Biswap Global Incentive Program for BSC Projects with $10 000 000 Fund!

Who can apply?

Opportunities for BSC projects by Biswap due to Global Incentive Program:

🔥 Up to 100% Fee Reimbursement with Your Token Swaps

🔥 Biswap Farm for Your Token with Rewards in BSW

🔥 Launchpool for Token Distribution Across 45 000+ BSW holders

🔥 Strong marketing promotion on Biswap social media

🔥Best projects will get Token Listing in the Approved Token List

🔥 Trading Competition with your token

🔥Continued direct contact with our team.

🔥$10 000 — $30 000 for project building and business development

🔥Up to $10 000 funding for security audit

🔥Add your project to our list of partners on our site

How to start?

Follow 2 simple conditions:

  1. Add liquidity for your token on Biswap (it should be more than 50% of the total liquidity already available on Biswap)

Share this Program and Get up to $10 000 Rewards!

  1. When you see a new or existing prospective project in the BSC network, offer it the opportunity to join the Biswap Global Incentive Program and get a reward!
  2. When a participating project enters the rewards phase from us, we will pay you a reward of up to $10 000. A confirmation of your invitation to the project will be a chat created with the project developer(s).

Biswap Official Social Media:

⏰ Support 24/7:



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