Biswap x OpenLeverage Collaboration!

2 min readMar 30, 2022


Biswap is committed to developing partnerships with potent DeFi projects to improve the platform. Our notable collaborations let Biswappers increase their crypto profits. It is our pleasure to introduce our newest partner — OpenLeverage!

Why OpenLeverage?

OpenLeverage is a permissionless lending margin trading protocol that enables traders or other applications to be long or short on any trading pair on DEXs efficiently and securely.

Project’s key features:

  • Margin Trading with Liquidity on DEX
  • Risk Isolation Lending Pools
  • Risk Calculation with Real-time AMM Price
  • OnDemand Oracle and more

Explore the project:

The Collaboration Details

Biswap x OpenLeverage collaboration is a unique partnership that expands the horizons in the crypto world. Our users have access to new tools for multiplying their assets.

Take a look at the Biswap possibilities by OpenLeverage:

💎 Lending pools and margin trading markets integrated with the BSW/WBNB and USDT/BSW pool on Biswap, enabling users to use $BSW as collateral to borrow WBNB to have BSW token leveraged positions and use $USDT as collateral to borrow BSW to have USDT token leveraged positions.

Start on March 30:

⏰10:00 AM UTC — Lending pools
⏰12:00 PM UTC — Lending & Trading

💎 Permissionless margin trading support for all pairs on Biswap.

💎 $OLE incentive for lending and margin trading for the BSW/WBNB and USDT/BSW pair on Biswap.

OLE token reward will be vested when the OLE token launches.

💎 Initiate Referral Program and Invitation League

The inviter will receive up to 25% extra reward, while the invitee will receive a 5% reward. In addition, 46.6% of the trading fees will be distributed to the top referrers.

Please refer to the links for details:

Find out more about the Referral Program:

Information about the Invitation League:

Learn more via the following guides

OpenLeverage Mainnet Tutorial:

Margin trade tutorial:

Lend to earn tutorial:

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