Biswap Walk of Fame | Get Exclusive Nomination & Share $120 in BSW

2 min readAug 2, 2022


Have you ever wanted to visit Hollywood? It is your unique chance to do it and even to have your own star on the Walk of Fame!

Biswap appreciates your support and active participation in its life! To thank you, we’ve decided to give rewards for your chat activity.

💰Prize Pool: $120 in BSW
🏆Winners: 4
🗓When: Monthly
📍Where: Biswap TG Chat

Spectacular Nominations for Biswappers
Get $30 in BSW & be nominated as:

🌟The Meme Guru
A user who sent most of the funny memes/fun arts.

🌟The Most Educative Biswapper
A user that teaches other Biswappers how everything works on the platform.

🌟The Most Positive Biswapper
A user that creates a positive and friendly atmosphere in the chat.

🌟The Most Supportive Biswapper
A user that shows support for the project in his messages, being empathic to other Biswappers.

Conditions to Follow
✅At least 50 relevant messages for each nomination per month
✅Activity in the chat during a month
✅Quality of the sent messages

📍The team makes decisions about winners based on internal data analysis. Rewards will be distributed via CCTip.
📍The winners will be announced in the chat on the 1st day of each month. Rewards will be distributed within 24 hours after the winners are selected.

It is your stellar moment, Biswappers!
Gain BSW by being active!

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