Biswap Space Agents Program |$5 000 000 in BSW for the Affiliates

Why become Space Agent of Biswap?

  • Biswap is the leading DEX, whose products are in the TOP 3 on the BNB Chain
  • Biswap rapidly expanding and embracing new networks to involve more participants
  • Biswap has more than:
    1 690 096 connected wallets
    390 000 active users worldwide
    100 000 BSW holders
  • We have a large and robust community of 417 000+ among Biswap Social Media
  • We want to educate our users, boost their knowledge about Biswap and crypto world, level up the loyalty in general

Who should sign up?

  • A motivated and communicative person who is passionate about the Biswap project and possesses knowledge of its core products and features
  • You’re ready to educate your community about Biswap features and innovations
  • You’re a YouTube / Telegram /Twitter blogger with a strong community
  • Instagram / Reddit Blog / TikTok / any thematic crypto blog / forum
  • Social media profile/group accounts with 5 000+ subscribers
  • You have a crypto community about of the 5 000 members
  • Texts can be displayed in any language, but the video must be in English or have built-in English subtitles (additional language will be a plus)
  • High level of responsibility and experience in the field of blogging

Advantages of being Biswap Space Agent

  • Experience in working with a professional PR and marketing Biswap team
  • Increase your audience and improve statistics by media support for selected content from Biswap
  • Mutual Events with Biswap. Create events with Biswap to connect and expand your community
  • Earn up to $3 000 in BSW tokens for productivity and high-quality work
  • Maximize your income from unique Biswap Referral Program

🛰Share $10 000 Prize Pool via Monthly Spacewalk Program

Explore the Space Rewards!

💎Main Gains | Share $7 500 in BSW reward

💎Extra Gains | Share $2 500 Additional Rewards

Criteria for determining the winners

  • Well filmed/mounted/written/etc.
  • Has good and high-quality sound
  • Clear and understandable pronunciation
  • Has subtitles
  • Add all the hashtags of your topic in your content
  • Place all CTAs and links to additional content and the product page
  • Use the provided references to improve the quality of your content

📍Topics for Monthly Spacewalk📍

  1. Biswap review. Key points why Biswap is better?
  2. How to connect your wallet, add liquidity and trade on Biswap
  3. Biswap Multi-Type Referral Program
  1. Biswap Marketplace. Key Points of the Market
  2. How to connect wallet and trade on Biswap Marketplace, opportunities of trading
  3. Robbies Earn NFT Collection
  1. Squid NFT World. Game Review
  2. How to connect wallet and play. Step by Step
  3. Players & Bus Collection

How does it work?

Terms & Conditions

🚀Earn Up to $3 000 in BSW via Space Mission

Requirements for Space Agents:

  1. Proficient English. Another language is a plus!
  2. Well-qualified skills in analyzing the crypto industry, DeFi space, and diverse blockchains
  3. A composed collab offer for Biswap
  4. Be ready for the test period

What Space Mission requests:

  • Offer your own long term collaboration plan or request advice from the Biswap Marketing Department
  • Constant support of the new Biswap features and releases
  • Creation of a personalized content plan for posts/videos
  • Collaborative events with Biswap

How to join a Space Mission:

  1. Fill in the Space Mission form for a personalized collaboration plan.
  2. Wait for notification from our PR manager for further communication.

Rules & Conditions:

Closing Word

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