momentum:

1% Commission Fee that is debited from the seller is distributed as follows:

  • 50% goes to NFT Staking Pool on Biswap
  • 50% goes to Weekly BSW Token Burn

0.5% Royalty Fee which is taken from the seller, for selling his NFT of Biswap Robbies NFT Earn Collection only, will go to Weekly BSW Token Burn.

Commission Return in Robi Boost for Buyer & Seller

Once verified NFT gets sold, both buyer and seller get Robi Boost. Robi Boots here play a role of a lucrative bonus and power to your NFT that you can stake in your NFTs and earn more crypto!

Let’s see an example:
Seller sold verified NFT for 600 USDT and paid a $6 commission fee (Biswap NFT Marketplace has the lowest commission fee of 1% on BSC). Then this $6 is divided to the current
RB price of $1.5 resulting in 4 Robi Boosts which will be split between buyer and seller: 2 Robi Boosts for each.

📍Note: you can gain RB only for buying/selling verified NFTs only.

If you were looking for a possibility of getting additional reward in RB here it is. Sell/buy verified NFTs to get more Robi Boost to your NFTs and earn more crypto!

Biswap NFT Marketplace & Partnership

Noteworthy collaborations and new user experience are major priorities for Biswap! To ensure platforms’ constant growth and improvement, Biswap collaborates with leading projects. Our partnerships drive impact, innovation, and longevity in overall returns.

We invite progressive NFT projects to whitelist their NFTs:

Dynamic NFT Collaborations with Biswap will thrill everyone along with epic crypto earn, new audience of users, increase in volumes, exclusive NFT events and more!

Therefore get ready to meet new collaborations with the high resulting NFT projects on BSC which like Biswap purposefully move to outstanding heights and establish new milestones. All of the NFT partners will be displayed in the Partnerships section on Biswap Marketplace soon.

The Biswap project can’t wait to present bright NFT partnerships to you. Stay tuned!

Closing thoughts

Wow, this release of Biswap is a remarkable one that will always shine gloriously in the Biswap way of development. All of the features and opportunities defined above will empower the global project Biswap and considerably increase the value of the BSW token. The Biswap team applied all the energy and force to make the NFT Marketplace the most vivid on BSC! Keep in mind that is not all and several features of the market are in progress and will come live in the nearest future.

Thank you for being a part of expanding Biswap world and experiencing all of its profitable features. There are a bunch of products waiting for you on the market.

So, go ahead and take your BSW, WBNB, USDT, BUSD fund to sky-rocketing peaks!

Enjoy Biswap NFT Marketplace and increase your crypto yields!

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