Biswap x Faraland 1st Partnership Integration | $50 000 in BSW & Ingame Items!

Hello adventure lovers!

Biswap x Faraland collaboration is ready to open new horizons for you via Biswap Mission in the Faraland Game!

These two innovative DeFi projects created a mysterious story to bring you the joy of playing an exciting Faraland game and getting worthy Biswap rewards. So don’t lose the chance to multiply your BSW token and win incomparable items with Bisawp symbolics.

Unite the leisure and profit like Biswap & Faraland have done for you!

💰Mission Reward Pool: $50 000 in BSW & Ingame Items

The story tells that in the heart of the bustling capital Kreta was the magnificent castle of King Julius. The castle inlaid with diamonds and gold right on the roof attracted the attention of many curious people. Yet, hidden underground, there was a treasure, worth a million times more than what was visible to naked eyes.

It was the armour that carried the power of an Angel. The magic power of the armour formed a net to protect the castle from any attacks. A mysterious hero was in charge of guarding and protecting the armour that carries the power of angels. The only person who can see the hero is the heir to the king’s throne.

In the castle, rumour has it that accompanying the mysterious hero is a hummingbird called Biswap. The mysterious hero could only fall asleep under the guarding of a hummingbird. Its ears could hear the sounds as small as a pin drop a few hundred miles away.

An evil conspiracy targeted the innocent bird.
Are you ready to save it?

But before embarking on an exciting journey, let’s get the details clear first. I’m sure they will be very helpful to you.

To play Faraland, you need to have its token FARA, which you can swap on Biswap with the lowest commission fee.

Trade FARA with the lowest fee of 0.1% on BNB:

Moreover, you can enlarge your FARA assets passively and grow your gaming possibilities on Biswap!

Earn via FARA-BNB Farm with legendary APR:

It’s worth reminding you, dear fans of crypto adventures, about the famous and popular play-to-earn Faraland.

What is Faraland?

Faraland is a turn-based strategy & RPG. In the game, you can use your NFTs as heroes and compete with other players by learning powerful skills, collecting rare equipment, recruiting troops, moving around the map, capturing resources and joining battles.

All heroes have mutually exclusive attributes and appearances. Faraland has 20 000 NFT Heroes, all unique in their own way. You can equip NFT heroes with NFT items to prepare for PvE and PvP battles.

In addition to the fascinating main plot of the game, Faraland has diverse in-game missions.

What are in-game missions?

Faraland has an open-world game mechanism where every players’ choice leads to a different path. The Player will either take on a quest from an NPC or come across an unexpected event that might seem irrelevant, but behind it is a quest.

It is clear. But what about the Biswap mission? Let’s review what users can gain from it.

What are the benefits of Biswap in-game mission?

At the end of the quest, if the player is brave enough to take on this dangerous adventure, they will receive a powerful NFT weapon with a symbol resembling a hummingbird that is the symbol of Biswap. And crypto rewards in BSW.

Do you want to claim worthy Biswap rewards? Let’s figure out how to do it.

Who will be able to participate in this mission?

Anyone that has proceeded far enough with all the current missions can take on the mission from this mysterious NPC. Make sure and talk to ​​Remon, a in game character, in order to complete the tutorial mission first. But you will need to be strong and brave enough to finish the mission. The details of the actual quest will stay hidden as your mission is a hidden quest, this is to ensure players’ interaction with the mission as they will have to take time to complete it

If you are interested in the mission and want to dive into the treasure hunt as soon as possible, you should know where exactly you can find the mission in the world of Faraland game.

How to find the Biswap in-game mission in the Game?

You can find the mission by talking to one of the playable characters (NPCs) located near the games. Search on the map the Kreta location. Then players will follow the quest, on the way they will meet unexpected events.

How to get Biswap rewards?

Only the owner of the hero’s NFT will receive a token or item reward. You can buy characters here:


New users need to wait 24 hours before accessing a mission. You can withdraw BSW from the game balance to your wallet through the Reward portal.

📍 You can find a quest and complete it without a hero, for free. In this case, you will not receive Biswap rewards for completing the mission.

The whole mission premiere will last at least a month, with constant updates of new mission events for Biswap quest.

Go and hunt the Biswap treasures!

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