Biswap x BSCDaily Multi-Reward Pool Event | Join & Share $2 000 in BSW!

3 min readSep 6, 2022


Hey! Biswappers, are you ready for one more lucrative and festive occasion? Biswap and BSCDaily prepared something exclusive and super profitable for you. Meet the Multi-Reward Pool event!

Rush to take advantage of the collaborative initiative via two glorious campaigns: Social Media Campaign & Stake-Trade-Earn Campaign. You can choose one or participate in both, but with the same BEP-20 wallet. Let’s sort out the details:

💰 Total Pool: $2 000 in BSW
🤩 Total winners: 85
📆 Duration: 10:00 AM UTC, 6–13 September

🔸 Winners will be announced on September 20.
🔸 You will have 3 days for complaints.
🔸 Rewards will be shared within 5 days after the end of the complaint’s period.

🚩 Social Media Campaign | Tell your friends about Multi-Reward Pool

Pool: $1 500 in BSW
Winners: 75 ($20 in BSW per user)
Participation Form:

1️⃣ Follow BSCDaily and Biswap Twitter, Biswap TG Channel, Chat
2️⃣ Quote RT with a BEP-20 wallet and share your emotions about the Multi-Reward Pool
3️⃣ Tag 3 friends in the comments
4️⃣ Fill out the form

📍 Make sure that your Twitter account is public so that the Biswap team can identify you and check your actions in the event

🚩 Stake-Trade-Earn Campaign | Experience Mighty Feature

Pool: $500 in BSW
Winners: 10 ($50 in BSW per user)
Participation Form:

1️⃣ Get 30+ BSW on Biswap
2️⃣ Stake these BSW to Multi-Reward pool
3️⃣ Fill out the form

Consider that:
📍 10% early withdrawal fee is applied if unstaking earlier than 60 days of lock term.
📍 The date of BSW swap and stake must correspond to the event duration only.
📍 BSW Swap and stake to the Multi-Reward Pool must be made with the same BEP-20 wallet.
📍 Do not withdraw your BSW from the Multi-Reward Pool before the end of the complaints period so that we can verify the winners
📍 Please be assured that you are familiar with the Multi-Reward Pool award rules and maintain staked BSW by making trading volume to receive awards.

Closing words:
Biswap and BCSDaily invite you to an exciting crypto adventure. Join the campaigns to claim rewards. It’s your stellar time!

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