Biswap Key Metrics — Up To Date Records!

It’s a great joy to see the sky-high progress of the Biswap international community, which would be impossible without your support! This week presented not only astounding collaborations but also stellar stats! Turn on your analytic skills and let’s dive into the numbers!🤓

Find out the last numbers of Biswap’s progress!

⚡️$353 489 765(Total Value Locked in Farms & Launchpools)

⚡️ $9 004 728 945 Total Trading Volume

⚡️ $99 790 203 Trading Volume in 24 hours

⚡️ 1 235 272 Unique Wallets Connected to Biswap

⚡️ 9 507 Unique Wallets Connected to Biswap in 24 hours

⚡️ 4 663 650 Transactions on Biswap

⚡️ 53 326 BSW Holders

⚡️7 442 809 BSW Transfers in the BSC Network

💵 $0.577 — the current price of BSW token

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💫 38.0K+ in Telegram Chat

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💫 1.42K+ on YouTube

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