Biswap Strategic Planning for Quarter 1, 2022 | Review Biswap Vision on Further Expansion!

12 min readJan 14, 2022


Dear Biswappers, we moved up and grew together with you from the very beginning. Along this path, we tried to be transparent and understandable. That’s why there is the Biswap strategic planning for the first quarter of the year for you to know what direction Biswap will move.

Thank You From The Biswap Team

We have already achieved much and keep moving forwards together. Thus, the Biswap team would like to express its gratitude to you for being with us on our way. You are our main guideline, and our synergy is the main primover of Biswap. But there is still a lot of work to do ahead and goals to achieve, so we need your activity and support for further powerful development. Because we are moving together on this journey to the moon!

The past seventh month of Biswap has been fruitful; we have grown from a young project to Metaverse with various fantastic DeFi products. But this was the very beginning, Biswap is just gaining momentum!

Now is the time to share the goals and features we plan to implement for you in the first quarter of the 2022 year. All of them will be exclusive and highly beneficial to BSW Holders. We are building a Metaverse you will never want to leave.

Fasten your belts, Biswap goes up!

Biswap DEX Dynamic Development

Biswap began its movement with the DEX platform and immediately won the hearts of many users with its favorable conditions:

  • The Lowest Commission 0.1%
  • Multi-type Referral System
  • Exclusive & Highly Lucrative Features

Currently, Biswap is an eminent DEX and ranking among the TOP DEXs running on BSC. But we continue to relentlessly improve our platform and develop new and high-quality products to ensure your user experience is the best among DEXs.

So, the super-exclusive feature that was long-awaited and highly requested by our community will be presented soon, special for you!

🔵 Swap Referral Program Activation until January 28 | Up to 20 % from Friend’s Swap!

Biswap is characterized by its unique multi-type referral program. It is the strong side of the global project, which reflects its user-oriented position. Thus, in the first quarter of the year, the Swap Referral Program will be activated until January 28th, and more ways to earn crypto will come within!

Biswap DEX is the first project that launched simple for use and earn Referral Program, that will bring you referral BSW rewards available for withdrawal at any time from your referral balance.

Swaps or Exchange Referral Program means that users will get a certain commission reward each time their referrals make swaps on the Biswap platform. The exchange rewards are sent immediately after the referrals make a swap. The reward you receive will depend on the level you get via BSW staking.

Let’s consider the bonus percentage in detail:

📍Note: to earn from 12% in the Swap Referral Program on Biswap, you need to have a certain amount of BSW staked in the BSW Holder Pool. If you have 0 BSW staked in the BSW Holder pool you will be getting 10%. It is the 2nd column in the table above.

Become a BSW holder and get more rewards!

Benefits for Community:

Swap Referral Program activation offers both users and their friends’ rewards for joining the Biswap community. So it provides new gainful possibilities to increase users’ yields and improve their experience.

Swap Referral Program is an exclusive feature that will provide benefits for users, such as:

  • Earn up to 20% from invited friend’s swaps
  • A new way of gaining crypto via trading
  • Getting exclusive experience on BSC

Advantages for Biswap DEX:

What about Biswap DEX development via Swap Referral Program activation. The activation is directed on gaining more advantages for trading on Biswap that, in turn, will positively impact:

  • Increasing active users’ involvement
  • Unique opportunity for users on BSC
  • Greater Trading Volume
  • Project recognition increase

All of these mutual perks will empower Biswap position in the DeFi.

🔵 BSW Holder Pool | Passive Income & Key to Lucrative Biswap Offers

The next gainful tool that will be released in the first quarter of this year is BSW Holder Pool. It is Biswap unique offer that will give Biswappers the priority to experience all Biswap feature such as:

  • IDO on Biswap Launchpad
  • NFT Launchpad
  • GameFi — Squid NFT World
  • And other new Biswap features

Biswap team strives to provide an innovative decision for its users firstly. Thus, we will implement the special condition to make Biswappers first to gain the benefits that Biswap offers. We aim to preserve Biswap events and features from bot-trading and other suspicious activities. That is why we will launch a BSW Holder Pool with many strengths.

BSW Holder Pool is like an Auto-Compound Launchpool for the long term investing and getting access to Biswap exclusive proposals. You stake BSW and earn BSW for a long term and will have an opportunity to participate in IDO, NFT Launchpad, GameFi and more coming Biswap offerings. The detailed description will be given closer to the release.

BSW Holder Pool is like a precautionary measure of bots, and other speculating activities, to enable Biswappers to experience Biswap proposals to the fullest extent!

