Biswap x Huobi Liquidity Providers Competition | $5 500 BSW & 20 Robbies NFTs

Welcome to our Liquidity Providers! You are in for something exciting!

Biswap team works hard to give users the best crypto experience. Establishing strong collaborations helps us achieve great heights. Biswap x Huobi teamed up to offer users new possibilities. Participate in the competition for a chance to win big BSW rewards and Robbies NFTs! Provide Liquidity on Biswap via Huobi Wallet App and earn vast rewards! Don’t miss this chance to make an extra profit as a Liquidity Provider!

📅 Start: March 8, 9:00 AM UTC
📅 End: March 22, 9:00 AM UTC

✅ Task: Provide Liquidity on Biswap via Huobi Wallet App

🏆 Total Prize Pool: $5 500 in BSW + 20 Robbies NFTs
🤴Total winners: 50

💰 Rewards:
Take the top rank to get best BSW reward!

🥇TOP 1–10: 1 Robbies + $100 BSW
🥈TOP 11–20: 1 Robbies + $80 BSW
🥉TOP 21–30: $100 BSW
🏅TOP 31–40: $70 BSW
🏅TOP 41–50: 50 USD BSW
🏅50 Random Twitter winners — $500 in BSW ($10 in BSW each)

Requirements for participation:

1️⃣ Download Huobi wallet APP, create/import BSC chain address.

Check out the guide and do it easily:

2️⃣ Enter the Biswap Dapp and add the liquidity in any group or several groups of LP below (You can also start staking your LPs in Biswap Farms and earn BSW while staking):


How to become a Liquidity Provider on Biswap:

3️⃣ Fill out the form with the Huobi BEP-20 Wallet address. Rank according to the highest LP investment during the Liquidity Providers Competition period in dollar equivalent at the moment of investment.

📩The Form:

4️⃣ Provide a link to the quote retweet with Huobi Wallet BEP-20 address in Google Forms to become a lucky winner.


  • If the user invested LP and withdrew before the end of the event, we’ll minus this LP number from rank.
  • If the user invested LP several times before the end of the event, we’ll sum up this LP number in the rank.
  • If the user invested LP before the event and during the event, we sum up only LPs invested during the event.
  • If the user invested $100 and then at the end of the competition the worth has changed, we count their investment as $100
  • If the user invested in several pools, we’ll sum up the number of their investments.
  • If the user invested in $100 and staked in the Farm only $50, we’ll count their investments as $100.

💎Extra Twitter Event | $500 in BSW for 50 Lucky Liquidity Providers

Simple Conditions:
1️⃣ Follow @Biswap_DEX and @HuobiWallet on Twitter.
2️⃣ Like and make a quote retweet of the event with your Huobi BEP-20 wallet on @Biswap_DEX and @HuobiWallet Twitter.

3️⃣ Fill out the form and get a chance to become one of 50 lucky random winners.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. All users can participate in this activity. The same device or IP will be regarded as the same user. Every user or address has only one opportunity to win the prize. Any cheating behaviour will be disqualified from winning the prize.
  2. If the user didn’t enter the Biswap Dapp via Huobi wallet, their participation would be regarded as invalid, and no reward will be issued.
  3. The official Biswap Dapp will calculate the LP assets of users participating in the competition during the event, and users who exit in the middle will not be rewarded.
  4. Airdrop rewards will be distributed to BSC addresses created/imported by users within 7 working days after the activity ends.
  5. If the BSC address provided by the user to the Huobi wallet does not match or is wrong, the reward will not be awarded, and the reward will not be re-issued.
  6. Please pay attention to the transaction risks. Huobi Wallet has no responsibility for potential risk in your transactions.
  7. Huobi Wallet reserves the right to disqualify the winner if the user commits fraudulent behaviour.
  8. Huobi Wallet reserves the right of final interpretation of the event.
  9. This activity is not affiliated with Apple Inc.

Become a Liquidity Provider and claim your rewards! Biswap x Huobi Wallet wish you good luck!

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