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2 min readMar 23, 2023

Biswap is proud of its international community and spreads the best DeFi products over the globe! We understand the importance of accessibility in all ways. Therefore, the Biswap team released a multilingual website to ensure convenient usage and quality user experience for everyone!

Try a multilingual website. It’s a beta version, so you may notice errors or inaccuracies. We are still working on the optimization. Improvements and more languages will be implemented soon. We appreciate your understanding and patience.


📍You can find a complete list of languages by clicking the languages button. If you click on the language that will be released in 2nd iteration, it won’t be available, and a pop-up will notify you about that.

The multilingual website will include 11 languages and will be implemented in two stages: 1st and 2nd iterations.

Currently, 1st iteration has been released and offers 4 languages:

🇨🇳Chinese (CN, TW)

The 2nd iteration will be implemented within April and will provide these languages:


Take into consideration:
📍As of the multilingual function release date, the entire site has been translated. However, all further releases and texts on the website will be implemented in English primarily. Translations of new materials will be added gradually by our team.
📍We use manual translation, to provide a clear interpretation.
📍The support team will continue communication only in English in the website Intercom chat. If you wish to receive assistance in your local language, please join Biswap local chats on Telegram.

We appreciate your interest in the Biswap project and aim to upgrade our service for your comfort. Biswap team strives to reach different people worldwide and enterprise them opportunities for earning. Stick with Biswap to experience improvements in all aspects!

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