​​Biswap Key Metrics in 48 hours after the launch!

In only 2 days the Biswap platform has shown the mind-blowing results! We grow with a furious speed and work hard to become the best in the DeFi space!
Check out the great numbers that we have recently reached:

📍$36 746 455 TVL (Total Value Locked in Farms & Launchpools)
📍$8 500 000+ trading volume
📍210 528 unique wallets connected to Biswap
📍66 000 transactions on Biswap (not counting Free BSW)
📍9 159 BSW holders
📍115 586 BSW transactions in the BSC network

🔥 $2.244875— current price of BSW token

BscScan — https://bit.ly/3flWz4t

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Biswap gains more and more subscribers each second!
See how many people from all over the world have joined the platform and do not forget to subscribe too!

☄️10.7K+ in Telegram Channel
☄️16.8K+ in Telegram Chat
☄️23.1K+ on Twitter

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24/7 ⏱ The list of official admins appointed by Biswap:
🤖 https://t.me/Robi_Biswap

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