Biswap Global Pre-launch Event: $100 000 (200 000 BSW) for early birds!

Ready to meet Biswap?🕊

Biswap token? Yes, it’s BSW!

Free $0.5 (1 BSW) sign up bonus

How to sign up?

+ $0.5 (1 BSW) for each referral

Giveaway for $12 500 (25 000 BSW)

Referral competition for $12 500 (25 000 BSW)

Twitter Campaign for $2 000 in BNB

Description of the competition

  • Welcome BSW bonus is available for wallets that support the BEP-20 network. Accounts that have had any transactions with CAKE tokens before April 22 — get 1 BSW. Accounts that have not had any transactions with CAKE tokens before April 22 get 0.1 BSW.
  • The Biswap team allocates 150 000 BSW for sign up and referral bonuses and focuses on 75K unique addresses for the Global Pre-launch event.
  • BSW tokens for all contests will be transferred to your “Farms” referral balance not later than 48 hours after the official launch of Then, you will be able to withdraw your BSW tokens.
  • All invited friends during the Biswap Global Pre-launch Event are recorded as your initial referrals and will be transferred to your referral structure at the official launch of the Biswap platform.
  • The starting price of $0.5 for 1 BSW is set by the Biswap team while creating the initial trading liquidity. The price of the token may change depending on the token’s demand.
  • All the users registered at least a month ago can participate in the Twitter campaign. 40 lucky winners will be chosen randomly. The giveaway will be held in 2 parts with 20 winners each. Every winner will receive $50 in BNB directly to BEP-20 wallet.
  • Bots and temporary accounts cannot participate in the Biswap Global Pre-launch event and will be screened out before the Competition & Giveaway rewards distribution.
  • The Biswap team reserves the right to adjust, suspend or terminate the draw of the sign up bonuses.

How to contact Biswap?



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