Biswap is Celebrating 8th Month | View January Report!

Outstanding Biswap Achievements!

Biswap Strategic Planning | Biswap Vision for Quarter 1, 2022!

  • Referral Swap Activation: Swaps or Exchange Referral Program indicates that users will get specific commission rewards each time their referrals make swaps on the Biswap platform.
  • BSW Holder Pool: It is like an Auto-Compound Launchpool for the longstanding investing and gaining access to Biswap exclusive proposals.
  • MultiChain Expansion: Soon, Biswap will support one more blockchain to expand its influence in DeFi. It will be the first step to Biswap MultiChain expansion.
  • Biswap Multi-crypto Offering (Q2): A possibility to deposit BSW tokens and earn from 20% to 1 000% granted profit from the initial amount of staked BSW in a short period of time.
  • Biswap Multi-reward Pool (Q2): It is a long term passive income possibility where you stake BSW tokens and get an income in multiple tokens, including BNB, ETH, BTCB, etc.
  • Biswap Charts on Exchange page (Q2): Charts with precise stats simplify the exchange process as the users will keep track of what is happening on the market at the moment.
  • Filters for Biswap Squid Buses & Players: The NFT collections filters will be added for improving users’ convenience to select the collection for easy comparison.
  • Collections Page: A separate page to view detailed info about each NFT collection, including descriptions, statistics for all collections presented on the marketplace.
  • Valuable Statistics Pages: A common statistics page for all NFT collections for analysing trading volume, users and other comparing collection statistics.
  • Redesign of the Marketplace: To stand out even more in design and make it easier for the users to navigate the marketplace in the first place.
  • Notification System (Q2): Frequently Asked Questions will be replenished on an ongoing basis to simplify the exploitation of the Marketplace.
  • Staff Game Launch | Up to 10 000% APR: A chance to win immense crypto rewards with a lower entry cost.
  • Share your success on Socials to earn BSW: ​​An opportunity to share your win on social media and receive BSW rewards weekly.

Biswap NFT Vouchers on Binance Marketplace | 2 000 Vouchers Sold Out!

  • Levels: 2–5
  • Squid Energy: 600–3 300

BSW Holder Pool | More Exclusive Offers with Biswap!

  • Increase your yields via the new tool
  • Earn additional passive income in BSW token
  • Acquire all the unique Biswap benefits
  • Experience stability and safety in carrying out operations
  • Higher Rewards: 12%-20% from Swap Referral Program
  • IDO Launchpad
  • NFT Launchpad
  • Biswap Multi-reward Pool
  • Biswap Multi-crypto Offering
  • And other new features
  • 25% of the commission from early withdrawals will go to the BSW burn
  • The performance fee of 1.99% from each harvest will go to the burn

Check out Updated Biswap Checklist | Significant Accomplishments & Ambitious Plans!

Choose NFT Players | New Squid NFT World Update!

  • Control the Squid NFT Players
  • Control Players’ Squid Energy
  • Further advancement in the game process

Burn NFT Players Activated | More Possibilities with Squid NFT World!

  • More options for NFT Players
  • Burn available for locked NFT Players
  • Increasing value of Squid NFT Players

MetaData Update for Squid NFTs | Correct Numbers Display!

  • Squid NFTs’ level
  • Full Squid Energy of NFT
  • Relevant Squid Energy of NFT
  • Days before the Player Contract ends

​​Meet 10 000 000 BFG in Squid NFT World! | Win Multi-Token Rewards: BSW, BNB & BFG!

  • 10 BFG — Destiny Marbles
  • 25 BFG — Flip-Flop Envelopes
  • 50 BFG — Rock-Paper-Scissors

Magic Beasties Lootboxes with Robi NFTs! | Go on Adventure with Robi!

Remarkable Biswap Growth | Epic Progress Numbers!

  • $29 300 000 000+ Total Trading Volume
  • $92 600 000+ Trading Volume in 24 hours
  • $76 900 000+ Biswappers saved due to the lowest 0.1% Commission on BSC
  • 4 000 000+ Robi Boosts Staked in Biswap NFT Staking Pool
  • 417 000+ users follow Official Biswap Networks
  • 100 000+ BSW Holders
  • 346 000+ Total Traders
  • 14 000 000+ Transfers

Biswap Ecosystem Expansion | Promising Collaborations!

Biswap GameFi & Marketplace are listed on

Biswap GameFi & Marketplace are listed on DappRadar

Biswap x Pirates World Collaboration

Biswap x EpiK Protocol Collaboration

Biswap x MOO Monster Collaboration

Biswap x Human: Memento Collaboration

Biswap x BSC Project Collaboration

Biswap x TankBattle Collaboration

Biswap Integration in Meta 17:17 | Find Robi in the Sandbox Metaverse!

Biswap Products Conquer the DeFi world | Biswap Takes TOP Positions!

Squid NFT World is TOP 1 among other GameFi on BSC by! rated the Biswap NFT Marketplace as TOP 1!

BSC remarked Biswap GameFi in TOP 5 by Users in the last 7D!

BSCDaily ranked Biswap as one of the safest projects on BSC!

Biswap Altcoin Season Carries On | Progressive Tokens’ Listing!
  • Add liquidity and get LP to enable Farms
  • Swap mighty tokens
  • Gain 50% of trading fee
  • Get BSW from high APRs

Rewarding Biswap Events | More Opportunities to earn crypto!

$3 000 Network Trading Competition!

  • $3 000 BSW shared between best traders
  • 701 active participants

Squid NFT World YouTube Contest!

Biswap Hosted 4 Sharing Seasons During this Month!

Closing thoughts

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