Biswap Play-to-Earn | “Squid NFT World” on December 22–29!

The Biswap team constantly searches for new ways of advancement and analyses the DeFi industry. As you know, GameFi is among the hottest topics in the blockchain community now.

The Biswap team decided to expand the project’s ecosystem further via the popular GameFi direction due to a thorough analysis of this industry and the feedback received from the dynamic Biswap Community. Thus, we are pleased to announce the Squid NFT World- revolutionary GameFi project on BSC which will be released on December 22–29!


Squid NFT World will be one of the best Play-to-Earn projects on BSC and provide Biswappers with new opportunities to earn crypto. This NFT game will lead Biswap to the Metaverse and open new horizons for the project’s spread. As you know dear Biswappers, your requests and opinions have a great impact on the continuous development of the global project — Biswap! Our team is thankful for your support and takes feedback of each user into account with the prospect of its implementation.

As a result of the Squid NFT World epic release, users will be offered a huge number of exclusive GameFi benefits and the Biswap platform will experience a spectacular evolution:

Biswap Squid NFT World will bring overwhelming admiration and opportunity to gain huge crypto yields for each player! Let’s shed more light on the new world!

Biswap Squid NFT World Gameplay

Biswap GameFi is based on the appliance of the NFTs which are essential for gameplay and are used for various purposes. The gameplay is pretty simple and requires a couple of actions.

To take part in the Squid NFT World games you have to fulfill 5 conditions:

1. Mint NFT Bus

2. Mint NFT Player(s)

3. Activate the Contract for each Player

4. Staked BSW tokens in the BSW Launchpools on Biswap

5. Play Games

Interested to discover more information about the Squid NFT World and primary gaming elements? Check out the set of basic actions that will result in lucrative crypto earn.

Use BSW Tokens to Play

Progressive BSW tokens are required to begin your participation in the profitable Squid NFT World. If you don’t have esteemed BSW tokens — head to Biswap Exchange and get them with the lowest 0.1% Fee on BSC: Being a BSW holder will open all the possibilities for you in Squid NFT World. Also, to experience the gameplay to the fullest you will need to have a minimum amount of BSW stake in Biswap Launchpool (Stake BSW — Earn BSW).

Mint NFT Buses

NFT Buses play an essential role and are the first in-game elements. You will need to mint a bus to begin your journey to the unique and lucrative Squid NFT World adventure. Their main mission is to transport your NFT Players, which you will mint afterward, to various games.

The mint price of one bus is constant in BSW. Buses are generated randomly, differing in levels 1 to 5. Each Bus level features a different capacity — the number of Players that the Bus can carry to each game. One bus will have the max capacity of 5 players. Also, you will be able to easily trade your NFT Buses. More information about NFT Buses and rules will be revealed once the game launches.

Mint NFT Player

The next action you should make is to mint your NFT Players. The Players are the primary gaming elements, you send them to the games and they bring you profit if you win!

NFT Players are minted of a random level from 1 to 5 and with a random number power Squid Energy, which will allow your player to take part in games. The NFT players you mint can be traded. More details about NFT Players and rules will be revealed once the game launches.

Create a Contract for Your Player

You need to activate the Contract for the Player to send him to the games. There are different durations of the contract which define the time period for your player to participate in games: 15, 30, or 60 days.

Once the contract is over you need to renew it to play games with your players. By the way, the more long-lasting Contract you choose, the more favorable the price of its activation will be!

Squid Energy | Power for your NFTs

Squid Energy is the power of your players, similar to Robi Boosts which Biswappers apply to boost their NFTs. In other words, Squid Energy demonstrates the power of the NFT player.

Each NFT in the Biswap GameFi has a certain amount of Squid Energy. Squid Energy will determine whether your player has enough of it to take part in the games. The more SE the game needs, the more valuable crypto prizes you will receive when you win!

You can send each of your NFT Players to the game once in 48 hours. NFT cards you use to enter a game spend all Squid Energy. After the game finishes, used NFTs need 48 hours to recharge their Squid Energy. All the precise information about Squid Energy will be provided to you once the game comes live.

Main & Staff Games in Squid NFT World

Main Game

In total there will be a few games available in the Main Game from the very beginning.

Each game will have its entry point in the form of Squid Energies and minimum stake amount of BSW in Launchpool (Stake BSW — Earn BSW). Each game shows the required amount of the Squid Energy and staked BSW tokens to start it. The more Squid Energy the game needs, the bigger number of rewards you can get for its successful completion.

