Brief Guide to Trading Competition on Biswap! Trade & Win BSW!

Do you want to get extra crypto income just by making swaps? Then Biswap is what you need! Biswap offers an exceptional opportunity to participate in a Trading Competition for a chance to win exclusive prizes.

Trading Competition on Biswap allows you to win prizes for exchanging cryptocurrencies on Biswap. Unlike the Biswap Lottery, you do not need to rely on your luck to win. By exchanging the specific tokens on Biswap, you automatically join a Competition. The participants with the highest transaction volume will share great BSW rewards.

Trading Competition is a great way to get additional profit by completing necessary actions. Moreover, you do not need to take any further steps besides making transactions on Biswap with a specific token that partakes in an active Trading Competition.

Other benefits from joining the Trading Competitions are:

  • Trade robust tokens
  • Share the epic prize pool
  • Take the 1st place to claim the biggest BSW reward
  • Receive extra crypto rewards from taking certain places in a Competition B
  • Show off your trading skills

Biswap has already had its own BSW Trading Competition apart from Trading Competition with collaborative tokens: BFG, ALU, CAKE, and more.

All users that made a transaction with a participating token required to enter a Trading Competition are qualified to participate and are enrolled automatically.

You can make an exchange with the lowest commission fee of 0.1% here:

For a more detailed guide, please refer here:

Biswap is a user-friendly platform that makes it very simple to navigate. The displayed information is easy to understand and is explained where needed.

To check your status after entering a Competition, please click on the Competitions tab to choose the relevant one:

Here you can find the following information:

  • Name
  • Duration of the Competition
  • Remaining Time
  • Prize Pool
  • Competition Balance
  • Links to share to social media

Competition A & B

Usually, Trading Competitions on Biswap are divided into 2 sections:

  • Competition A
  • Competition B

In Competition A, the specific number of users ranked by effective trading volume (including buys and sells) with a particular token will share a prizing pool in percentage correlation.

In Competition B, users ranked by specified numbers will each receive an additional reward from a remaining amount of a prizing pool.

When you join a Competition, you can find yourself in the Trading Ranking List. For your convenience, My Score is available with the following information:

  • Your Trading Volume
  • Your Ranking
  • Your Reward

In addition, you can also find the Rules and Terms & Conditions of a particular Trading Competition at the bottom of a page.

If you are a new user on Biswap and would like to learn more about our platform, please refer to our Education Hub for more details:

The Biswap devoted team is always looking for new ways to improve our products and give users unique opportunities to explore the crypto world and make a considerable income. Trading Competition on Biswap gives you an exclusive chance to participate in an immense prize pool by reaching a high trading volume.

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