Biswap Key Metrics — Bewildering Results!

Biswap community is invincible and the platform’s numbers are the proof of it! It’s the golden moment to check out the astonishing numerics of the Biswap DEX.

Let’s enjoy the rapid-rising statistics of the platform as of now:

📍 $401 452 207 (Total Value Locked in Farms & Launchpools)

📍 $2 719 423 383 Total Trading Volume

📍 $20 267 948 Trading Volume in 24 hours

📍 1 098 193 Unique Wallets Connected to Biswap

📍 2 243 403 Transactions on Biswap

📍 39 852 BSW Holders

📍 4 240 089 BSW Transfers in the BSC Network

💰 $0.997 the current price of BSW token

BscScan —

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Let’s gain mind-blowing achievements together with Biswap! 💥

Follow Biswap advancing via OFFICIAL networks not to miss all crucial updates!

⚡️ 15.2K+ in Telegram Channel

⚡️ 26.9K+ in Telegram Chat

⚡️ 67.3K+ on Twitter

⚡️ 2.6K+ on Medium

⚡️ 807+ on YouTube

Feel free to ask any questions and share your wishes!

⏱ 24/7 The list of the OFFICIAL admins appointed by Biswap:








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