Biswap x My DeFi Pet Strategic Collaboration!

3 min readSep 10, 2021

Biswap broadens further, expanding its utilities and crypto scales!

Meet the bright and adventurous Biswap x My DeFi Pet collaboration! Grow up the crypto animals of your dream on My DeFi Pet and raise your crypto funds on Biswap!

Why My DeFi Pet?

My DeFi Pet is a life-style based pet game on Blockchain! The winner of Top 1 Binance Vietnam Super Hackathon and Top 10 MBVII, My DeFi Pet is blazing the trail in the gaming industry.

The game takes you on an immersive adventure like never before! In this enchanted land, you are allowed to collect, breed, evolve, and even trade these creatures at will.

More unique features include:

💎 Battles — battle with monsters to win ultra-rare rewards.

💎 Seasons — go on a long-term quest that is broken down into short seasons with actual rewards.

💎Blockchain Interoperability — all native tokens and collectibles are available and can be traded on either KardiaChain or Binance Smart Chain.

Potent 5X APR Boost for DPET — BNB Farming Pair | Harvest Income with Top APR!

Become a liquidity provider of DPET — BNB pair by adding the same sum of DPET & BNB tokens and start staking DPET-BNB-LP on Biswap Farms to earn mighty BSW!

Get crypto with marvelous Biswap DEX opportunities!

Prosperous benefits of DPET token on Biswap:

🐾 Swap DPET with the lowest fee of 0.1% and fee return up to 100%

🐾 Stake DPET-BNB-LP on Biswap Farms to earn crypto for free

🐾 High APR on Farms for DPET-holders

Get the max from Biswap Farms!

Go to Biswap in One Click | Biswap Button on My DeFi Pet!

My DeFi Pet has opened the great opportunity to enjoy all the outstanding features of Biswap DEX, as a part of extensive collaboration with Biswap, directly from their website:


Meet the Biswap Button on My DeFi Pet and head to Biswap in a sec!🤩

Take care of your pets, breed them, evolve, and collect creatures with the dynamic DPET tokens by multiplying your crypto on Biswap!

Biswap — your source of the most profitable offers!

Startling BSW Launchpools | Stake DPET — Gain BSW!

More utilities for DPET holders on Biswap!

Biswap launched new BSW Launchpools where you can bring up your BSW funds by staking DPET!

🔥Stake marvelous DPET
🔥Multiply sky-rocketing BSW

Different max stakes of $500 and $10 in DPET will keep the APR higher to maximize your BSW earns!

Striking DPET Launchpools | Stake BSW — Get DPET for Free!

Top up your BEP-20 wallets with prosperous DPET tokens!

Due to the Biswap & My DeFi Pet collaboration, Biswap has activated lavish DPET Launchpools :

🔥Stake eminent BSW
🔥Get fantastic DPET

Choose the preferable max stake option of 500 BSW or 10 BSW max stake per user on Biswap. This is your brill chance to get DPET and discover its opportunities fully.

Time for big earns on Biswap!

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