Biswap x TrueUSD Partnership | 0.4X Multiplier for TUSD-USDT V3 Farm

2 min readNov 2, 2023

Biswap DEX has consistently extended its ecosystem with industry leaders. The latest addition to this illustrious list is TrueUSD, a project that has garnered widespread recognition and trust. This partnership gives more opportunities for users of both platforms. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the Biswap x TrueUSD partnership in detail.

Why TrueUSD?

TrueUSD, often abbreviated as TUSD, is a stablecoin project that has earned its stripes by establishing a presence on various blockchain networks. With a remarkable presence across 12 networks and over 90 000 holders, TrueUSD has firmly solidified its status in the world of stablecoins. What sets TrueUSD apart is its unwavering commitment to security, underpinned by 3 comprehensive audits that vouch for its reliability.

Benefits of TrueUSD

  • Stable
    TUSD consistently maintains a close and stable price peg to the US Dollar, ensuring reliable value retention.
  • Trustworthy
    The project has 3 advanced audits from CertiK, Certified and Slowmist. Besides, real-time audit reports enhance transparency, allowing users to monitor reserves.
  • Accessibility
    Available on over 100 cryptocurrency exchanges and DeFi protocols, making it easily obtainable and flexible for various financial purposes.
  • Better Liquidity
    TUSD trading volume is at the rate of 400M per 24 hours. Such high daily trading volumes provide enhanced liquidity, facilitating seamless transactions and market participation, all without minting and redemption fees.

TUSD on Biswap DEX | Trade & Farm with 0.4X Multiplier

At the heart of this partnership is creation of the TUSD-USDT V3 Farm pair with a 0.4X multiplier. The TUSD-USDT liquidity pool allows liquidity providers to earn 80% of trading fees and participate in yield farming simultaneously.

TUSD token is also available to trade on Biswap DEX. Experience the freedom of exchange with the cost-effective Auto Router, which will find the optimal path for your swap:

Biswap in TrueUSD Ecosystem

Last but not least, now you can find Biswap DEX in the DEX section of TrueUSD ecosystem. Right here:

Closing Word

This partnership reflects the commitment of both TrueUSD and Biswap to deliver innovative solutions and foster collaborative growth in the ever-evolving crypto landscape. Explore partner’s tokens utilities to buy, sell, provide liquidity, and farm them on the Biswap platform!




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