Biswap is Celebrating 8th Month | View January Report!

This month was genuinely productive for Biswap! So many outstanding achievements, events and new profitable possibilities for our users. Biswap keeps taking over the leading positions in the world of DeFi! However, we do not plan on stopping here! There are many more peaks to be conquered!

Let’s review Biswap’s journey for the past month!

Deep Appreciation to our Dear Biswap Community!

We want to take a moment to thank the incredible Biswap community for their dynamic energy and support. We could not have achieved much without your commitment, understanding, and excellent assistance. You encourage us to develop new opportunities to grow and reach immense heights!

Stay tuned for more ways to expand your assets with Biswap!

Outstanding Biswap Achievements!

Please take a moment to explore the amazing opportunities Biswap provides to its users.

Biswap Strategic Planning | Biswap Vision for Quarter 1, 2022!

At the moment, Biswap is one of the top DEXs that run on BSC. However, our team is working tirelessly on improving our platform and developing new, exclusive products for the best user experience among projects in DeFi.

🔵Biswap DEX🔵

  • Referral Swap Activation: Swaps or Exchange Referral Program indicates that users will get specific commission rewards each time their referrals make swaps on the Biswap platform.
  • BSW Holder Pool: It is like an Auto-Compound Launchpool for the longstanding investing and gaining access to Biswap exclusive proposals.
  • MultiChain Expansion: Soon, Biswap will support one more blockchain to expand its influence in DeFi. It will be the first step to Biswap MultiChain expansion.
  • Biswap Multi-crypto Offering (Q2): A possibility to deposit BSW tokens and earn from 20% to 1 000% granted profit from the initial amount of staked BSW in a short period of time.
  • Biswap Multi-reward Pool (Q2): It is a long term passive income possibility where you stake BSW tokens and get an income in multiple tokens, including BNB, ETH, BTCB, etc.
  • Biswap Charts on Exchange page (Q2): Charts with precise stats simplify the exchange process as the users will keep track of what is happening on the market at the moment.

🟣Biswap NFT Direction🟣

  • Filters for Biswap Squid Buses & Players: The NFT collections filters will be added for improving users’ convenience to select the collection for easy comparison.
  • Collections Page: A separate page to view detailed info about each NFT collection, including descriptions, statistics for all collections presented on the marketplace.
  • Valuable Statistics Pages: A common statistics page for all NFT collections for analysing trading volume, users and other comparing collection statistics.
  • Redesign of the Marketplace: To stand out even more in design and make it easier for the users to navigate the marketplace in the first place.
  • Notification System (Q2): Frequently Asked Questions will be replenished on an ongoing basis to simplify the exploitation of the Marketplace.

🟢Biswap GameFi🟢

  • Staff Game Launch | Up to 10 000% APR: A chance to win immense crypto rewards with a lower entry cost.
  • Share your success on Socials to earn BSW: ​​An opportunity to share your win on social media and receive BSW rewards weekly.

For more detailed information, refer here:

So many lucrative offers are waiting for you in the near future!

Biswap NFT Vouchers on Binance Marketplace | 2 000 Vouchers Sold Out!

Biswap NFT Vouchers on Binance NFT Marketplace were sold with tremendous speed! In less than 5 minutes, users bought the entire supply!

2 000 NFT Vouchers were sold for 80 000 BUSD!
Every Biswap NFT Voucher included a random Squid NFT Player:

  • Levels: 2–5
  • Squid Energy: 600–3 300

NFT Vouchers can be exchanged in 7 days after purchase on the Biswap Vouchers page:

Use your NFTs to discover the 1st GameFi on BSC with Multi-Crypto Rewards:

Our team works hard to see you making a profit with Biswap!

BSW Holder Pool | More Exclusive Offers with Biswap!

Another exciting opportunity for our users! Biswap introduces the BSW Holder Pool.

Get the priority to participate in exclusive offers:

BSW Holder Pool is working the same way as Auto-Compound BSW Launchpool, where you stake BSW — earn BSW for the long term perspective. Then you have an opportunity to participate in IDO, NFT Launchpad, GameFi and more coming Biswap offerings.

📍To participate in Biswap offers, you do not need to stake BSW in BSW Holder Pool. Biswap will inform you in advance about any offers for which staking in the BSW Holder Pool is required for participation.

Stake in BSW Holder Pool & have ability to:

  • Increase your yields via the new tool
  • Earn additional passive income in BSW token
  • Acquire all the unique Biswap benefits
  • Experience stability and safety in carrying out operations

Gain access to these features in the future when you stake in BSW Holder Pool:

  • Higher Rewards: 12%-20% from Swap Referral Program
  • IDO Launchpad
  • NFT Launchpad
  • Biswap Multi-reward Pool
  • Biswap Multi-crypto Offering
  • And other new features

Read more about BSW Holder Pool here:

📌 Note: There is a commission of 25% from your withdrawal amount active for 90 days for withdrawal from the Pool after any Stake action. On the 91st day, the withdrawal commission is 0%.

