Biswap x Partners’ Power | Explore Lucrative Collaborations!

Biswap is rapidly developing and collaborating with the best projects to provide its users with the most lucrative opportunities to earn crypto and improve their experience. In addition, our partners are the leaders of innovative technologies in the DeFi space. Cooperation with them helps us build a strong and proactive crypto community. Go over the leading platforms Biswap is collaborating with!

GameFi: play with NFT & profit from it!


Biswap x Iguverse collab provides unique offers for you: play with NFT and earn!

The native Iguverses’ IGUP token is officially listed on Biswap. Swap with the lowest 0.2% commission and get up to 50% Fee Return! Moreover, you can exchange tokens directly in the App via the perks:

💫Fast and secure transaction
💫The lowest 0.2% fee on the BNB chain

Make a wild swap:


The Biswap x TopGoal partnership is a fantastic opportunity for crypto supporters and football fans to profit and win via lucrative events and competitions!

Trade TMT with the lowest fee of 0.2% on BNB Chain!

Stay tuned for future events to join and win!

Vaults: fortify & optimize your trading!


One more innovative collaboration with TEN Finance! Meet attractive opportunities for TENFI and BSW Holders:

  • Exchange TENFI with the lowest fee of 0.2% and up to 50% Fee Return.
  • Magnify crypto with BSW rewards and high APRs on Biswap Farms.
  • Use TEN Finance Vaults to stake their LP tokens and auto-compound them while earning TENFI.

Get ready for more crypto perks through strong collaboration!

🐄Beefy Finance

Beefy Finance is a TOP yield optimizer in the DeFi space. The platform often boosts BSW pairs. Catch the chance to earn more crypto via up to 40% APY!

1️⃣Become a Liquidity Provider on Biswap.
2️⃣Stake LPs on Beefy Finance.
3️⃣Multiply your yields with Biswap partners!

Follow the Vaults not to miss the next boost!


Autofarm is a cross-chain yield farming optimizer that allows users to earn by stacking tokens in Autofarm vaults. Take advantage of earning with Auto-Compound Vaults on Autofarm via up to 40% APY:

☝️Provide Liquidity on Biswap.
✌️Stake LPs into the Autofarm vaults.

Become a Liquidity Provider to get TOP tokens!


Explore more opportunities with Biswap x AcryptoS collab! Rush to earn via up to 40% APY on Farm!

Relish lucrative Vaults with Biswap DEX Liquidity on Acryptos:

☄️Vaults automatically invest your yields
☄️The storage commission is already included in APY%
☄️Withdrawal from storage takes a commission of low 0.1%

Hurry up to grab the highest APY!


Generate a predictable income on your crypto assets on a Liquidity Mining platform GrizzlyFi!

Make crypto via Mixed Hives on GrizzlyFi:

1️⃣Provide Liquidity on Biswap.
2️⃣Invest LPs in Mixed Hive.
3️⃣Earn GHNY tokens and get up to 75% LP rewards from swaps on Biswap.

Stake & get honey of crypto!

Wallets: protect & grow your digital assets!


Protect and grow your digital assets using a crypto wallet SafePal! Check out the current SafePal Pool to earn tokens from Biswap Liquidity:


Go over the step-by-step guide about SafePal earn:

Get your wallet ready to expand your assets!

Leveraged Yield: earn safely & stable!


Alpaca Finance is the leading and largest lending protocol allowing leveraged yield farming on BNB Chain and Fantom. Take a look at the collaborative opportunities:

🌱Leveraged Yield Farming with Biswap LPs.
🌱Automated Vaults with Biswap Pools.

Earn TOP crypto via up to 120% APY!

Follow Biswap updates for the upcoming Biswap x Alpaca releases!

Lending & Margin Trading: multiply crypto easily!


Biswap x OpenLeverage partnership provides our users with new tools for multiplying their assets and implements exclusive competitions!

Moreover, follow the link to profit via Margin Trading:

Check out the possibilities of collaboration:

⚡Permissionless margin trading support for all pairs on Biswap.
⚡$OLE incentive for lending and margin trading for the BSW/WBNB and USDT/BSW pair on Biswap.
⚡OLE token reward will be vested when the OLE token launches.

⚡Referral Program & Invitation League:
👉🏿Invite and receive up to 25% extra reward
👉🏿As an invitee, get a 5% reward

⚡Biswap collaboration topic for Monthly Spacewalk: an additional reward of $200 in OLE.

Keep trading with Biswap to pop up your wallet!

To Sum Up

Biswap expansion increases all the time and won’t stop in no way! Thanks to your activity, we are developing the whole DeFi Space!

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Trade, Earn, Refer on the most progressive DEX on BNB Chain. Enjoy the lowest exchange fee, profitable features & Multi-type Referral program.

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Trade, Earn, Refer on the most progressive DEX on BNB Chain. Enjoy the lowest exchange fee, profitable features & Multi-type Referral program.