Biswap Extra Reward Campaign — Grand Share of $10 000 in BSW!

3 min readJul 6, 2021


Biswap Extra Reward Campaign - Let your tweets fly to BSW wins!

If you have already experienced all the profitable Biswap offers, it’s time to share them with the whole DeFi world! Due to the successful Binance Learn&Earn Campaign, the Biswap platform decided to additionally reward those who completed quizzes during the campaign.

💰 Prize Pool: $10 000 in BSW

📅 Duration: 06/07/2021–16/07/2021

👥 Participation: only for users who have completed quizzes in the BSC Learn & Earn Campaign.

Read simple instructions and join 200 lucky users who will get $50 in BSW each! The winners will be randomly chosen on July 17.

Join now and use your chance to gain a powerful BSW reward!

Guide For Participation — Simple steps!

Spend a minimum of your time and earn a maximum BSW profit by following easy conditions:

👉Create a tweet with the hashtag #biswap_binance on your profile
👉Mark the account (@Biswap_Dex on Twitter)
👉Add a screenshot of one of the following actions on Biswap:

✔️Make a Swap
✔️Stake tokens into Farms
✔️ Stake tokens into Launchpools
✔️Earn with friends by using 3-type Referral Program

❗️Pay attention, that one tweet per day will boost your chances of becoming a winner!

Fill in the Biswap Google Form with the following details:

  1. Binance ID email
  2. Your BEP-20 wallet registered on the Biswap platform
  3. Link to your Tweet with a screenshot of the action on Biswap


Time to write your gainful tweet! 💸

Capture your lucrative action on Biswap:

  1. Share the screenshot of your Swap with the lowest fee — 0,01% and up to 100% Fee Return.

2. Show your profit on high-yielding Biswap Farms with high APRs!

3. Provide a screenshot of your active Biswap Launchpools! Start passive income and maximize your crypto funds!

4. Add a screenshot of your Referral Page. Earn up to 5% in both Biswap Farms and Launchpools together with your friends by using a unique 3-Type Referral System on Biswap!

Explore the mind-blowing DeFi world together with Biswap!

Join OFFICIAL Biswap social media pages and gain the best prizes:

📢Telegram Channel:
💬Telegram Chat:

Support 24/7:

❗️These are the OFFICIAL channels of Biswap❗️
Watch out for fake accounts! The Biswap platform will never text you first and ask for private keys or individual information!




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