Biswap FAQs — Discover the DeFi Universe!

Time for the most frequently asked questions about the Biswap platform!It’s a perfect opportunity to explore the wonderful crypto world.

Let’s advance in the DeFi world together!

1. Why Launchpools become Inactive❓

That happens because when the amount of cryptocurrency is distributed from the exact Launchpool to the users, that Launchpool transfers into the Inactive section.

You may control how much time is left for a certain Launchpool by clicking on the details.

After that, you should press on the sum opposite the Ends on phrase.

After you press on that amount you will be automatically transferred to BscScan where you can see how many days are left for that Launchpool.

All inactive Launchpools are available on the Launchpools tab. Click the Inactive button, to find the Launchpool that has already allocated its token rewards.

You may withdraw your income, and staked tokens at any time, by clicking on the minus(-) button.

2. Why Biswap statistics on CoinMarketCap inaccurate❓

The CoinMarketCap analytics platform listed the BSW token. Listing allows you to see the price of the token and monitor it.

However, since the listing of the Biswap platform has not happened yet, not all the platform data is shown on CoinMarketCap which causes inaccurate numbers. The Biswap team is intensively working on that, so keep the track of the official announcements from the Biswap team.

The statistics about Biswap are taken from other platforms that you can see by clicking on the Biswap Markets tab which is displayed under the BSW token description.

3. What is the main difference between active & inactive referrals❓

In order to become someone’s referral, you need to register on Biswap (the «Connect wallet» button) via the referral link. All the users who joined the Biswap via the referral link are shown on the page of the referral link owner as follows:

  • Inactive referral — a referral who has connected his wallet, but has not made any actions on the Biswap platform, that ​​are provided for in the conditions of the Referral Program, yet.
  • Active referral — a referral who has become a liquidity provider on Biswap Farms or has started staking his BSW in BSW Launchpool.

When an active referral takes his profits either from the Launchpool (makes Harvest or Compound) or from Biswap Farms — the referral link owner will earn a BSW reward equal to 5% of the referral’s profit on Farms and 5% in the Launchpool.

4. Where do the 5% go from the accounts with no referrals❓

According to the Biswap tokenomics, 4.3% of BSW tokens per block are intended for 3-type Referral Program. When a user invites a friend via a referral link, he/she gains a BSW reward.

The sum of the BSW reward for the referral link owner depends on the sum of his/her friends’ (referrals’) earnings and is equal to:

  • 5% from BSW Launchpool
  • 5% from Farms

When a user joins Biswap without a referral link, the 5% reward (that is equal to 5% from referrals’ earnings allocated to reward the potential referral link owner) is burned and shown in the Burn statistics as Burned BSW from Accounts with no Referrers.

5. Why there are the same Launchpools with different max staking sum❓

This is a unique feature of the Biswap platform that was done to reduce the speed of APR drop and keep the APR high.

The different amount of the max staking sum was primarily created for the Biswappers’ convenience because the APR in Launchpools is regulated as follows:

❗️Increased users demand for a particular Launchpool lowers the APR. But due to the separation of Launchpools with different max staking sum, the flow of users is separated, which lowers the reduction rate of the APR.❗️

The Biswap team performed a deep analysis and found out that the best Launchpool ratio is 10 BSW, 500 BSW, and unlimited BSW for Earn BSW Launchpools.

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Trade, Earn, Refer on the most progressive DEX on BNB Chain. Enjoy the lowest exchange fee, profitable features & Multi-type Referral program.

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