  • 25% of the commission from early withdrawals will go to the BSW burn
  • The performance fee of 1.99% from each harvest will go to the burn

Staking in the BSW Holder Pool allows you to increase your yields and reserve a place in gainful events for yourself.

Check out Updated Biswap Checklist | Significant Accomplishments & Ambitious Plans!

The major Biswap component is constant growth and horizon expansion! Our team strives to provide users with the best features and profitable opportunities every day. The checklist is updated regularly to make sure we keep moving forward and achieving set goals.

You can see for yourself that we keep our promises and confidently take leading positions!

Choose NFT Players | New Squid NFT World Update!

The Biswap team has listened to our community’s feedback and implemented a new upgrade! Another fantastic improvement for Squid NFT World!

Now you can choose certain Squid NFT Players that you want to send to the Game. Isn’t that exciting?

This significant upgrade enables you to:

  • Control the Squid NFT Players
  • Control Players’ Squid Energy
  • Further advancement in the game process

Do not waste your time, but earn with Squid NFT World:

Have fun playing the game and earning with Biswap!

Burn NFT Players Activated | More Possibilities with Squid NFT World!

Squid NFT World keeps improving! Now, new options are available!

Squid NFT Players Burn is activated! It is designed to improve NFT Players ownership experience.

The benefits of this burning upgrade:

  • More options for NFT Players
  • Burn available for locked NFT Players
  • Increasing value of Squid NFT Players

The button is added to the Player’s card:

Let’s grow together with Biswap GameFi!

MetaData Update for Squid NFTs | Correct Numbers Display!

Based on users’ feedback, the Biswap team upgraded the GameFi so that specific data is indicated correctly.

Your Squid NFT Players and Buses are now more precise:

Now you can see the correct display of:

  • Squid NFTs’ level
  • Full Squid Energy of NFT
  • Relevant Squid Energy of NFT
  • Days before the Player Contract ends

​​Meet 10 000 000 BFG in Squid NFT World! | Win Multi-Token Rewards: BSW, BNB & BFG!

New token BFG was added to the Biswap GameFi via Biswap x BetFury strategic collaboration!

Unique Multi-Crypto Reward Pool is filled up with 10 000 000 BFG in Squid NFT World.


You can gain specific BFG reward in Squid NFT World Games:

  • 10 BFG — Destiny Marbles
  • 25 BFG — Flip-Flop Envelopes
  • 50 BFG — Rock-Paper-Scissors

Now, you can earn much more crypto! Use the chance to get rewards in 3 tokens: BSW, BNB and BFG.

Magic Beasties Lootboxes with Robi NFTs! | Go on Adventure with Robi!

Our partner Magic Beasties presented the 20 000 Lootboxes. Some of them included Robi NFTs inside!

Robi NFTs can be used in the Magic Beasties Game, where you can collect digital monsters, play with them, experience adventures, trade and earn:


Remarkable Biswap Growth | Epic Progress Numbers!

Due to the Biswap expansion, more users can discover its lucrative advantages. Biswap statistics is proof of its vigorous extension:

  • $29 300 000 000+ Total Trading Volume
  • $92 600 000+ Trading Volume in 24 hours
  • $76 900 000+ Biswappers saved due to the lowest 0.1% Commission on BSC
  • 4 000 000+ Robi Boosts Staked in Biswap NFT Staking Pool
  • 417 000+ users follow Official Biswap Networks
  • 100 000+ BSW Holders
  • 346 000+ Total Traders
  • 14 000 000+ Transfers

What amazing growth! Let’s achieve higher numbers together!

Biswap Ecosystem Expansion | Promising Collaborations!

As Biswap DEX keeps developing, many new prospective partnerships and integrations are established! Strengthening the Biswap platform and providing our users with the best crypto experience is our priority! Our collaborations are created to benefit your crypto earnings.

Biswap GameFi & Marketplace are listed on

The Biswap products has shown great results and continue to gain momentum:
🔥 TOP 1 Biswap Marketplace

🔥 TOP 2 Squid NFT World

Biswap GameFi & Marketplace are listed on DappRadar

Biswap Products keep surprising with more vivid numerics:

💎 TOP 1 NFT Marketplace by volume

💎 TOP 6Squid NFT World by volume

Biswap x Pirates World Collaboration

Pirates World Collaboration with official RGOLD listing on Biswap! Pirates World is an NFT game with an oracle-based economy, in which players can find the perfect combination of pirates and the crypto world.

