Biswap x BitKeep Discover2Earn | 10 500 BSW Total Prize Pool!

Campaign 1: Swap2Earn

💎Additional Activity

Campaign 2: Stake2Earn

  • Your transaction hash for the staked tokens must be of the relevant date; we check the fulfillment of conditions.
  • Don’t withdraw your funds from the Launchpool until the rewards are shared, so the team can check at any time if all the conditions were met.

💎Additional Activity on Gleam

Discover Benefits & Earning Possibilities of Biswap Launchpools!

  • High APRs
  • Lucrative offers for BSW Holders
  • Gain TOP tokens in return
  • TOP APRs
  • Earn double rewards
  • Passive income in BSW
  • 12%-20% from Swap Referral Program
  • Access to IDO, NFT Launchpad and more exclusive features

🎁Red Packet BitKeep Event | $500 in BSW for the Fastest Ones!

Why Join these Biswap x BitKeep Activities?

  • Passive income in Biswap Launchpool while you wait for the results of the event
  • Exploring of DeFi space
  • Discovering cool features of both platforms

Discover the Guides | Learn How to Join!

Stake2Earn Guide to Follow & Win Crypto!

Terms & Conditions

  • For the 1st campaign, rewards are calculated accordingly with the highest trading volume (including buy & sell).
  • Rewards will be distributed by August 5.



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