Biswap Lottery is Activated | Buy Your Lucky Tickets & Win BSW!

5 min readSep 11, 2021

You asked, you waited, you followed the process, and now, the big moment has come!

Meet the fascinating Biswap Lottery, which combined the best qualities of the well-known gameplay and unique features, thoroughly developed by the Biswap team to make the process even more exciting and, of course, the most lucrative!

⭐️ Valid lottery token: BSW

⭐️ Lottery ticket value: $1 in BSW (equals $1 at the BSW exchange rate at the time of purchase).

⭐️ Max number of tickets to be purchased at one time: 500 tickets ($500)

⭐️ Max number of tickets per round for one participant: unlimited.

⭐️ Discount on tickets: the discount varies linearly from 2 tickets (0.01%) to 500 tickets (4.99% off maximum).

⭐ ️Duration: 12 hours for 1 lottery round

The Biswap Lottery has prepared many more unique & extremely profitable benefits, continue reading and get to know about all of them! 🎱

The Lottery 100% in BSW Prize Pool Distribution!

It’s a victorious time for Biswappers — get the highest reward! The greater your combination match — the mightier your BSW prize!

The 100% of the Prize Pool allocates in the following way:

🔥 80% — the prize pool is divided as follows:

Matches first 1 — 2%
Matches first 2
— 3%
Matches first 3
— 5%
Matches first 4
— 10%
Matches first 5
— 20%
Matches all 6
— 40%

❗️If there are no winners by combination, the fund is carried over to the next round.❗️

🔥 13% from each purchased ticket goes to the weekly BSW Token Burn.

🔥 2% from each purchased ticket goes to a 1-level Referral Program:

When someone’s Referral Friend buys a lottery ticket, his/her Referrer (a referral link owner) immediately gets a 2% in BSW reward of the purchase to the Referral Balance, which is located on the lottery page.

❗️If the user is registered under the default wallet (without referral friends), the money goes to the wallet from which the BSW tokens are burned afterward.❗️

🔥 5% of all funds go to the weekly Lottery Competition.

Lottery Competition | Fight with the Purchased Tickets!

The 100 participants with the highest lottery volume (the biggest amount of purchased tickets) share the prize pool!

The Lottery Competition and the Competition Rewards are shown on the Lottery tab. Click on the More Details button to see all the information about the battle!

This 100% (5% of all funds) of the Lottery Competition Prize Pool is divided as follows:

Competition A:

🥇1st place 30%
🏅2nd — 100th 64% in percentage correlation

Competition B:

🌟10 random places — 6%, each of the lucky users who ranked the certain places below get 0.06%.

Random prize places: 9, 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 59, 69, 79, 89, 99.

❗️The Competition Rewards are distributed once every 14 lottery rounds (every 7 days).❗️

Weekly Lottery Drawing on Twitter for $500 in BSW!

Follow a few simple steps on Biswap Twitter and share $500 in BSW among 20 random winners. Each of the lucky participants gets $25 in BSW.


Only best winnings on Biswap!

Biswap Lottery Benefits — Stock Up with Enriching Tickets!

The Biswap Lottery is a unique proposal on today’s cryptocurrency market!

This Lottery is not about buying tickets and waiting for the results, it’s a wide field of lucrative and lavish ways of getting much more income! Intrigued? Let’s go!

💎Audited by CertiK — safety is the priority number one for Biswap!

💎Low tickets’ price — $1 in BSW = 1 ticket

💎Discount on tickets up to 4.99% (from 2 to 500 tickets in % correlation from 0.01% off)

💎Unlimited number of tickets per round (but only 500 can be bought at one time)

💎The 1-level Referral Program — a total of 2% in BSW from the purchased tickets by referrals goes to the referrer.

💎Lottery Competition — buy more tickets to become the first in a rank and win additional rewards once a week.

💎Join Biswap Sharing Season by purchasing tickets via Twitter or Telegram Chat and share $2 530 weekly

💎Lottery Giveaway on Biswap OFFICIAL Twitter:

💎Burns become hotter, 13% from each purchased ticket goes to the weekly BSW Token Burn.

💎Pure enjoyment of the vivid design and easy play-game!

Ready for wins? Check out the easiest rules!

How to Play in Biswap Lottery?

Bright, enriching, exciting wins on Biswap! Ready to try?

Become a lucky participant in a few simple clicks:

  1. Buy tickets for only $1 in BSW each, more tickets - higher chances & your discount as well.
  2. Choose the random digits or enter your lucky numbers.
  3. Wait for the draw (12 hours for 1 lottery round)
  4. Check your Prizes! 🎊

Winning Criteria | Grasp the Biggest Reward!

Win with the best combination of numbers!

To become a winner, the digits on your ticket must match in the correct order from the first one.

❗️Prize brackets can’t be ‘stoked ’: If you match the first 3 digits in order, you’ll only get your reward from the ‘Match 3’, and not from ‘Match 1’ or ‘Match 2’ .❗️

Buy, Win, Multiply with Biswap!

Terms & Conditions of the Weekly Lottery Competition on Biswap

✔️Condition for participation: a user has to purchase at least one lottery ticket

✔️ All the rewards will be distributed within one hour and credited to your competition balance after the end of the tournament.

✔️ 5% from every purchased lottery ticket will be allocated to the prize pool

✔️ All the rewards will be credited to the winners in BSW tokens

✔️The rewards for the Lottery Competition A will be proportionally split depending on each user’s total tickets volume for the following places: 2–100.

📍For instance, the prize pool for 2–100 positions accounts for $5,000 and the total tickets volume is $1,000,000. A user ranked on the 5th place during the competition period bought lottery tickets for the total amount of $20,000. This accounts for 2% from the total tickets volume for positions 2–100. Hence, the user gets $100 (2% from $5 000).

✔️Biswap reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activity or Activity Rules at its sole discretion.

Stay briefed about all the vivid implementations via Biswap social media:

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⏰ Support 24/7:

❗️These are the OFFICIAL channels of Biswap❗️

Watch out for fake accounts! The Biswap platform will never text you first and ask for private keys or individual information!




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