Biswap Glow Mask on Instagram | Share $500 in BSW for a Story!

3 min readJan 23


Biswap has officially relaunched on Instagram! In this case, more exciting events are waiting for you. And the first is the presentation of a new Glow Mask from Biswap. In honour of this, the Biswap team launched a stories challenge!

Use the mask, have fun and win! Let’s go over the details of the event!

💸Prize Pool: $500 in BSW
🏆Winners: 10 random users who complete all the conditions ($50 in BSW for each)
📅Duration: January 23–30

❗️Winners will be announced until February 6.
❗️Rewards will be shared within 5 days after the winners’ announcement.

Make a Story to get crypto from Biswap DEX!

Run Over the Event Conditions to join:

🫶Follow Biswap on Instagram
🫶Create an Instagram Story using the Biswap beauty mask, and mention @_biswap_dex
🫶Comment on the event’s post and tell how you would like to spend $50


1. The mask has 3 modes that you can try on yourself by clicking on the. screen

2. The mask can be found in the ‘Effects’ section or via this link.

Terms of Use

📍 Biswap will contact you in the DM to ask you for your BEP-20 wallet & screenshot of your Story. You will have 24H to answer.
📍 If you don’t answer during this period, you will be disqualified. In this case, the randomizer will select other participants who have fulfilled the event’s conditions.
📍 Rewards in BSW will be shared within 5 days after the winners’ announcement.
📍 Only users who completed all the conditions can be evaluated as potential winners.
📍 Make sure your Instagram account is public so the Biswap team can check your completed conditions in the event.
📍 The selection of winners will be made by a randomizer which will choose the winners among those who left a comment under the event’s post.
📍 One user can’t win several times.
📍 The face of the participant in the story must match the face of the account owner.
📍 Biswap reserves the right to distribute photos and videos of persons using the Biswap Glow Mask.

Summing Up

Biswap and exciting events with attractive rewards are integral components. Follow Biswap on Instagram and enjoy a new Glow Mask!

By the way, take a look at How Biswap Events are Held!

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