Staff Game

The Staff Game will be launched later with certain differences.

Staff game is very advantageous for all users, as the entry cost to the game will be very low. And it will also generate a huge crypto income with up to 10 000% APR will boost your assets in the blink of an eye!

Majestic $100 000+ Jackpot

Grand prize will await for players in the Biswap Squid NFT World! A fantastic Jackpot will give you a lucky chance to significantly boost your crypto assets. The top prize in the Squid NFT World is a large fund of BSW $100 000+. Something grandiose is coming! Soon after the official launch of the game, we will reveal all the details about Jackpot. Stay tuned!

Referral Program in Squid NFT World

The unique Biswap Referral Program will bring more remunerative possibilities to magnify crypto! Users will be able to invite a friend via the Biswap referral link and get 3% from the earnings of their friends who joined the game.

Your rewards will be displayed on the separate referral balance on at the moment your invited friend has played and won a game in Main Game or once he made a harvest in Staff Game of Squid NFT World.

Biswap Squid NFT World Key Advantages

Biswap DEX expansion on BSC
The new functionality of the platform will massively increase the inflow of new users and powerful partners. Squid NFT World will expand the horizons of Biswap benefits and popularity on the Binance Smart Chain. Together we will achieve new important milestones in the DeFi!

Strengthening of the BSW token
GameFi will positively affect the token price, heighten the trading volume, and amplify the token utilities. Also, all actions in the Squid NFT Game (Mint of the Buses, Players, activation of the Player Contract) will be conducted, using the esteemed BSW.

To experience the Squid NFT World, the user will need to have a minimum amount of BSW staked in Biswap Launchpool (Stake BSW — Earn BSW). As a result, it will strengthen the demand for BSW on the market and increase the amount of tokens locked in the BSW Launchpool. Besides, all of the pricing in Squid NFT World will be pegged to a fixed dollar price in BSW equivalent.

New opportunities for users to make a profit
GameFi allows players to earn crypto by playing fascinating games, inviting friends, and competing for the huge jackpot!

Involvement of hundreds of thousands of new active users to Biswap DEX
A large influx of new users is also very important. Biswap newcomers will increase the number of participants in global and local chats and will offer revolutionary ideas and wishes. Together we will develop the platform with even more speed and zeal.

New levels and records in DeFi
The field of GameFi is new, but it is developing very rapidly. Due to the development in the new sphere, Biswap will experience a vivid boost in statistics and establish new records.

Expanding of Biswap NFT Marketplace utilities
The NFTs, used in the Biswap Squid NFT World, can be easily traded on the Biswap Marketplace.

Huge GameFi partnerships
As we are becoming a new, powerful player in the gaming industry, a lot of top-notch GameFi and NFT projects will collaborate with us and we will create unique, profitable opportunities and features for Biswappers.

New Burning mechanisms
Additional BSW burns will regularly increase the price of the token. Here are the new ways of establishing BSW burns:

As you see, with a versatile set of offerings, Squid NFT World will have a positive affect on the Biswap DEX global growth and will offer the players multiple extra-profitable opportunities to establish high yields!

Statistics of Top GameFi Projects

The premier GameFi projects on BSC are extremely fast in increasing their popularity, transactions numbers, and volume.

Let’s check out this week’s statistics of some popular GameFi projects, based on BSC. The numbers are provided by

How fast do you think Biswap Squid NFT World will achieve such high results❓

Closing Thoughts

In this article, the Biswap team aimed to provide users with the basic understanding of what to expect from the upcoming Squid NFT World. The precise details with full guides will be presented to you once the game gets released on December 22–29.

Biswap team works hard to create a superior, revolutionary product for its dynamic community. In the Squid NFT World, we will combine playfulness, a beautifully memorable design, and plenty of opportunities to earn cryptocurrency, and the mighty upgrades of the whole Biswap ecosystem.

The Biswap Squid NFT World is about the evolution of the Biswap Ecosystem and upgrades of different aspects. Biswap team and users together create new profitable opportunities, strengthen the BSW token value and establish the flourishing success of Biswap and its community! We are grateful to our users for their continued support, new ideas and requests. You inspire us to create new features and achieve new records in the world of DeFi.

Let’s head to the Moon together!

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