Benefits for Users

Biswap users will be provided with an exclusive opportunity to benefit the maximum from all the profit-making Biswap features. So, it will lead to:

  • Earn from 12% to 20% in Swap Referral Program for Staking BSW in the pool
  • Increasing users’ yields vis new tool
  • Additional passive income in BSW token
  • Gaining all the unique Biswap benefits
  • Stability and safety in carrying out operations

Advantages for Biswap DEX

There will be additional advantages for Biswap global project:

  • Demonstrating user-oriented position
  • Avoiding bots’ speculations
  • Empower BSW token
  • Enhancing all the providing features

Stay tuned, the innovative decision will save the place in the most profitable events for you!

🔵 Implementing Biswap MultiChain | Skyrocketing Growth on New Networks

Biswap is preparing for a vast transformation and scaling up. At the end of the first quarter or the beginning of the second quarter, Biswap will support one more blockchain to expand its influence in DeFi. This will be the first step to Biswap MultiChain as part of the mission to evolve toward supporting cross-chain assets on the ever-larger DeFi market.

This move will bring multiple benefits to users of both the chosen network and Biswap, including higher accessibility to the Biswap, high cross-chain functionalities, lower gas prices, and faster transactions.

Biswap Ecosystem has great ambitions and will not be limited to one network. We will explore other powerful and promising networks to enhance our global project.

Biswap aims to build its own history of DeFi!

Benefits for Community

To provide the best trading experience for all investors and traders is our vision of development to MultiChain. Thus, these changes will bring to users more possibilities, such as:

  • Experience the Biswap products on different networks
  • Greater choice for Biswapperes
  • Simplification of trading via using one DEX for several networks
  • Expand of rewards earning potential
  • Experience the best conditions among DEXs on another chain

Advantages for Biswap DEX

As for DEX, Biswap will get additional advantages on the DeFi arena:

  • Spread Biswap exclusive features to other networks
  • Powerful extension of the Biswap Metaverse
  • More active users
  • Greater Trading Volumes
  • New positions on multiple network rankings
  • More fruitful collaborations
  • Widening of community
  • Strengthening of BSW token and its utilities
  • Interoperability

The Biswap team has already provided a thorough analysis among networks and chose the best and the most progressive one. We are in the process of developing and all the details will be revealed very soon!

All of these innovative features will empower Biswap position in the DeFi.

📍Note: The next 3 improvements will be implemented in the Quarter 2 of the year 2022.

🔵 Exclusive Biswap Multi-crypto Offering | Launchpad 2.0. Stake & Earn up to 1 000% in diverse tokens

Are you a BSW Holder who is in search of fast and beneficial crypto to earn? This block is just about it.

Meet a special and exclusive offer in the crypto world by Biswap. This feature is extremely unique and will be launched by global DEX for the first time in crypto history!

Biswap Multi-crypto Offering is the way to deposit BSW tokens and receive from 20% to 1 000% granted profit from the initial amount of staked BSW in a short period of time. It is similar to Biswap IDO Launchpad, but here you get to apply progressive BSW tokens, which show distinctive results in the crypto industry and receive a great percentage of eminent tokens in return at the same time: BSW, BNB, BTCB, ETH, USDT.

Let’s structure the pros of this unique offer on a global DEX and in the industry as a whole!

Benefits for Biswap Community

  • Exclusive & unique offer on Biswap DEX and crypto world
  • Deposit BSW and get multi-crypto rewards
  • Earn eminent tokens in a short period of time: BSW, BNB, BTCB, ETH, USDT.
  • From 20% to 1 000% percentage of additional profit
  • Fast earn of diverse crypto

As you can see from the naming of this new feature of Biswap DEX, that it is directly related to BSW and its prospect growth. So, it is a new utility for the BSW token and the Biswap itself. Time to look closer.

Advantages for Biswap DEX:

  • More BSW Holders
  • New Utility for BSW token
  • Positive impact on BSW price and demand
  • Further expansion in DeFi
  • Hundreds of new active users
  • New positions in global crypto rankings

Going from here, this exclusive offer is another lucrative path of adding to your crypto assets. It is one of a kind and highly profitable on the crypto market!

🔵 Biswap Multi-reward Pool | Stake BSW — Earn Multiple Tokens

Here comes another way to use your BSW tokens and receive diverse crypto.

Biswap Multi-reward Pool is a long term passive income possibility where you stake BSW tokens and get an income in multiple tokens, including BNB, ETH, BTCB, etc. The more tokens you will stake, the more earnings you will get as a result.

Perks for Biswappers:

  • Passive income opportunity for BSW holders
  • Stake BSW — gain BNB, ETH, BTCB, etc
  • High APR percentage
  • Exclusive way to earn crypto

📍 The Biswap Multi-reward Pool will have a certain quality of a freezer, not a standard one at your house but the one which will lock a big amount of BSW tokens while lowering its volatility on the market.

