Biswap x Brave Collaboration | Mighty Integrations and Profitable Offers!

3 min readSep 20, 2022

Biswap established a new mighty collaboration. Welcome our new partner — Brave!

The cooperation just started but already brings profitable offers and opportunities for users on both sides. Let’s make an overview of the first results of the partnership.

Why Brave?

Brave — a popular browser with 50M+ active users & native crypto Wallet. Brave provides you with online privacy, security and fast usage at the same time:

  • Blocks the trackers and ads on every website you visit.
  • Allows quickly importing bookmarks, extensions and saved passwords.
  • Brings independent search, free video calls, offline playlists, and even a customizable news feed.

Brave wallet integration into Biswap DEX | Easy & Fast Connection!

Users’ comfort experience — a priority for Biswap. Our DEX supports 12 TOP wallets, including Brave wallet! You can fast and easily connect it to Biswap and enjoy high-quality service.

❗️ Note that Brave Wallet works as a native feature of the browser. To use the service, you have to download the browser first.

Download the browser 👉

Connect Brave Wallet Guide 👉

BSW integration into Brave Wallet! | New BSW token’s Utilities!

Biswap DEX x Brave collaboration has created a new utility for the BSW token! BSW is natively integrated into the Brave wallet, so you can find and swap BSW right in the ‘Swap’ section of the wallet.

BAT token Official listing on Biswap DEX | Swap BAT with all Privileges!

BAT — Brave native token is officially listed on Biswap DEX. You are welcome to swap BAT and experience all benefits of the exchange, including the lowest swap fee of 0.2% and up to 50% fee return!

Don’t skip such a lucrative offer! Swap now 👉

Earn via BAT-WBNB Farm | Increase Your Assets via 0.1X Multiplier!

Biswap Farm is replenished with a new pair:

💰BAT-WBNB with 0.1X Multiplier

You know the drill:

1️⃣Provide liquidity to get LP tokens
2️⃣Stake LP to activate farm
3️⃣Earn potent BSW and get 75% LP rewards from swaps made inside the trading pair

Take advantage of the high APYs!

Biswap-themed Wallpapers | Enjoy Biswap Aesthetics in Brave Browser!

Download Brave browser and enjoy magnificent Biswap wallpapers. The wallpapers change automatically every time the user opens a new fourth browser tab. Consider that themed wallpapers will be available for a limited time only. The date depends on the country.

🤗So, please, check out the Brave browser to not pass by such a fantastic Biswap x Brave partnership atmosphere!

We believe it’s just the beginning of Biswap x Brave cooperation, and more profitable features await our users! Don’t waste time and rush to experience new possibilities we prepared for you.

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