More info:

Biswap x EpiK Protocol Collaboration

EpiK Protocol Collaboration with profitable EPK-BNB-LP Farm. EpiK Protocol is the world’s first decentralized protocol for constructing, storing, and sharing AI data.


Biswap x MOO Monster Collaboration

MOO Monster Collaboration with promising MOO Launchpool! MOO Monster is a free-to-play, play-to-earn NFT-game. It will be easily accessible on iOS and Android mobile devices.


Biswap x Human: Memento Collaboration

Human: Memento Collaboration with buttons that lead to Biswap DEX! Human: Memento — a Sci-Fi play-to-earn NFT game designed to provide the users with a fun experience.


Biswap x BSC Project Collaboration

BSC Project Collaboration! BSC Project is a TOP tracking platform that highlights promising projects built on Binance Smart Chain.


Biswap x TankBattle Collaboration

Tank Battle Collaboration with the official listing of TBL. Tank Battle is a war-themed strategy game with a completely new style and various modes.


​​​​BSW is Listed on GeckoTerminal! GeckoTerminal is a platform that provides real-time cryptocurrency charts for blockchain networks.


Biswap DEX is Listed on DEXTools! DEXTools — an app and ecosystem for traders

that provides info about all the decentralized markets.


More thriving collaborations are ahead! Stay tuned!

Biswap Integration in Meta 17:17 | Find Robi in the Sandbox Metaverse!

More amazing Biswap accomplishments! Robi is now integrated into The Sandbox Metaverse via Meta 17:17!

📍Each Meta 17:17 land will have 1 Robi.

Robi will be next to the main entrance of the Pirates World museums. It will provide vital links and info about Biswap for all passing The Sandbox players.

Find Robi on Meta 17:17 lands in The Sandbox:

Advantages of the integration for Biswap:

Visit Biswap article about the integration:

Biswap Products Conquer the DeFi world | Biswap Takes TOP Positions!

Biswap is one of the most distinguished DEX platforms on BSC, delivering superior service to its users. The global project is widely noted by esteemed crypto sources. Here are some of the TOP Biswap rankings:

Squid NFT World is TOP 1 among other GameFi on BSC by! rated the Biswap NFT Marketplace as TOP 1!

BSC remarked Biswap GameFi in TOP 5 by Users in the last 7D!

BSCDaily ranked Biswap as one of the safest projects on BSC!

We do not plan on stopping here! Biswap constantly aims to take leading positions!

Biswap Altcoin Season Carries On | Progressive Tokens’ Listing!

Altcoin Season on Biswap continues with two new Farms of powerful cryptocurrencies:

ONE & TONCOIN are tokens of evolving networks!

Boost your assets via Farms with gainful multipliers:

🌟0.15X ONE-BNB


Increase your profits as a Liquidity Provider:

  • Add liquidity and get LP to enable Farms
  • Swap mighty tokens
  • Gain 50% of trading fee
  • Get BSW from high APRs

Open strong possibilities and trade prominent tokens on Biswap!

Rewarding Biswap Events | More Opportunities to earn crypto!

$3 000 Network Trading Competition!

  • $3 000 BSW shared between best traders
  • 701 active participants

Squid NFT World YouTube Contest!

📆 Dates: 29 December — 18 January

👥 30 winners are chosen based on the quality and uniqueness of the recorded video.

The reward will be divided as follows:

⭐️1st — $1 000
⭐️2nd — $800
⭐️3rd — $500
⭐️4th — 10th — $350 each
⭐️11th — 20th — $300 each
⭐️21st— 30th — $225 each

400+ participants presented their videos at the contest.

📍Winners will be announced and rewarded by February 05.
We are grateful for your participation! Stay tuned for more fascinating events!

Biswap Hosted 4 Sharing Seasons During this Month!

More than 56 000 Biswappers shared their Biswap experience via Twitter using #biswap_earn and #biswap_exchange hashtags. Significant 56 515 tweets were sent during the 6th month of the platform!

📨 28 690 tweets — #biswap_earn
📨 27 825 tweets — #biswap_exchange

👥 56 000+ participants

Use this chance to win crypto rewards via Sharing Seasons on Biswap!

Closing thoughts

The Biswap team is very pleased with the results of the past month! It is no wonder that Biswap DEX aims to take the top positions in the crypto world. We are constantly improving by bringing new features, products, and beneficial collaborations to our users. Please accept our sincere thanks to all who have joined us on this journey.

Keep track of future possibilities and move forward with Biswap!

Join the Worldwide Biswap Social Media

📢 Telegram Channel:

💬 Telegram Chat:

🕊 Twitter:

💻 YouTube:

📃 Medium:

Feel free to share your ideas and ask any questions!

🤖 Find the Community Drivers of Biswap here:

💬 Telegram Chat:




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