Benefits for Biswap DEX:

  • New unique feature on Biswap DEX
  • Additional Value for BSW
  • Long term lock of BSW will lower its volatility
  • Greater number of BSW holders

This pool will become another favorable feature of thousands of users on Biswap. Our team aims to provide a wide spectrum of such opportunities for Biswappers. Wait for this pool to apply your BSW and benefit from it soon!

🔵 Biswap Charts on Exchange Page | Track & Educate Easily

The Biswap team is going to integrate charts with precise stats on the Biswap Exchange page.

We believe that the chart will simplify the exchange process as the users will keep track of what is happening on the market here and now.

We want our users to stay up to date and add to their analytical skills as they develop with us in the crypto world. Also, we aim to provide Biswappers with the most accurate, informative and educative data.

Let’s be smarty pants and blow the crypto market with our knowledge!

Biswap NFT Marketplace Further Progress

Biswap Metaverse includes NFT Marketplace, distinguished by its variety of lucrative options and the lowest commission. But it also has imperfections we know about, thus the first thing to improve in the robust Biswap NFT Marketplace is Bug Fixing!

Bug Fixing of NFT Marketplace will be the permanent goal until all the bugs are solved. We hear users’ feedback and respond to it with all the responsibilities. Stay tuned to experience the best functioning of Biswap NFT Marketplace.

After bug fixing Biswap team will implement the next features.

🟣Filters for Biswap Squid NFT Players, Biswap Squid NFT Buses

The NFT collections filters will be added for improving users’ convenience, the filters for the NFT collections will be added. Due to this update, you will be able to select the collection you want and compare NFTs among one collection without scrolling that much.

The other filtres will be added next.

🟣Collection Page | All Info about NFT Collections in One Place

A separate page will also be developed to view detailed info about each NFT collection, including descriptions, statistics for each of the collections presented on the marketplace. Thanks to it, you will be able to see which of the collections shows the higher rates.

🟣Marketplace Statistics Page | Analyze the NFT Market

For even greater convenience, a common statistics page for all NFT collections will be introduced. The update will be very useful for analysing trading volume, users and other comparing collection statistics. This will allow users to make sales and purchases of NTFs based on the data info.

📍Note: The next 2 improvements will be implemented in the Quarter 2 of the year 2022.

🟣Marvelous Marketplace Redesign | Improving Users’ Experience to the Fullest!

Next in line is the redesign of NFT Marketplace. The new design structure will help us stand out even more in design and make it easier for the users to navigate the marketplace in the first place.

🟣Constant FAQ Updating

The helpful information system known as the Frequently Asked Questions will be replenished on an ongoing basis. The system is created to simplify the exploitation of the Marketplace. You can find the answers to almost all frequent questions. Considering Biswap always aims to respond to users’ feedback, the section will be renewed constantly.

Biswap GameFi Planning | New ways to Win & Earn

Squid NFT World was released just recently but has already shown notable results in the P2E crypto industry:

⭐️ $2 000 000+ Users Earned in Games
⭐️ 15 571 Active Users
⭐️ 98 186 Games played
⭐️ 129 564 Minted Players
⭐️ 79 013 Players with Contract
⭐️ 38 425 Minted Buses

There is no limit to perfection, and Biswap GameFi keeps becoming more convenient and lucrative for users.

Are you ready to review upcoming releases and meet the exclusiveness? Let’s go!

🟢Share your Win on Social Media & Gain BSW Weekly

You thought your win was the finish point of earning? That’s just the beginning!

You will have an opportunity to share your win on social media and receive BSW rewards on a weekly basis.

Energize your player with a winning vibe and rush to play games. As soon as you win, do not rush to leave and click the Share button that will be released on the website soon. The magic click will do its work and get your BSW reward if you get randomly chosen.

Wait until you can brag about your win in Squid NFT World!

🟢Staff Game Comes to Live | Up to 10 000% APR

As promised by the Biswap team, the Staff game will be released shortly after the GameFi launch, and the moment has come.

Staff Game will be another great upcoming activity in the Squid NFT World:

  • Lower entry cost
  • Up to 10 000% APR
  • Immense crypto rewards

We can’t wait to meet new users and introduce the Staff game to everyone!

Closing Thoughts

Dear Biswappers, we aim to keep you up to date about the further developments and progression of Biswap Metaverse. New products and innovations will significantly increase our growth in DeFi, strengthen BSW tokens and provide Biswappers with new ways to earn crypto.

We will provide you with more details of each release and work hard to implement our plans soon. It is just the beginning of 2022 and the great time to boost further, expand and welcome more dynamic users to Biswap Metaverse. Our journey will only gain momentum and bring new moments of development and lucrative offers for you. However, this adventure would be nothing without your support, motivation and powerful energy!

Note: Biswap reserves the right to make changes in the implementation of the products and features described above due to individual vision and situation on the crypto market.

Biswap Community, are you ready for mighty implementations with Biswap? If so, let’s turn on the engines!

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